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  3. Just returned from Paris, a truly magical and amazing city.  Looking forward to catching up with everyone over the next two days.  Going to unpack and bask in the afterglow!  (p.s. yes there will be photos)

    1. Toobz


      Glad you had a good time.  The family and I were there a couple of weeks ago at the end of June.

    2. Fera


      Niiiiice! Glad you're home safe from your travels. 

  4. TIL euros are too tall to fit in a normal wallet!

    1. Luc


      The real reason for Brexit, obviously.

    2. Ashin


      TIL (subsequently) that different denominations of euros are different sizes.  10s and 5s fit in my wallet; 20s do not.

  5. Does anybody have a Logitech K740? This space bar sucks!

  6. No problem! I just want to get along with new people that can enjoy FFXIV as much as I do C: I started as a conjurer, but cleared ARR with Scholar. Then I was overjoyed with the wonders of Warrior and tanked my way through Heavensward. And my main DPS class is Summoner because praise Bahamut \o/. Nevertheless, I like to level all of my classes evenly, mostly because I can get bored easily haha. Great! Although I hope you do not have any problem with reading a bit, 'cause I lack a headset at this moment, but I'm thinking about getting a new one, though!
  7. I'm here! I'm here! I'll be online tonight, so feel free to hop on when you're around. Our Mumble info is posted in the Policy forum. See you later!
  8. Baby Driver.  So good. 

  9. Hello! It's gonna be a bit quiet around here because several people are on vacation, but welcome just the same! What job(s) in the game are your favorite?
  10. Gonna call the ghostbusters, in that case - Spanish/English/Japanese Interpreter - No, I do not expect that - Actually, yes. You can watch me here: - Does not really matter - Red Hot Chilli Peppers is one of my fave ol' bands, and half their lyrics are "Something, something, California" - I can bet a couple of dubs that I've never used those. You got funny games? Same! I'll check in later!
  11. Uhh 🤔 I think Midri should be around today to chat. I'm out all week, but hope to see you soon!
  12. Clearly typed too many words yesterday; keyboard is broken!

  13. Well, well, well. The real people have left you here, afloat, with no protection against ghosts. What are you interpreting? Do you expect to be addressed as Ishimura-san? Can you play "My Heart Will Go On" on a recorder/flute-o-phone? Do you prefer "Fuckin' A" or "Fuckin' Eh"? Fave song with California in the title or lyrics? Have you ever said the following to anyone: 1. Take your chonies y los manden a mi; or, 2. Shaka brah? Welcome to the jungle.
  14. Hello, everybody! My in-game name is Soma Ishimura; real-name Christian, and I have expressed my interest in joining a new FC/Guild with Ms. Minori Thanos. I am a 24-year-old man, California-based and I've had my history with videogames, especially, RPGs, MMORPGs and MOBAs. Although I started maybe as everyone did back in their time, playing Mario, Legend of Zelda or Sonic, RPGs managed to catch a very keen interest on me. My 1st RPG was Earthbound for the SNES and my 1st FF game was FFIV for the 1997 Playstation release. What managed to get me into the series was the role-playing aspect of the series: The grand repertoire of unique classes that the games offered was just mind-blowing to me at that age, and for a SciFi/Fantasy story-lover like myself, the series would perfectly fit in that description. The game that absolutely got my heart was FFX for the PS2. The music and visual aspects were completely stunning (and also the main theme, "To Zanarkand", was the 1st piano piece that I learned on my own). After a while, I got me an XBOX 360 and a Wii, and had a blast playing together with my childhood friends and my brother. Perhaps that was the best gaming era of gaming for me, since I was able to play so many genres and discover some new ones as well. I was interested in FFXI, and then, FFXIV since 1.0, but was not able to get the game due to other priorities at the time. After getting my own PC and moving to study university, I played my share of mmorpgs and mobas: from WoW, Diablo II and III, SWTOR, MapleStory, to SMITE, LoL, etc. And just before the release of Heavensward and decided to get the game. Had a real good time, joined Geuno, but due to "scandalous" and "overly-dramatic" experiences, me and a couple of comrades decided to leave and form a new FC. Had a blast with them, even formed our raid group, but priorities game into place once more, and i was forced to leave the game due to those constraints. After a year, and getting myself a good job, I decided to came back about three months ago, and to wait the release of StormBlood (which has not disappointed me ever since), but the FC I was in had already dissipated. Now, I hope to join a new group of people, with whom I can share the same feeling of camaraderie and as well, share a good laugh every now and then, and although my schedule might be a little tight on weekdays, i always try to at least play a couple of hours, and just catch up on everything on weekends! TL,DR? The name's Christian a.k.a Soma Ishimura, 24 years old, Male, California. I am your atypical sarcastic IRL Chef/Audio Engineer-musician/Interpreter, with a good sense of humor and schadenfreude enthusiast. I hope I can be of service!
  15. Hey! We just talked about 10 minutes ago, and I just was wondering where should I post my "app"? :O

    1. Minori


      Take a look at Public Access. See you soon!

  16. Welcome.
  17. Welcome!
  18. Welcome to the corp!
  19. That wont be a problem i just really want to meet some new people and learn to be the best pilot i can be, and i am willing to train toward whatever can make me more of an asset to the corp, oh!, any and all help training efficiently towards those goals would be greatly appreciated could use the time to grind out some isk too haha
  20. She's right, as usual. However, there's still a pretty cool story behind the name. You'll be able to read it if you wind up joining the corp. I've gone through most of your background check - thank you for sending it. That, combined with Tyrlis' conversation with our alliance leaders, makes me feel pretty comfortable with you. Don't worry about any stigma associated with the other character you purchased, and thanks for being honest with us about that. Since it was a different character entirely, you could have easily just tried to hide it. So I appreciate that. The biggest remaining concern I have came from a review of your skills. Although you have a good amount of SP, you actually can't fly very many of the pvp ships we use at all. Hardly any! It seems in some cases you are missing a few key fitting skills to upgrade various modules to T2. In other cases, you may need to train some hull or weapon skills as well. Now, this isn't a problem for me. But since you mentioned your past impatience with the skill queue, I think this is an important point for us to discuss. We would expect you to pick some primary ships from each doctrine (could be dps, logistics, command, or advanced ewar/tackle) and train toward them during your time with us. And it might take a little while before you'e mastered them all. What do you think about that?
  21. Woohoo! Congrats!
  22. Don't let it deter you, but sadly, this guild isn't named after Slayer. You can totes pretend it is metal. I won't tell anyone!
  23. most probably wont remember, but it never really felt confortable there for me, there were some then that I don't think really believed what happened entirely lol as far as gaming goes it was the worst thing ive ever went through. I'm not that type of person IRL or in games.
  24. Just re-iterating what we talked about in-game, this sounds like it was rough to go through. Basil & Eingang back up your story and say it's unlikely anybody in BLUEP remembers all that happening or will make the connection.
  25. oh and the name, south of heaven, I'm a slayer fan lol
  26. Thank you for the promotion.
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