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  2. Brand new minion <3


    1. Kytn


      D'awwwww!! Otter-ly adorable.

  3. Service dog honoring in yearbook.


  4. Minori at level 70. :)



    1. Hioki


      French Bred mage?

    2. Xander117


      I want to make a stickman joke here but Id be worried id see Minori on the news whacking people with a stick if i did.

  5. Happy 8th birthday Mouse!

  6. Found this today on the launcher and wanted to have a link to it in the future for new players or for people who need a refresh.
  7. It's my $15!


    1. Hioki


      Soon to be, You didn't pay my Jump potion

  8. Live letter today..!

  9. Earlier
  10. Read agree.
  11. Anyone else pumped for this Wild West Online MMO?

    1. Hyna


      I want to see more of what the game actually is but i am interested in it.

  12. METAL GEAR?!



    1. Xander117




    2. Derodek


      what's with this d-walker nonsense?

  13. Gheesh, defensive much? We embrace all tacos here. Veggie to your hearts' delight gentlemen.
  14. Hey i eat veggie tacos almost every day! Welcome to the corp Hirab!
  15. Welcome to the corp! For the record, veggie tacos are not hippie-food!
  16. Read, and agreed, and signed.
  17. Great answers. Thanks for taking the time to answer. I'm a corn tortilla person, but for some reason prefer flour with shrimp. I think all families need someone to eat the hippie vegetarian tacos. It leaves more meat for the rest of us.
  18. Also, I didn't combine all quotes because I was on mobile working at a job site 😂
  19. Ahh nice I've had some really good analysts and some eye rollers. Lol. Monterey is freaking awesome, I hope you get it. And yeah, most linguist jokes are accurate. There's only a few of us that are socially normal and have skills other than language. I'm sure you've seen the wall huggers in your time. SWG was so awesome. Yeah Krayt rifles were pretty awesome. I had a BH bazaar and a bio engineering business. Man it was fun. Hey Gunny, what can I get for you and your girlfriends? our fantasy sports site was football, basketball, baseball, with golf to be added after about 6 months. We invented a new form of fantasy that was a mixture of over/under betting and fantasy. We basically brought lines into the fantasy part. We had a patent pending, but our major finder dropped out lol. honestly my partner was the master fantasy sports player, but I'd still be commissioner 😂 My my favorite ship...I really like sabres. The CC component is what I love about it. It's also versatile depending. It's won't solo and active tank Ishtar that's not AFK though, you can check my KB from this morning early for proof of that 💩
  20. I'm actually CST now, and I can usually dedicate time around 0100-0500 somewhere in there to play. Lately with my corp search I've been playing more and moving junk around to get ready. Weekends it's more flexible, so CtA and all that is easy for me on weekends. hmm favorite drink is probably Yoo-hoo. Used to be Chocolate Soldier, but never see that now. For alcohol, White Russian or something with Godiva chocolate liquor. For fun my wife and I watch probably 50% of every movie that comes out in theaters. Doesn't seem like a lot, but I'm including Indy films lol. We also camp with the kids a bit, and we do Crossfit together when we aren't working too late.
  21. Welcome Susitna! Look forward to flying with you
  22. hey no worries, I know we're all busy IRL! i originally wanted Arabic because I thought it was a cool area seeing how Christ was from hat area etc, and they wouldn't let me learn Hebrew 😂 I learned in the Air Force in 63 weeks and then stayed a little longer because I had a surgery on my foot and I taught brand new folks basic stuff to help the pass/fail rate Lol honestly I don't care about the MBA. Only did it to get more consulting jobs, well and I like to learn. Cool thing about grad school is you do your own research and learn what you want kinda, so I liked it. I might finish, but who knows?! I didn't understand PVP. It was rare that friends played with me. I got deployed in the middle of some play runs, which hurt. I always thought I needed tons of ISK to PVP, so I would set some goal and grind til I got bored, and burn out before I reached my goal lol. this time I came back, got tired of PVE and said "eff it, I'm going to PVP" and basically barely tatted for the last couple of months. I have been a game switcher in the past, so an good fit to me means that I have skills and personality that fit the thrust of the group. Then I want to actually enjoy batting when I am on, so it's not just an ISK grind. also need a place that understands family, because I've got little kids and a younger wife (trophy time) and I gotta appease all of them 😂
  23. 1. I like the shrimp taco from Fuzzys pretty well, although the democrat and the republican are good combos from torchys 😀 2. I wanted to explain when I prefer flour, but I realized I just like corn now lol 3. Living person would be a tie. My wife and my sister are my two favorite people, so I'd eat with both of them (although my sister would get a hippie vegetarian one).
  24. Hey there Hirab! Glad to see you decided to put in an app. Susitna, who posted just yesterday, was also in the USAF, though he's retired now. I'm active duty Army, doing the rough equivalent of a Chair Force 1N4/1N5. I keep hoping to get stationed at Monterey as a DLI platoon sergeant or something, I've been all over the country except the west coast. That place has a reputation for turning students into nerds, LARPing is a common thread in a lot of the jokes made about linguists. You sound like a hell of an entrepreneur, which will do you well out in null sec. We have one of the best markets in null sec in our alliance staging., and there's lot of space for an enterprising marketeer to make a profit (if that's your thing). Lastly, when I was playing SWG I spent a lot of time searching for and harvesting high-quality materials for bio engineers. I don't remember what server I was on, but I definitely remember the time I soloed a krayt dragon and had the mats turned into a rifle. Random question time! Finish the joke: "An Army Ranger, a Navy SEAL, a USAF Spec Ops linguist, and a Marine Gunnery Sergeant walk into a bar. The bartender says...?" Was your fantasy sports website for any specific sport, and will you be the commissioner for our South of Heaven fantasy football league this year? In-game, what's your favorite ship and why?
  25. Thank you all.
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