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  2. [EVE] RKJakTup

    Hi RK! Welcome to the forums. I have a few random questions for you. 1. What is your favorite day of the week? 2. What is your favorite taco? 3. What is your favorite fleet beverage? For extra credit write a 500 word essay on why the Dallas Cowboys are not America's team (I'm kidding. Do not do this! and welcome!)
  3. [EVE] RKJakTup

    Welcome to the forums, potential new space friend! I just skimmed over your killboard and you could almost certainly teach us a thing or three about small gang fights. Over the last 3 months or so, we've been steadily increasing our time/ISK investment in solo and small gang experience. But like everything else in EVE it's going to take years to master. My only memory of Dallas is when I came home from Afghanistan for R&R... we got the full fire-truck salute, cheering crowd in the terminal, people handing us free stuff treatment. It was amazing. Random question time! Have you ever owned a six-shooter, and which line from which Wild West movie did you say to yourself in the mirror while brandishing said six-shooter? How do you earn your real-life ISK? You're about to get stranded on a desert island, and can only fit one song on your mp3 player (shh, suspend your disbelief please). Which song would you pick?
  4. [EVE] RKJakTup

    Hey RK, Valence B. here - enjoyed (briefly) chatting with you on Sunday. Sorry I had to cut it short, but it was definitely time for some food. Looking forward to further talks soon. We've had pretty good luck with Texans in this guild, so no worries there! When you get a chance, please send me a PM here with your full API, so we can get that step out of the way. You can use this link, and please select the "no expiry" option: https://community.eveonline.com/support/api-key/CreatePredefined?accessMask=4294967295 This is also a good time to review all your API keys, and delete one which you are no longer using.
  5. Star Trek Discovery was good!

  6. Last week
  7. [EVE] RKJakTup

    o7 Hello all I am RKJakTup. I been playing eve online from 2009. I also play games like D3, WOW, Runescape, Albion, CSGO, and many others. right now the top 3 I play is EVE online, D3 and Albion. I'm from Dallas Texas and you can tell when ever you hear me talk. lol From the time I started eve I lived in Null sec most of my time. I spent 2 years in WH space. I been PVEing most of the time and PVP with I have the time to fly in the fleets but now I'm looking for more pvp. I like smaller gangs and gate camps where we BS and talk most of the time then kill anything that comes though. if yall want to know more about me just hit me up in eve and we can have a chat. Thanks for your time in reading this Fly safe o7 RKJakTup
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  9. Job interview on Tuesday afternoon! Eeeeeeeeeee!

    1. Ashin


      Everyone is interviewing! \o/


      I hope yours goes well. :)

  10. Mother!  Who's doing it?!

    1. Ashin


      Considered but didn't do.  Saw IT instead.  It was okay but not great.

    2. Noesis


      One of the weirdest movies I've seen. I was basically just confused the whole movie. I sorta knew what he was trying to say, but for a full length film is was a bit much. Probably would have liked it if it was about an hour shorter.

    3. Inedit


      I thought it was heavy handed and comical.  I would not recommend people pay money to see it. 

  11. Heard about this at work today. Just FYI.  https://www.armis.com/blueborne/

    1. Derodek


      well that's no good....

  12. Won a beer fridge this weekend!




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    2. Simone


      That's hot, I'm jealous. 

    3. Oshri Paliako

      Oshri Paliako

      Very nice indeed.

    4. Ashin


      If I were asked to name the person I know "most likely to win a beer fridge", I have to say I would have put you at or near the top of my list.

  13. Limited availability today due to computer build / transfer process!

  14. TellTale Games The Walking Dead is free right now on Humble Bundle for the next 14 hours:


  15. HotS - Hanamura PSA

    Oh hello there! =) It's been a lonnnnng time. I'll remember to add you next time I'm on.
  16. HotS - Hanamura PSA

    Doing well!
  17. HotS - Hanamura PSA

    @Yevren I don't play, but had to post when I saw your name. Hope you're doing great.
  18. Promotions!

    Congratulations Gartius!
  19. Promotions!

  20. Promotions!

    Congratulations to @Gartius on promotion to Member!
  21. HotS - Hanamura PSA

    Hey fellas - Just started dabbling in HotS. Always thought about it but never got around to it, guess I needed an Overwatch break Let me know if you need another (newb) for some games. UN: BootKnocK #1195
  22. Thanks again for all the birthday wishes! You guys are the best and I appreciate it so much :)

  23. [EVE] Wuzin Fendi

    Hey! Yeah, I took about 10+ months off and didn't play many online games in that time frame. But my queue has been running and building up skills, so that's something. I figured it could be a fun game to play now that I have a few extra days free a week. I can probably jump into a fleet a few times a week or more, depending upon schedule. But I don't want to inconvenience anyone, so whatever works for you guys will work for me. I'll try logging in a few evenings here and there while you guys continue to sort out your upcoming projects and deployments. If there's anything I can join in on or help out with, let me know. When I do play games, the team aspect is the most important to me. So, I'm happy to be involved where I can be. Thanks, Wuzin
  24. [EVE] Wuzin Fendi

    Hello stranger! First, welcome back. I know we spoke in game a bit, but I want to give you a sense of our process here, so you can decide the best next step for you. For folks who pass their trial period and become full members, but later go inactive, we typically welcome them back with open arms. They are taken in for a brief "re-orientation" / condensed trial, and quickly promoted back to their former rank. In your case, you vanished in the middle of your trial period and were not promoted. We are still happy to consider your re-application, but there is a caveat. We would want to make sure that your playtime will be consistent enough to attend at least a fleet or so each week, and earn your promotion to member. We'll give former trials a second chance. But not a third. So I'd ask you to comment on that, describe how you see your playtime, etc., and make sure we're not going to wind up pulling eachother's chains. We have a bunch of meetings lined up this weekend to sort out our next big projects, deployments, etc. So I am reluctant to take a "new" pilot in right this moment. I know you're already in Branch - have you got some out of corp pilots to mess around with for a few days while we get ourselves organized?
  25. [EVE] Wuzin Fendi

    Hey all! I'm back after 10 months of offline training in the queue. If you'll have me back, I'd love to rejoin! I've been sitting in the station, so it will be pretty easy for me to get up and going and join you all. Thanks! Wuzin
  26. @Grieve I AM A GOLDEN GOD! watch this video:


    Also, hit plat in doubles

    1. Grieve




      What a play!

  27. This weekend I learned I am wise behind my ears.

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