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  1. TellTale Games The Walking Dead is free right now on Humble Bundle for the next 14 hours:


  2. @Grieve I AM A GOLDEN GOD! watch this video:


    Also, hit plat in doubles

    1. Grieve




      What a play!

    1. Xander117


      I have enough minions at the moment but that is a good dog





    1. Xander117




    2. Derodek


      what's with this d-walker nonsense?

  4. This might be the coolest thing I've ever seen:



  5. Attack Kitty:


  6. [FFXIV] Mucha Malucha

    Welcome! I'm so jealous of this...
  7. HotS 2.0 Update

    Some people (like me) have changed their btag as well. My updated btag is on one of the later pages though.
  8. Currnet mood:



    1. Darlantan


      I'm right there myself. . . 

    2. Kytn


      Kurstrel is secretly a Roomba, confirmed.

    3. Xander117


      im generally too wired to be that lazy sadly...


      IV drip plus 5hr equal Infinite energy.

  9. FFXIV Avestis

    Midri said you were from Texas, whereabouts are you located? I'm up in Lubbock.
  10. More study material for when Calder needs to bro down:



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    2. Midri


      Isn't there some rule where you can only upward-nod if it's your friend?

    3. Nyisha


      Idk. I upward-nod to everyone: Friends, family, dogs, myself in the mirror, the sun, dragons..

    4. Kestrel


      Typically when greeting another male the upward nod is for acknowledging people you're familiar with (your bros), whereas the downward nod is more a show of respect or gratitude (your boss). Also, you'll usually do the upward nod prior to the actual greeting (high-five, fist-bump, etc.), and do the downward nod on the tail end of a handshake. 


      As far as the right and left motions go, it's more of a towards and away motion. Trying to grab your bro's attention when a pretty girl walks into the bar? Nod in her direction. Need to work on your game plan away from eavesdroppers? Nod away from the group. 


      As Calder becomes more of a bro these signals will become more natural, soon enough he'll be having entire conversations without saying a single word. This guy goes a little further into the up/down nod.

  11. GMG's Easter sale started today

  12. Headed to Austin, be back Sunday-ish!

  13. Truck won't start, towing to the shop. Hoping it's just a dead battery and nothing super expensive...

    1. Xander117


      May the Machine Gods of Putin be generous and aid in your repairs.


      Also this doesnt happen with Soviet Era stuff. They never break

    2. Kestrel


      600 dollars and a day in the shop later, my truck lives!


      @Xander117 I'm pretty sure there are Ladas from the 70s out on the roads of Russia running like a charm. 


    3. Xander117


      ill find you a picture of proof after work

  14. By the Way...

    Anybody else coming back to D3? I'm excited for the Armory and crafting mat storage changes. Not sure what I want to play this season, maybe try WD.