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  1. Yessss Good times, good times.
  2. Welcome and we'd be glad to have you, but please note that we are on Leviathan, which is neither Jenova nor Cactuar. Unless your friend is willing to transfer as well, I'd encourage you to look for friendly communities there. Best of luck, and if you do end up coming to Leviathan, hello there!
  3. Oh boy oh boy I finally did it 8/8 complete took me five years /golfclap
  4. Rogue One: pretty good!

  5. Lore book so preeeetty <3

  6. It's true! And funnily enough, DRG ended up being the last of the (original) job stones I acquired post-launch--and I didn't level it to 50 until I was a lala again for those strange three months at the end of 2014. Just something about tiny people with big sticks, man.
  7. Hello! Here's a secret I don't think I've told anyone in SoH before (!): I say that I've mained BLM since the ARR beta, and that's true, but before I ever even tried THM--earlier in the beta--I played a lala DRG! I too found the juxtaposition of lala and lance hilarious. Anyway, welcome!
  8. Lore book is on its way!

  9. Hello and welcome! Nice! What kind of videos? Willing to share?
  10. And nearly as nutritious!
  11. I just realized I never actually said welcome in this thread >.> Welcome!
  12. Hello and welcome! I see you've preempted many of our typical follow-up questions, so let's see... I know you spent most of yesterday leveling fishing--what's your favorite place to fish so far? What are your goals in FFXIV? ("Chill out and be social" is a valid answer!) Current favorite non-MMO game?
  13. There we go! Mist, Ward 11, Apartment #8! \o/

    1. sup3rg00se


      The server was RIP when I logged on this morning so I couldn't get one in that ward. :(

    2. Rhiannon


      Yeah, Leviathan was down for ~50 minutes. But! As of right this moment, ward 11 is only at 29 apartments claimed, so there's still hope!

  14. Leviathan come back to meeeee