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  1. Coming with patch 2.6 on Tuesday. $15 for the bundle that includes it.
  2. We can continue the cat deluge as required. Welcome!!
  3. Next time you send the airships out can you aim to grab some Empty Clusters and Synthetic Resin? I'm going to upgrade out aetherial wheel stand and put it to use!

  4. It's my $15!


    1. Hioki


      Soon to be, You didn't pay my Jump potion

  5. Murder Pancake flies again!! :D

  6. I'll be there! Probs rocking DH again. Armory changes are AMAZING. Best QoL update!!
  7. Cid changes dialog if you haven't done CT.

    1. Kytn


      Oh that's quite the nice touch. Good job, Yoshi-P~ 

  8. D'awwwww!!! I might have to come back to HotS for a bit to give the lil bro a try~
  9. Congrats, friends! ^_^
  10. Manager stops mid-explanation, rapid fire scrolls through the spreadsheet, angrily mutters "FUCK". 30 seconds of blankly staring later says with total confidence "everything's fine" while still erratically checking the spreadsheet. Happy Monday, y'all. x_x

  11. Feels good to have a job again. \o/

  12. PATRIOTS!!!!!! \o/ \o/ \o/

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Brinelan


      The second half must have been good because they were down by quite a bit at halftime.

    3. Grieve


      Came back from a 25 point deficit to win it in OT!

    4. Brinelan


      Good thing I recorded it

  13. How I feel on Friday nights: 35fy4u12xedy.gif

  14. RIP second monitor ;_;

    1. Darlantan


      Mine died a little while ago. I still haven't decided how much I'm willing to spend to replace it..

    2. Derodek


      It lived a good life... Served you well.