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  1. Welcome!
  2. When some gangster is dissin' your fly girl



  3. Persona 5 is soooo gooooood.

    1. Derodek


      Broooo way too good.

    2. Hioki


      Verrrry Goooood nya~

  4. Midri:




    1. Midri
    2. Xander117


      So did you say yes or.....?

    1. Xander117


      Thanks for the link will conserve controllers allowing them a chance to redeem themselves

    2. Xander117


      hope you enjoyed the return thanks


  5. Welcome! I played EQ as well. I'm still burned out on that game. I played a bard and raided a bit until Gates of Discord I believe? The stupid-hard expansion. Healing is a real treat right now. I love having to push DPS... just don't look at your health bar, tanks. Remember the purple club in EQ? That's the best club. See you in game!
  6. The bottom of your last message, I think your mailbox was full. <3


    1. Minori


      !!! back 'atcha. :)

  7. Note that it's ranged dps ;) off spec? Muahaha

    1. Minori


      Oops that was meant to be as a response. Sorry, my waifu 

    2. Hioki


      its ok just means sam will be a tank :p

  8. Cool, glad you're coming over! I thought we scared you off for sure For stuff to sell, I'd go with intermediate stuff for 3 and 4 star items.. eikon, camphorwood, teak, heavy metal, etc. Also, OMG PUPPER!
  9. Wow, you actually finished the mage epic? I'm impressed! I played a bard, so my epic was stupid easy. On E'ci though.
  10. I'm thinking of getting up before work to play FF15 for a couple hours. It's been ten years and my body is ready!

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    2. Minori


      It's so funnnnn

    3. Kestrel


      Has there been any word on a PC release? I've read rumors that it may come to PC, but it would be at least a year if not more =\

    4. Minori
  11. Aww! Molly looks like my mother's cat. Brace yourself for some cat lady action in here (guilty). Welcome! You played EQ? What server? I've been raiding since that dumb game. I have a paladin that I'm working on that's still low level, so I'll be sure to play with you soon!