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  1. Uhh ūü§Ē I think Midri should be around today to chat. I'm out all week, but hope to see you soon!
  2. Hey! We just talked about 10 minutes ago, and I just was wondering where should I post my "app"? :O

    1. Minori


      Take a look at Public Access. See you soon!

  3. Irasshaimase, Mat-chan. :3 Brayden is a good friend of mine that I met way back in 2.0, but we've always kept in touch. I've been bugging and bugging him to play again, so here we are!
  4. Mr. Face Luvs It



    1. Midri


      The variety of dances we have in this game is staggering!

  5. Minori at level 70. :)



    1. Hioki


      French Bred mage?

    2. Xander117


      I want to make a stickman joke here but Id be worried id see Minori on the news whacking people with a stick if i did.

  6. Live letter today..!

  7. D&D food. Thanks, Reddit!



  8. I usually catch people in Mumble around 6pm est. I only just started playing a few days ago, so I don't know how consistent it is, but the Mumble channel usually has people in it.
  9. gubl7ds2kuxy.jpg

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    2. Kytn


      *tips fedora*

    3. Xander117


      How may I be of Service Miladies?

    4. Kestrel


      [Fedora Tipping Intensifies] 

  10. 7225dc03dddc32f99c96cb63f06ebe22.pngTime for the next level glamour

    1. Minori


      That femroe has been bulking!

    2. Midri


      Oh yeah, bare that midriff!

  11. kek :3

    1. Kytn


      Omg this is amazingly accurate, ahahahaha.

    2. Minori


      Poor Mara! He's just misunderstood. 

  12. Kind of an interesting podcast, Layla Bell talking about high end raiding in Heavensward:


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    2. Grieve


      Listening to it right now. Pretty interesting. Makes me miss raiding, just a bit.

    3. Rhiannon


      Layla's long-form streams are always worth listening to, I think.

    4. Minori


      I really enjoyed his A8 analysis. Two entire hours of it, and it was all really interesting. 

  13. Welcome!
  14. Hey, @Midri told me you're a digital designer as well. Do you have a portfolio where I can see your work?

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    2. Mucha Malucha

      Mucha Malucha

      Good to know, might have a project in the future were we can work together.

    3. Minori


      Very cool :) I've been doing a lot of training and support lately, so I miss it.

    4. Mucha Malucha

      Mucha Malucha

      Any website you have work on lately that I can see?

    1. Minori


      This is <3 

    2. Grieve
    3. Xander117


      could not resist peeking, was rewarded....epic +1 indeed