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    Blowing up internet spaceships, watching my football team lose, reading, cooking, and general tom-foolery.
  1. Gheesh, defensive much? We embrace all tacos here. Veggie to your hearts' delight gentlemen.
  2. Great answers. Thanks for taking the time to answer. I'm a corn tortilla person, but for some reason prefer flour with shrimp. I think all families need someone to eat the hippie vegetarian tacos. It leaves more meat for the rest of us.
  3. Congrats and welcome. I look forward to seeing you in space
  4. Welcome! Quite the interesting intro. A few questions. 1. Favorite taco? 2. Corn or flour tortilla? 3. Which living person would you like to eat a taco with and why?
  5. I can respect those answers, and it looks like I get to eat your extra tortilla. You're all good with me. Welcome.
  6. Hmmm...my dad was in the USAF and is named Rick. I was beginning to think he was playing Eve on the sly until you got to the dachshund. I'm not sure if I am relieved or disappointed now Anyway, Welcome! T seems to think good things about you so that's about all I need to know, except I like random questions. In honor of Taco Tuesday: 1. Corn of flour tortillas? 2. Favorite taco? 3. Which living person would you like to eat a taco with and why?
  7. Well deserved. Congratulations space bro.
  8. Welcome Frank! Ashin makes a good point and many of us have needed time away for other commitments. Best of luck with the new baby.
  9. introduction

    I leave all the behind the scenes stuff to the experts, so I just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your posts. They are well-written and informative. You've also brought along a couple of good seeming dudes with you. I won't ask about culture of previous corps due to the off-record nature, but I do hope you'll find enjoyment in our mature and friendly culture. Sure, we still shoot people and we have fun doing it, but it is done with a minimum of spite and lots of sportsmanship. I've always liked how SOHCO goes for the good fights not the easy ones. I'm looking forward to you being a part of that. See you in space.
  10. Welcome! I'm sure you are just as cool as Thor, even if quieter. A few questions - Heavy metal...welder...coincidence? favorite taco? favorite fleet beverage?
  11. Here's a run down of alliance philosophy: http://bladesofgrass.space/philosophy.html Corp is ran much the same - mature adults with common goals and teamwork. We have fun but not generally at the expense of others. We don't rage on comms or talk smack in local. That said, it's a great group of folks. That said, as with any group sometimes personal favorites take a back burner to needs. Want to fly the chimera? Sorry alliance says to fly revs (an example not necessarily the case) or perhaps it will be a bunch of armor ships when you prefer and are skilled into shields. You don't seem like the kind of guy to rage quit over small things but it can be an adjustment . As for following your mentor, I think Ashin raises a good point. My first several years in Eve were following a group of friends and often where we went was not my cup of tea but I sacrificed what I like to hang with my eve buddies. It wasn't until we went our separate ways that I really began to appreciate the game (and met other awesome folks). I'm biased and think SOHCO is great but come because you want to not because a mentor headed our way. Anyway, you seem like good people so I look forward to flying with you my wall of text aside
  12. Dude. This is a great question. Hi Thor! It sounds like you've been jumping in head first. That's very nice to see. Excellent intro post. I just have one question because while some think with their heads I think with my belly - favorite taco?
  13. It does seem that way. Caution Florida man is coming.
  14. Dude. That's inappropriate even in Florida.