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  1. Down in Harrisburg - my grandparents live in Lime Ridge though, so I've spent a lot of time in the Bloomsburg area. We go to the fair every year!
  2. o7 Gartius from a fellow PA resident!
  3. Ah @Ashin is a whiskey guy if I remember right, you'll be in good company!
  4. o/ Otto! Another trader huh, we're full up on those out here in Branch I'm afraid (just kidding!! ). I have just one (very important) question: what's your favorite beer?? Look forward to flying with you!
  5. Hey i eat veggie tacos almost every day! Welcome to the corp Hirab!
  6. Welcome Susitna! Look forward to flying with you
  7. Cool ill get SOH mumble setup!
  8. What's the best way to join in on SOH team games? I played a fair amount of games at launch, but lost interest over time. 2.0 has me interested again
  9. @Grieve: If you happen to get to empire tomorrow, I need a deadspace or faction


    No worries if you can't get it, ill be fine with what I have!

    1. Simone


      Nevermind Grieve, the Keepstar op bumped mine. 

    2. Grieve


      Cool. Also, thanks for noting the Op change. You gave me enough notice that I could get my Machariel DST'd down during AUTZ.

  10. Grieve! Thanks for your help scouting tonight :)

    1. Grieve


      My eyes are yours!



  11. Can we get the parrot from the BoG forums on this site??

    1. Ashin
    2. Simone


      You have no idea how disappointed I am. 

    3. Ashin


      I didn't even know that was a parrot for the longest time.. seemed like random green giggly-dude or something.

  12. Hi Frank! Good luck with your new baby, you're a braver man than I haha. Can you give us some more info on what ships you can fly and what fleet experience you have? I had no sov null experience when I started with SOHCO six months ago, so lack of experience won't necessarily hold you back. I did ask many dumb questions during that time, so be prepared to ask questions you'll laugh about in retrospect haha!
  13. Cool, a fellow punk fan! Based on your age, I'm guessing we both spent our formative years listening to Rancid, NoFX, etc.? Related, I'm going to my first Me First and the Gimme Gimmes concert in April, 20 years late and super excited haha. Hope to talk to you in game soon! Haha poor Oshri, we did jump those canes like a pack of rabid dogs though
  14. Hi man! I'm going to start by asking the obvious question - what is a fist tickler and why did you choose to name yourself that? Related, is that your Eve character's name as well?
  15. You're definitely not alone in having a tough time finding a corp (or a guild in any MMO really). I'm convinced that it mostly comes down to luck and willingness to make some modest compromises in what you want out of the game. On stability: We're about as stable as you can get in Eve in terms of players and organization. But that can only get you so far. It's still entirely possible, if unlikely, for NC/PL to decide tomorrow that they want to expand their renter empire into Branch. If that ever happens, well, there goes our secure little corner of the North!