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  1. Yeah she has been great! Feeling very welcomed here. I understand work getting to be too much. Good on you for seeing that and managing your priorities Hah I think we talked right after this. Fort Worth area
  2. How do I go about joining your mumble? Edit: found the info in another public area. Awesome so just about to sing my son the wheels on the bus and itsy bitsy spider until he falls asleep and I'll hop on
  3. Sure I'll be on tonight after my son goes to sleep. So in vanilla WoW I played a discipline priest and cleared all of the content and in burning crusades I played a restoration druid and liked 3's and 2's. I really enjoy playing healing and support roles Sorry for being brief right now we're out and about fr the Easter Bunny
  4. Hello all, My name in game is Avestis and I was referred here from sandanzuki on reddit. I have been playing computer games pretty much my whole life starting with loading up doom on DOS. I got into MMO's with Dark Ages of Camelot and went between that and WoW for a while. Back during those days I was very competitive in pvp and moderately hardcore on the raiding aspect. Now in my life I have a family and job and am lucky to hop on a couple hours week nights and about five hours on weekends. I typically gravitate towards playing a healer and like to do crafting as well. I spent some time on black desert but ultimately I felt like I was playing a single player game and it just wasn't for me I missed group content. In my personal life at work I am in personal finance, so I help with financial planning and investing. I have a soon to be two year old son and wife. I don't see myself ever stopping playing games it's part of me for good but I can't sacrifice time seeing my son grow up. I am normally on after his is in bed 9:30 est and like to socialize while I play as well as help and group with others while I can. The reason I would like to join is from what I hear there are experienced players who can share knowledge as well as a group I could get to know and socialize with. I like the thought of joining a multi game guild that I can grow with over time. If I join I am more than happy to help where I can with crafting, grouping, or when I can bring in newer players and if you get to know me and have financial questions I'm happy to help share my skill set there as well.