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  1. Yup! Mumble. Pretty consistent lately.
  2. I just updated it. I thought I'd kept up with all the updates but I guess I missed at least yours.
  3. Nice! And more games in the future I hope. :3
  4. No, the btag list hasn't been maintained. Most of the people there aren't around anymore but if you know who you're looking for you can probably find them.
  5. We have a btag list here, if you hop in and are looking to join. http://www.sohguild.com/index.php?/topic/10391-battle-tag-list/ Orrrrr, we're usually in mumble.
  6. If our first game is an omen, tonight will be a good night.



    1. Kestrel


      How were you top hero damage on Johanna? Teach me your ways, I feel like I'm hitting with a wet noodle instead of a flail.

    2. Darlantan


      I was able to jebait the other team over and over and over, and just spam W and Q on them while timing trait usage to kite them around. Also aiming blind on their zul'jin and artanis, and timing it well, to keep their damage down helps a lot in terms of staying in the fight and hitting people. I went with the battle momentum talent at 7 to keep spamming abilities, too.


      Mostly it's because neither team had much damage, and blind counters most of what the other guys can do. :D It helped a lot that the other johanna went falling sword and their varian didn't have taunt, lol.

  7. https://www.reddit.com/r/heroesofthestorm/comments/63mtuc/heroes_of_the_storm_20_and_cassia_live_qa/dfw2fdo/?context=3 We might be getting a more official word on the hero xp conversion to 2.0, and therefore more accurate tools from the community. Don't know how knife's-edge any of you guys are getting with it, but I just hit projected player level 500 and I seriously doubt 600 is on the table, so I'm not really worrying about my levels anymore.
  8. Tilly's playing a crusader! We're going to click all the things.
  9. Season 10 starts tonight. I'll be playing a wizard as always. :3
  10. Pog. Champ. Just yes. Give me all the things.
  11. Oh, and the next hero is Cassia the Amazon from D2.
  12. It looks a lot to me like he's all about placing your W in useful places and blowing them up with your Q when you need to do damage. I'm not sure what role the damage turret really plays, it seems almost entirely ancillary. I haven't gone onto the PTR yet though.
  13. Henrdick's has such a cool website. https://us.hendricksgin.com/

    1. Grieve


      They have good Gin!

    2. Ashin


      That henrdick tho.

    3. Darlantan


      One of the best kinds of dick.