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  1. Hello! I'm sandanzuki from Reddit -- glad to see you! Are you free for a Mumble date some evening this weekend or week? I can do tonight (Saturday), tomorrow (Sunday), or Wednesday, but then I go out of town for the weekend. Let me know what works best for you! What class/spec did you play back in WoW? A bunch of us in FFXIV chapter came from the old WoW chapter, which was very competitive in PvE, but most people PvPed only casually, if at all. Were you 2s, 3s, 5s, all of the above? You'd probably get along with @Atrael, who's "retired" from our chapter but works in financial planning as well!
  2. More study material for when Calder needs to bro down:



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Midri


      Isn't there some rule where you can only upward-nod if it's your friend?

    3. Nyisha


      Idk. I upward-nod to everyone: Friends, family, dogs, myself in the mirror, the sun, dragons..

    4. Kestrel


      Typically when greeting another male the upward nod is for acknowledging people you're familiar with (your bros), whereas the downward nod is more a show of respect or gratitude (your boss). Also, you'll usually do the upward nod prior to the actual greeting (high-five, fist-bump, etc.), and do the downward nod on the tail end of a handshake. 


      As far as the right and left motions go, it's more of a towards and away motion. Trying to grab your bro's attention when a pretty girl walks into the bar? Nod in her direction. Need to work on your game plan away from eavesdroppers? Nod away from the group. 


      As Calder becomes more of a bro these signals will become more natural, soon enough he'll be having entire conversations without saying a single word. This guy goes a little further into the up/down nod.

  3. Day two in Valencia. Did not think to put sunscreen on bust area. Got sunburned. This Mediterranean sun is very strong...

    1. Ashin
    2. Kestrel


      Gotta work on that base tan before you roll out there with no 'screen

    3. Xander117


      I wish you a speedy recovery.

  4. Doom Trainers, raid starts at 9pm EDT today!

  5. Doom Trainers, don't forget about raid on Monday!

  6. Aymaric Dancing just for you~



    J-Drama Live Action FFXIV.

  8. How about tonight (Wednesday) at 7:30pm EST? Kitty is adorable. :3 Derpy or not, she has beautiful eyes!
  9. @Kytn Look how cute! zj36o8vc5ehy.jpg

    1. Kytn


      Awwww what a cute pear, and mango, and papaya! Poor things must be terrified with all those creepy paissas around..

  10. Hello! Are you free for a Mumble date some evening this week? PS. You should get HW before you start doing the 2.x patches. All those quests will add up to a good 2 levels or so, so you'll get a head start on leveling to 60. PPS. Cat pictures please.
  11. Congrats to Moose on his promotion to Member!
  12. "Why are you in tank stance, m'lady?" - Kytn 2017

    1. Kytn
    2. Derodek


      Sounds about right for her!

  13. Doom Trainers, don't forget about raid on Monday!