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  1. Netflix Live Canceled... wow. just wow.

    1. Grieve


      For any confusion it's Netflix's April Fools joke.

    2. Mina


      Best 50 minutes ever

  2. DC Meet-up People, please confirm attendance and note any strong preferences for food and/or post-dinner board game night.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. sup3rg00se


      I'm down for afternoon and dinner activities but will probably need to head home afterwards due to old man status. 

    3. Kestrel



      will probably need to head home afterwards due to old man status



    4. Kestrel
  3. To EVE chapter: Apologies for the screaming POSes. Both myself & Brinelan have been unable to get to them this weekend. It will be handled by this evening.

    1. Simone
    2. Ashin


      ^ but also thank you for taking care of them (eventually) !

  4. 2nd all-nighter for work within a week... I am ready for the holidays already.

  5. Just finished FFXV. Decent game. Too many sidequests. Too little story, but story was okay. Combat was definitely the best aspect of the game.


    Now, to finally move my ships in EVE and prep for tomorrow :D

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    2. Dililah


      Good to know.  I heard they are going to a major update to address these items.  I'm going to wait for that to come out.

    3. Grieve


      I had not heard about that Lilah. I think for me though it's too little too late. They should have had it all in there from the start I'm not going to play through again just to see what they added.

    4. Dililah


      I absolutely agree, it makes it seem like the game was rushed.  It also concerns me that you are done already with the game.  An RPG like FF should have taken a lot longer.

  6. Welcome to the forums! What have been some of your favorite games?
  7. From the creators of Cards Against Humanity...


    1. Gold Fish

      Gold Fish

      Why do I have the urge to donate to this...

  8. Welcome to the forums! Looking forward to flying with you!
  9. Welcome to the forums! I look forward to flying with you!
  10. Welcome to the forums! Looking forward to flying with you! What's you favorite frigate to fly tackle in? What was your most clutch moment as tackle? (I'm sure they are all clutch, but there's gotta be one that stands out like "holy crap! I actually did that") o7
  11. Yay... Laptop GPU died today. Guess that means I do get to go Black Friday shopping this year.

    1. Grieve


      Also, means i get to dissect my laptop for spare parts. :Onion501:

  12. Congrats guys!
  13. I gotta say last night's 3-way fight was a great time. I lost 2 interceptors, but I got some good practice kiting as tackle. I also found out what blaps me really fast...

    1. Hyna


      Totally read this as "last nights 3-way was a great time" :O

  14. Welcome to the forums! What's your preferred ISK making activity?
  15. Welcome to the forums!