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  1. Remember when we easily beat Sephirot within the time limit totally legitimately no questions asked and got t-shirts fair and square obviouswink?
  2. Apparently inedit's favorite album?
  3. read and /signed.
  4. I hate you.
  5. Ahhh class selection, that's a tough question. Initially I was going to go LNC but I have this uncanny ability of 1) Picking the class to get nerfed the heaviest, 2) Switching to a class that gets nerfed after the nerfing of the first class. But right now my two front runners are LNC or CNJ. Race = I just gotta go with that gangly, awkward, dhalmel-necked Elvaan Elezen. I played all of b3.
  6. Hi Errrrrrybuddy, My name's Tim, char name Gul. I'm friends with Cal, Inedit, JJones, and Kayvern. I'm going to be playing FFXIV at launch and they told me I should come here to introduce myself, and then be verbally abused and emotionally scarred by the responses. Anyways, I know Cal from way back playing FFXI on Bahamut, and I know Inedit, JJ, and Kay from WoW. I've played a ton of games over the years but all in all I'm pretty casual. Hope to see everyone in-game in a few weeks.. *cross your fingers*