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  1. Every single game has a Tyto the Swift. People are vastly overestimating his coolness.

  2. Dream Daddy Brian route completed. Dis a gud game.

    1. Minori


      Haha, yesss... *rubs hands together*

    2. Ashin


      Is this sexual?

    3. Derodek


      Nah, just a dating sim. Really fun one!

  3. 4.6 million mortal strike crit.... mmmmmmm

  4. I swear, if one more person ignores me pinging my Abyssal Voyage as Tahm Kench, I will actually eat them alive.

    1. Derodek


      or people who ping my death or kills over and over in a bot match. Not like I've been on hiatus from the game for 7 years.

  5. Finally beat P5... What a trip it's been

    1. Minori


      Congrats! I just got to the Ark. 

  6. Yoooooo Hanamura hots map

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Derodek


      oh dang genjers too. Interesting to see how he'll fit into it all.

    3. Darlantan


      Upon second glance.... it's a really good thing he doesn't have much damage, lol ^^


      Looks like he is great at chasing people, poking, and punishing squishies.

    4. Kestrel


      Is that a pro gengu?

  7. HotS 2.0 Update

    I'm curious myself... but not like I can de-level. Maybe sticking to mains can slow the leveling process?
  8. Every time the KT server mixes with Stormreaver any questing for the entire day is ruined. Why do I even stick around on this dumb server anyhow...

    1. Merriwhizzle


      Because you're a game junkie and need your fix and it's too much trouble to start over somewhere else. :p

    2. Derodek
  9. HotS 2.0 Update

    Nevermind. Saw the Chen emoji's. Best game of the year
  10. HotS 2.0 Update

    I can dig it. Seems an all around improvement.

  12. I am beyond rusty on fighting games. Keep getting empty jumps when trying to do Potemkin Busters in Guilty Gear Xrd. I need beyond training.

  13. It's so Cute!

    I'm curious myself about him, but... wow his turret builds seem really unoptimized and all over the place. It'd be nice if at the very least they prioritized heroes, if not had better range and a longer duration. I'll have to hop into some games and try him out at some point, I suppose!
  14. For Honor just broke my gamepads connector trying to fix its dumb bugs. Great. Hope I guess the right one to replace when I have to go buy another one.