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  1. Kytn


    Congrats to all the recent promotions!!
  2. Kytn

    Hi SoH

    Welcome! What do you play in WoW? More importantly, Alliance or Horde? Pancakes or waffles? Coffee or tea? Autumn or spring? I lived in Portland until I was 8! Most of what I remember is that gas was still like $1.25 a gallon and that Round Table Pizza had awesome to go cups for kids.
  3. Kytn

    Hey, friends!

    Those are some adorable kitties! What's your main class in FFXIV? Lalafells - adorable or puntable popotos? Coffee or tea? Pancakes or waffles? Welcome!
  4. Okay let's aim for Thursday at 8pm then!
  5. Welcome! Looking forward to seeing you in game. In place of Super Goose, I'm here to ask when you might be free for a Mumble chat! Do you have time this week either Tuesday after 8:00pm EST, Wednesday after 11:00pm EST, or Thursday between 7:30pm and 8:30pm EST?
  6. Yessss I'm all about this!! Gotta get my Khajiit going again.
  7. Cats or dogs? Coffee or tea? Marvel or DC? Autumn or spring? Do you like pancakes?
  8. I cannot even with CA payroll. Every week, there's something new and different to raise my blood pressure. ;_;

    1. Hioki


      So what's the main problem? lol

    2. Kytn


      It's mostly the people in charge of the CA offices. None of the folks in other states give me as much shit as they do. Refusing to do garnishments, going on vacation for a month without properly training someone to do their end of payroll.. and then there's the whole phoning in payroll data JUST for CA. And the fact that they are authorized to write manual checks without any training on how to do so. And it all comes with a healthy helping of attitude. Every. Single. Week.

  9. Prepare to die... and save money while doing it!

    Dark Souls 3 60% off


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kytn


      Robot jelly cat, what did you do?! D:


      I am wicked tempted to pick it up, that's such a good price!!

    3. Minori


      I did the durability fix. I couldn't use my uchi :(

    4. Kestrel


      Humble Bundle sends you a Steam code, so I have no idea how that'd work for you =/

  10. Left my wallet on the bus last night, found out this morning that there are good people in my city. So happy to be getting it back intact!

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    2. Elend


      Yay, glad you got it all back. But, like Grieve said, get all new cards just to be safe

    3. Derodek


      eyyyyyy it all worked out.

    4. Ashin


      People are better than we think.

  11. We can continue the cat deluge as required. Welcome!!
  12. Kytn

    Next time you send the airships out can you aim to grab some Empty Clusters and Synthetic Resin? I'm going to upgrade out aetherial wheel stand and put it to use!

  13. It's my $15!


    1. Hioki


      Soon to be, You didn't pay my Jump potion

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