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  1. Senious

    [EVE] Senious

    .....so jealous. Any Simone those are Treehouse beers
  2. Senious

    [EVE] Senious

    OK going to tackle these 1 at a time =p Simone - yes brewery is super awesome. its called treehouse, they do really good IPAs and stouts. if you look at beer advocates top 250 beers they have 6 or so in the top 20 if in the airport bar in that scenario....it is likely I would drink the pills until I was drunk enough to start fearing that gigx would cut off my hands.....at this point I would break a bottle against the bar and spend the rest of the night in airport jail....potentially getting my hands cut off Sadly my options on which alternative game id play is a simplish answer. I would connect with Konnvict, Recker, Eddie, and Max my current other space bros, and join up with them in whatever they are doing (assuming you folks don't have a better option =p). barring that intel I have an EG healer on FF14 so id probably go there. FYI - current game type of former KTCS guys, zombie and canable survival Plyn - my go to is woodford reserve. I sometime do the makers mark thang, but always taken neat aka "alcoholic" Kytn - Dogs...and my cat would kill me for saying that. I currently have a bordercollie lab mix named Yoshi, and a cat names bowser. they fight all the time its awesome coffee - black Marvel - they do a ton better on the movies and I'm a cinematics guy autumn or spring is a super tuff one. they are my two favorite seasons. I live in new England so I'm going with autumn. get the pretty leaves, and it is good "sleeping weather" PANCAKESSSSSSSSSSS.....yes I like pancakes Practical....why do you make me think. I would reduce nullsec by half. driving everyone crazy and simultaneously blowing up the game with pvp activity. The people would call this....the great shrinkage Tyrlis - IRL people call me Brett, and I hail from Connecticut. I make my RL isk in a hospital in financial planning. I really like it I get to help doctors create new programs, help patients, and improve performance se we can help more patients. I get to work with a lot of people who are way smarter than me which is pretty cool. The criticism of Connecticut is that it is boring...and yes, yes it is keep um comin!!!!!
  3. Senious

    [EVE] Senious

    Alright im in. Favorite taco is a buffalo brisket taco! Corn tortilla is the way to go. Anytime I welp the fleet burbon whiskey is typically the cause
  4. Senious

    [EVE] Senious

    o7 Space Bros - I have been told to prepare myself for the responses to this fun EVE intro.... I'm Senious I have played eve online intermittently for about 4 years, playing pretty heavy in the past 2 years. I played with you guys a lot up in branch...was super fun blowing stuff up. I FC a bit, and like doing the fleet command stuff, so look forward to continuing to learn this new phase of the game to see how it is. I've always like flying with you guys, so it will be fun to do it some more in low sec. I also like pina coladas and walks on the beach