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  1. I am honestly not sure. I'll ask a few and get back to you. Caveat emptor, with a small screenshot of local chat in Jita drawn beneath. A gate camp. Also, my death. Brisket, lettuce, sour cream, tomato, and cheese. Thankfully, it was never specified that it had to be a permanent tattoo. I'd just wash it off. Um, I'm afraid I'll need to Google that and get back to you. Also, please don't tell my mama - I'm a little scared of her. Oh really? I'll need to go read about that, too ... sounds like fun! This should be a national holiday.
  2. Weirdest fleet is a tough one - most of the time, at least a few folks are pretty drunk, so the conversations are fun. Let's see ... I've been on a few fleets where folks have gotten into screaming matches with their spouses, which tends to be awkward until somebody finally mutes 'em. I remember a fleet where we were working with some Russian folks who didn't speak English, but the corp had someone who spoke both Russian and English jumping back and forth between channels to coordinate. As it turned out, there were a few things lost in translation, so we all wound up dead I've also been in some fleets where the opposite is true: 90% of the fleet (including the FC) only speak e.g. German. After being in a few of those fleets, I learned "jump", "hold", "s**t", and "idiot" pretty quickly. For drink, I would say Coke. I might add whiskey if something expensive just melted into pixels. On a kitchen sink roam, I like 150mm rail cormorants. They're cheap, quick, and can catch lots of stuff with some targeting scripts. I've also done pretty well with rapid light Caracals, and Omens are fun ships to take out just to see what happens.
  3. Hi all, I'm Stephen. I've played EVE off and on since about 2009. Some of that time has been spent in empire, some in null, and some in WH. I've done a little bit of PvP as well ... this has ranged from large fleets (~150 - 200) to small gangs. I like flying cruisers and below, but can field larger things when needed. I also play quite a few other games: most recently I've been working through Nioh (something like a faster-paced Dark Souls with loot drops) and have been learning Endless Space 2 (a space 4X game). In real life, I'm an electronics engineer working out of Cleveland, OH in the US. I'm 32 and have two cats (one of which who's convinced he's a dog). I'm looking forward to flying with y'all. Cheers!
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