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    Code of Conduct (Re-Imagined)

    Agreed and all understood!
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    Hello everyone my name is Hitaman (Big fan of the Hitman games) or Danny whichever is good for you. I was born and raised in California but now i reside in Texas. I have been playing games since regular Nintendo was out. I got hooked onto PC game when Counter Strike and Half Life were popular. I ventured to Blizzard games, which i have and still play World of Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft and now Destiny. I enjoy playing other games but i mostly stick to these few that really interest me. I am always up for anything in the games i play from grinding achievements to exploring regions to earn something or just PVP all day to get that fix. Other than that i am laid back and always interested in meeting new people. Thank you!
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    I work for a grocery store. I have 6 pets, 2 female cats and 1 male cat and 3 hermit crabs. My favorite adult beverage is Kruskovac (Pear Liqueur), it is a Croatian drink. I am really a home body, do not do much outside of work and home but i enjoy reading fiction books, building computers, and go out of town with my wife.
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    I have not touched CS since the 1.6 days and Source. But who knows i may get back into it if it feels right. I played Destiny 1 for a short while but i got into Destiny 2 last year and wanted to learn more about it. I do not drink any caffeine, but one way to get me going in the morning is relaxed music, mostly instrumental.