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  1. TUUUUUNAAAAAA! I hope you watch The Office or my bad Ed Helms impressions will be even more out of place than usual. I'm Jim, btw. I've gone by Gesari since like 2005 or something like that, though, so I'll answer to either or some variation thereof. I really respect sticking with Shadow for so long; Shaman and Monk have been my favorite classes for years but I never end up maining them as much as I'd like. I've spent a lot of time in underperforming guilds the past few years and I've always felt guilty playing what I want as opposed to a more on-meta pick. As an added
  2. Hey, Toast! I'm Jim. Bread is my favorite food group, so keto is a no-go for me. What are your thoughts on the Singularity? We would love for you to join us so that We may all benefit from your Toastacular brand.
  3. Hey Griff, I'm Jim! I'll admit, it's been years since I've seen RvB and I literally just had to google Grifball...I had no idea they ever made it into a game mode lol. Probably for the best...I would have been awful at it. This is actually the reason I played RPGs as a child: I've always been terrible at fps, and I never cared about them enough to play and become passable. What healer are you thinking about maining going into Shadowlands? Do you swap around a lot, or do you have that *one class* that you just can't get enough of? What instrument(s) was your scholarship for, a
  4. Hey Matt, I'm Jim! I've spent most of the past 15 years online going by Gesari, but to make it easier on everyone I've named my Shaman Djimm going into Shadowlands. =P I tend to lead our saturday night community groups; since we're all just chilling waiting for SL to drop at the moment we've been spending most of them just doing old raid meta achievements for mounts and really just as an excuse to hang out together. No one even asks us to drink any kool-aid. I've been playing Warcraft myself since right before BC launched, but before then I was raiding hardcore in EQ2 and only real
  5. Yes, please do it. They're asking for pictures, and I would like to add my own /bump Also, hi! I'm Jim. I won't ask any more questions for the moment since there's a bunch in here already, but I talk a lot so if you stick around I'm looking forward to getting to chat!
  6. Hi there! I'm Gesari, but generally everybody just calls me Jim. I will, however, answer to most things. Currently I've been playing my Pally on prot for the guild, but I've spent the majority of the last ~15 years of raiding primarily as a dps, so I'm looking to get back to that. In light of that, I've been gearing up a baby Balance druid and I'd be more than happy to do some mythic runs with you on any toon you're looking to gear! Okay so this resonates with me for a few reasons, not the least of which my surprise at having to create a forum login for this app myself. T
  7. That's awesome! I am ashamed to admit I have not read Ender's Game; at this point I'm just afraid of hating the movie, hah. Sorry for the delayed reply: was moving and not checking the forums. Hope we'll see you in guild soon =D
  8. What logistical concerns do you imagine you'd encounter trying to extract a cephalopod from a pokeball to do battle on dry land? Or is this more about just flexing on unsuspecting scuba divers? idk if it's just cause I know you or what, but this is the comic that came to mind while reading this:
  9. I don't have pics on my work computer. Will spam discord later when we get him in there and we can all share cat pics! Also please be ready for the Friday Night SMACKDOWN at 9pm EDT tonight, Ace, if you wanna hang out with some of us in voice chat! We're going to pretend like we know how to PvP to try and farm up some essences.
  10. Oh man, my brother has a 28lb Maine Coon who looks like a miniature white lion. It's uncanny. I'm fighting hard to not start posting pics of several cats in this thread right now. SWARLEY! How I Met Your Mother reference? I'm often disappointed when I see an Asian place with an Americanized name. I have some really fond memories of ICC Heroic. Lich King in general was such a great fight. We got stuck on 25H Sindy, but I tanked as a Blood DK for our 10H group; what a great zone in general. I was dpsing as Frost for the haste buff
  11. Hi there, Aspir/Aaron/Ace! I'm Jim, and I also play a Paladin. I'd say it's cause I'm really into the Glory of the Light, but really I just like the special effects. No children here, but I am in a similar issue with my cat. His name is Jean Ralphio, and he's a half-bengal, half-raccoon. His unrelated nickname is Mankle, and I chant this name at him often for any apparent reason I deem appropriate. I know you said you had a cat, too, so I'm hoping you understand where I'm coming from with this. So I've never driven anything larger than a big U-haul,
  12. I just made my first attempt at sourdough cornbread yesterday. Gumbo provides the excuse for more. This is appreciated.
  13. Oh my, Malazan is my favorite! Trull Sengar, hands down. Anomander, Fiddler, and Tehol/Bugg are my other favorites. What about you? And please let me know if you need help with anything! I've done this content on so many toons on ally I'm mostly familiar with it. I'm going to be doing a fair bit of tanking/dps this weekend especially to get caught back up!
  14. Greetings! I do not envy all of those things, but I salute your sacrifice nonetheless!
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