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  1. That's awesome! I am ashamed to admit I have not read Ender's Game; at this point I'm just afraid of hating the movie, hah. Sorry for the delayed reply: was moving and not checking the forums. Hope we'll see you in guild soon =D
  2. What logistical concerns do you imagine you'd encounter trying to extract a cephalopod from a pokeball to do battle on dry land? Or is this more about just flexing on unsuspecting scuba divers? idk if it's just cause I know you or what, but this is the comic that came to mind while reading this:
  3. I don't have pics on my work computer. Will spam discord later when we get him in there and we can all share cat pics! Also please be ready for the Friday Night SMACKDOWN at 9pm EDT tonight, Ace, if you wanna hang out with some of us in voice chat! We're going to pretend like we know how to PvP to try and farm up some essences.
  4. Oh man, my brother has a 28lb Maine Coon who looks like a miniature white lion. It's uncanny. I'm fighting hard to not start posting pics of several cats in this thread right now. SWARLEY! How I Met Your Mother reference? I'm often disappointed when I see an Asian place with an Americanized name. I have some really fond memories of ICC Heroic. Lich King in general was such a great fight. We got stuck on 25H Sindy, but I tanked as a Blood DK for our 10H group; what a great zone in general. I was dpsing as Frost for the haste buff for the raid in our 25 man group; felt pretty awful most of the time being at the bottom of the parse, but I'll never forget my Army of the Dead ghouls secured us the kill for normal mode from taunting them adds. I quit early on in Dragon Soul, but I rather enjoyed Firelands on my Warlock. Karazhan had a few bosses that were great for watching easy failures; for my guild it was always Netherspite and once I got over being annoyed about it, the whole thing was pretty hilarious. I think my favorite encounter I've done was in EQ2; the instanced Mayong encounter. It was a relatively straightforward encounter, but the guild I was with had no business being there at the time. Our gear was trash and it was our second night in there and we got the kill just by playing the whole thing super clean. I'd raided in a few casual guilds before, but that was the first time a raid group I'd played in ever felt like a cohesive unit. It's still my favorite part about progression. So there was a definite right answer to this question, and it was The Force, so props. I am, however, a big fan of both Mistborn and Wheel of Time (I've got part of the inscription from Mat's spear tattooed on my right forearm =O). I think the magic system from the Malazan series was probably the most interesting to me, but I don't run into too many people who've read that one. Any other favorite books/series in general?
  5. Hi there, Aspir/Aaron/Ace! I'm Jim, and I also play a Paladin. I'd say it's cause I'm really into the Glory of the Light, but really I just like the special effects. No children here, but I am in a similar issue with my cat. His name is Jean Ralphio, and he's a half-bengal, half-raccoon. His unrelated nickname is Mankle, and I chant this name at him often for any apparent reason I deem appropriate. I know you said you had a cat, too, so I'm hoping you understand where I'm coming from with this. So I've never driven anything larger than a big U-haul, but I spent a decade working in car dealerships and such after high school. I've spent a lot of time driving around for random purposes, and I gotta say it's still something I miss. I love having time to myself to think and let my thoughts play out, and driving has always afforded that for me. Plus, I've seen some really pretty places and ate some awesome food I never would have otherwise. What was your favorite thing about the job? My brother and I are only a year and a half apart, so we had a very similar experience growing up. Especially when we were younger, everyone thought we were twins, and we always hung out with the other's friends. I now have a penchant for thinking of all of my favorite people as extensions of my family, and I sometimes wonder how much that relationship shaped that perception. Asian food is by far my favorite theater (I had "type" in here originally, but it's really way too diverse for that) of food. The best chinese place around here is called Number One Taste, and it truly does live up to its name. Mordi this has no real bearing on what else is going on, but the first video games I played as a child were the original Super Mario Brothers and Legend of Zelda. My mother was so bored staying at home she bought them and would play them for hours cause it kept us all entertained hahaha. As an aside, Ace: What's your favorite part of collaborative gaming? Favorite raid encounter all time? What, in your opinion, is the coolest superpower/magic system/etc.? (there are probably no wrong answers)
  6. I just made my first attempt at sourdough cornbread yesterday. Gumbo provides the excuse for more. This is appreciated.
  7. Oh my, Malazan is my favorite! Trull Sengar, hands down. Anomander, Fiddler, and Tehol/Bugg are my other favorites. What about you? And please let me know if you need help with anything! I've done this content on so many toons on ally I'm mostly familiar with it. I'm going to be doing a fair bit of tanking/dps this weekend especially to get caught back up!
  8. Greetings! I do not envy all of those things, but I salute your sacrifice nonetheless!
  9. Don't feel bad for me, sir! I am a very fortunate man, who is now full of enchiladas. How bad can life be?
  10. If you do, please share the art with me. As a fun fact: I lack the ability to create pictures in my head.
  11. Maybe it's like Jet Li's movie, The One. If you go insane in one timeline and are destroyed, you just become stronger. So I've just been discussing recently why I never see any centaurs wearing clothes in typical depictions. If I'm a centaur, then I'm a Centaur dressed like The Dude from the waist up. You get a D just because I would have gone for force user as my default and it was your initial response.
  12. Okay so my delivery just got delayed, so I guess my carb coma has been as well. Imagine we've just seen each other for the first time in many years. This is a very emotional encounter. "MordiBrad!" I cry your name from across the beach. Are we riding horses? Are you a cat or dog person? If we were to undertake a timewalking adventure and encounter a version of your past self, do one or both of you go insane? If you could wield any power from any universe, what would you choose and why?
  13. They're basically Girl Scout Thin Mints in M&M form. Aka the greatest candy invention in generations. I'm sorry but there was only one question that mattered and I got the answer I wanted. Thank you for your time and consideration in regards to this matter; I will return after my carb coma.
  14. Hello, MordiBrad. I shall answer your very serious queries in numerical order. On a rather whimsical side note, I also played a Warlock towards the end of T11. 1. Okay, I'm going to try and choose from different places to make things interesting. First up is Karsa Orlong from the Malazan Book of the Fallen, since he's immune to magic and pretty much all around indestructible. Revan from Old Republic, since he's the real fuckin deal. Doc Cottle from Battlestar Galactica to keep us all alive with panache and the force of his cigarettes, and The Oracle from the Matrix just to riff off everyone else for bants. Honestly I doubt I'd even be needed with the first two, so I'm really just along for the ride as the groupie. I figure maybe I can learn the Force while I make cookies and bread for everyone with the Oracle to celebrate our inevitable victory. 2. Cheddar Cheese, Jalapenos, pulled pork, grilled pineapple, guac. The beverage depends on whether or not there's something to smoke on hand. 3. Oh. Oh my. Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime This was the first concept album I'd ever listened to and I loved the way it was done. Good memories attached to it, too, just from the ability to share the story with other people. Geoff Tate's voice haunts me. Escape - Journey (Hair Metal vs 80s Pop? idk) My parents used to blast this one all the time growing up on what was then a very high end stereo system. Don't Stop Believin' was the first song I ever learned the words to as a child, and I will not apologize for this. Tupac - All Eyez On Me I don't think I'll ever enjoy any other album in any genre of rap quite so much as this one, and it's definitely not for lack of competition. Incubus - Morning View I think I know every word to every song on this album, but no song soothes me like Aqueous Transmission. Madeon - Adventure What a fun album. Seriously, the 8-bit sound effects are just a nostalgia trip. I smile through most every song. There's honestly a bunch more I'm sure I'm not thinking of, but between genre overlap and general absentmindedness I figure these are a few that have pretty much infinite replay value for me for one reason or another, and thus a good selection. Since when are these a thing? Do want.
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