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  1. Not by me. I've started it twice and I keep getting series fatigue! I really enjoy it too, but it's a long read haha. Problem is I keep waiting too long and then I feel like I have to start it again. Probably going to pick it back up again soon! Also I'm Jocelyn, Jim's Ride or Fry :) Questions for you my new friend! 1. I've heard a whisper that you may have feline friends... WHO ARE THEY WHAT ARE THEIR NAMES DO THEY KNOW I LOVE THEM thx 2. After the very normal previous question... circles or squares? 3. Given that I'm now just thinking about WoT, would you rath
  2. OMFG pictures PLEASE! I am stupid obsessed with husky mixes. Also hi, I'm Jocelyn, Jim's partner in crime! You know what's coming next! 1. Is fruitcake a delicious, sugary snack or a certified lethal heavy-weight throwing weapon? I'm on a holiday theme today apparently! 2. Would you rather be too hot or too cold? Is there a reason or is it just a gut feeling? 3. If, theoretically, you could afford and house/care for them all, how many is the maximum number of dogs?
  3. Hello Associate by association! I'm Jocelyn, the Yin to Jim's Yang =P So, questions! 1. What's the worst gift you ever received? 'Tis the season! 2. Would you rather have an extra set of arms or be able to see in the dark? 3. Bananas, yay or nay? Talking fresh, raw bananas here, not baked (Wow that sounded so dirty, sorry. Well, not really.).
  4. Hi Pascal! I'm Jocelyn. My toons are Valyrria (hunter) and Caresia (demon hunter) [sensing a trend? me too], but honestly I can barely answer to my own name so just call me that. I'm your resident Biology nerd and Sims addict, so I totally get having another game on top of WoW that sucks up your time! Okay, time to put you on the spot! (JK that sounds terrible, this is all good fun) What's a weird daily ritual you have? Doesn't need to be gross or personal; for example, every morning I roll over so I can spoon my half bengal mix Jean Ralphio like he's a lil baby shrimp. Becaus
  5. Hi Cheap! I'm Caresia/Valyrria, but actually I'm really just Jocelyn. I have also been playing since BC, so hey buddy! *waves* What class(es) did you play as DPS? Do you have any pets? If you could choose one supernatural ability, what would it be, why, and what would you do with it? I'm here if you have any questions! Be prepared for predictably snarky answers though
  6. Hi Hepes! I'm Caresia/Valyrria, but tbqh I really only respond to Jocelyn (guess I'm a one trick horse /shrug). I've been playing since BC, but only really started raiding seriously in BfA- so don't feel like you're in poor company when it comes to getting the hang of things What's your biggest human interaction pet peeve, and how do you handle it when you encounter it? What are your guinea pigs names, how old are they, and what's the cutest/funniest thing they do that's unique to them? (If you can't tell, I'm a big animal lover ) What did you get your degre
  7. Oh I imagine kids can still make you crazier! But they also don't require a box full of poop, so tradeoffs, eh? Has your eldest read the extra books that have come out, like Tales of Beedle the Bard? If not, I highly recommend it!
  8. I honestly love the Sapersteins so much, they're fantastically horrible. Especially Mona Lisa, as Jenny Slate is a goddess who can do no wrong. I think Boyd is my spirit dog. Also I genuinely think I am part house-cat. Food for thought. First of all, I would like to eat all of these right now, especially the lox bagel because that is the food of my people (literally but also figuratively ). I'd love your fried chicken recipe if it's available, I could use some serious comfort food. Or the gumbo. I'm really hungry rn. But I do enjoy cooking and fried chicken I've o
  9. Hi Brad! So we have 2, although only one is technically ours (the other is my sister's, but we all live together). We adopted them together, and they are actually twins. Their names are Rajah (my sister's) and Jean Ralphio (bonus points if you get the reference ). We adopted them through craigslist, as a re-homing from someone who couldn't care for them anymore and we've had them for about 3.5 years now. As for their personalities... can you imagine an aggressively needy raccoon who howls a lot? They're the best little monsters in the world, but they wreak whatever havoc they like and then dem
  10. Hello friendships, I'm Caresia, aka Jocelyn (I'm much better at answering to my real name than my game one). I've been playing WoW casually on and off since BC, but didn't start formal raiding until Uldir this expansion. I'm a big fan of cooperative play, so all I really dream about is a being part of a guild full of cool, capable (definitely not petulant) people who wanna successfully kill stuff. My day job is a genetics PhD student, or at least it was until the world closed for business. Anywho, now I spend my days doing my second-favorite thing- snuggling, squeezing, and general
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