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  1. Oh I imagine kids can still make you crazier! But they also don't require a box full of poop, so tradeoffs, eh? Has your eldest read the extra books that have come out, like Tales of Beedle the Bard? If not, I highly recommend it!
  2. I honestly love the Sapersteins so much, they're fantastically horrible. Especially Mona Lisa, as Jenny Slate is a goddess who can do no wrong. I think Boyd is my spirit dog. Also I genuinely think I am part house-cat. Food for thought. First of all, I would like to eat all of these right now, especially the lox bagel because that is the food of my people (literally but also figuratively ). I'd love your fried chicken recipe if it's available, I could use some serious comfort food. Or the gumbo. I'm really hungry rn. But I do enjoy cooking and fried chicken I've only made once, and I definitely want to try it again. I also really love that one of these is actually for your wife, that's extremely sweet . I feel this so strongly. I honestly HATE winter because it's cold (duh) but also dryyyyyyyy and I am a human skin desert, so winter is an exercise in how fast I can tear through moisturizers. Give me warmth and humidity any day. Also I definitely live in the wrong place, yes. Estaaaaaaa I love this question. Fresh cut hay grass or clover grass in the summer. I love driving with the windows open and there's that sweet smell in the warm air, preferably in the early evening where the sun is partially set and the real heat has left the day. So it's just perfectly warm without being hot, and the air has a coolness and humidity from the coming night. That indescribable emotion is exactly what I get whenever I smell that. Now I just can't wait for it to be properly summer. Okay so Jim and I actually discussed this one a bit. My first gut response was my first sister (I'm the oldest, so she's the next one after me), because she's practically a professional malcontent, but she does that to everyone, so there's no earthly (or spacely?) way anyone would follow her in a mutiny. My dad would be busy eating all the snacks on board, and my mother would be complaining that he's eating too much sugar while also endlessly haranguing me about the fact that our space food wasn't sustainably-sourced and, "Why is there even snack food, anyway? Just have a piece of fruit." So I think that it would have to be my second, youngest sister, which actually makes total sense since she has a passive-aggressive streak a mile wide, and loves to make the decisions for everyone (although to be fair, that's a family trait. That's probably how I ended up captain ) October Daye series by Seanan McGuire. Not technically obscure but most people haven't heard of it. Just a really good modern fae detective sort of fiction. That was an excellent description, non? Also the book Crazy Rich Asians trilogy. The movie was cute but the books are excellent and hilarious.
  3. Hi Brad! So we have 2, although only one is technically ours (the other is my sister's, but we all live together). We adopted them together, and they are actually twins. Their names are Rajah (my sister's) and Jean Ralphio (bonus points if you get the reference ). We adopted them through craigslist, as a re-homing from someone who couldn't care for them anymore and we've had them for about 3.5 years now. As for their personalities... can you imagine an aggressively needy raccoon who howls a lot? They're the best little monsters in the world, but they wreak whatever havoc they like and then demand to sit on your shoulders. I'd probably die for them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Do you have any pets, raccoon or otherwise? Okay, this is a gimme for me because there's no competition in my mind- Harry Potter all the way. I'm actually planning to get a small HP-themed tattoo once I can go out in the world again. Life's too short, amirite? As for a book series that everyone should read, that one is tougher. I could answer HP again, because I really love it and believe everyone should read it, but that seems like a cop-out. So I'd have to go with the Golden Compass series. It's just a really good kids' series that deals with complex ideas and doesn't patronize a child's mind. I read a LOT as a kid and I always loved a story that had depth to it, and so I read a lot of adult fiction in addition to stuff for my age. Last but not least, this one is really kind of hard for me. I think I'd ultimately have to choose Professor X, because I always appreciated his ultimate willingness to accept himself as he was, and his generosity towards others. Basically, he does the right thing for the right reasons most of the time, and he uses his wealth for the greater good. That's a pretty good way to be, I figure. Questions for you! What's your favorite non-electronic thing to do? If you had to pick 5 foods to eat for the rest of your life, what would they be and why? Condiments don't count. If a chaotic neutral wizard cast a spell over the world so that everyone immediately turned into an animal, what would you become? Hit me if you've got more! This is fun
  4. Hello friendships, I'm Caresia, aka Jocelyn (I'm much better at answering to my real name than my game one). I've been playing WoW casually on and off since BC, but didn't start formal raiding until Uldir this expansion. I'm a big fan of cooperative play, so all I really dream about is a being part of a guild full of cool, capable (definitely not petulant) people who wanna successfully kill stuff. My day job is a genetics PhD student, or at least it was until the world closed for business. Anywho, now I spend my days doing my second-favorite thing- snuggling, squeezing, and generally harassing our half-bengal cats, whom I will discuss ad nauseum, so probably don't ask me about them unless you're prepared. =P When I'm not playing WoW I'm probably playing the Sims, (my first true video game love) SWTOR, Destiny 2, or any Bioware game because I'm an RPG addict. Although, I have been known to eschew the computer for the couch so I can read an entire book series in a weekend. In any case, I'm basically an open book, and an enthusiastic over-sharer, so if there's anything you want to know, just ask!
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