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  1. Definite recommend from me Ash. I pointed him to the forums after a couple days of talking post cotton encounter.
  2. How are my %'s looking for my return?
  3. I totally feel you, this game has completely grown on me. At first I was thrown off by the graphics as well, but they grew to be one my favorite parts of the game. I agree that the game has so much to offer, plus the humor is top notch. Goblin punting was definitely one of my favorite things in WAR, looking forward to doing again to the furries.
  4. I feel like I know you so much more now that we have this bond. What is your take on Wildstar? Why are you interested in it? I know you recently discovered it, but why does it hit you? What turned you onto it? How do you feel about raiding and pvp, or the simple fact that we will be playing on a pvp server? What is your take on Chua?
  5. ..Wow Tom, if you put this much effort into this as you do dota, you would be the next Dendi.
  6. Do you have any mmo experience? What do you like? Who do you predict to win the nhl Playoffs? Cmon Gary, pretend to care.
  7. Care to elaborate? I vaguely know who you are... lol.
  8. Welcome, love the name. Question, Who do you predict to win the Stanley cup playoffs?
  9. Just found a pack of thin mints that have been in the freezer for about 3 months...sweeet symphony!

    1. Ashin


      Sometimes its the little things. :)

    2. Fera
    3. Huntyre


      that sir is a win!

  10. It's so cold in Chicago, gang bangers are walking around with their pants pulled up!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Morkgrim


      ... its freezing.. tell me its cold when you see 32 below 0

    3. Stasis


      My car's gauge said -17F yesterday. I think that counts. It was closer to -30 with windchill.

    4. Noesis
  11. Don't worry, it's just beta.

  12. What if someone left to "join" another guild, but they never did and henceforth stopped playing the game as a whole. By this statement it makes me believe that you see "membership" as not based on loyalty to the guild as an entity but obedience to the chapter overlord. If a multi-year/game veteran decides that a particular chapter is not right for them, they essentially lose all credibility with the guild as a whole if they want to venture into new options? All of the YEARS are essentially flushed? How does that begin to make sense?
  13. The way I read it, you are better off leaving "on good terms" and not communicating with the guild for very long stretches of time apposed to disagreeing with something leaving the guild's chapter, yet actively participating every day... Interesting.
  14. What about people who have played actively and participated with the guild for YEARS in several different chapters, in fact have lead chapters, and decide to stop playing in a particular chapter because of "events". Yet still actively participate on the forum and with members in games that are not "official". Are they "friends"?
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