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  1. Hey, are you still around?

  2. Missed your birthday man, hope you had a good one. Give Tilluk my regards too. We were in Moab recently (last June) and thought of you guys constantly :)

    1. Darlantan


      Hey! :D Hope you had a good time in Moab. I'll let Tilly know you said hi.

  3. Excuse me sir, but i believe you have not logged in for quite awhile now

  4. He stole my Whiptail, but I forgive him. :_wub:
  5. I'll PVP YOUR FACE!

  6. Hmm..I miss PvPing with you..maybe I'll play casually again.

  7. Are you playing WoW now?

  8. Flipper go say hi to the WoW chapter that you are joining. :)

  9. He needs to get a tattoo that says 'Heart Breaker'.

  10. You gonna break my heart? :O

  11. Oh my, oh my!


    Hello Flip! I miss you.

  12. Ya dude...MLB.com Gameday for my Twins games has been my friend lately while studying. Not quite distracting enough to inhibit my learning :D ...also, one final to go before Year 1 is over!!

  13. This thread is a party.:beer::meeting::drink:

  14. That would make me your 69th friend. I'd so do that if I could~

  15. 68 friends! It grows by the hour, it seems........

    .....slut. :D

    *runs away*

  16. 65 friends wtf? slut

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