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  1. this is Heaven...they're doing remodeling here obviously...not that pretty ;)

  2. Chick-Fil-A cravings... Always on Sundays..
  3. When we lived in TN, I wanted to make a bourbon apple cobbler. I couldn't find any bourbon. I went to the next town over. No liquor there either. I finally asked someone. They told me i would need to drive to KENTUCKY to buy my "hooch" (with a serious face), "we don't sell that booze around these parts".
  4. (Also, Fixed a couple of them texas ones for you:) You know your from Houston when: Iced tea is appropriate for all meals and you start drinking it when you're twelve months old. (our daughter) There are only four spices: salt, pepper, picante, and cream gravy. You call salsa picante. You pick where to goto dinner based on the quality of the tea. You don't have "uppty" attitudes like them folks from Dallas or Austin. You believe that every type of food tastes better either wrapped in a tortilla, deep fried, or both. (and then topped with gravy) The dominate professional sports teams are the T
  5. Hey Chip! I'm Aela, but in game you'll usually see me as Erian (rerolled from my typical game name! ). I'm what you would call a "wanna be foodie", which basically means I don't do anything a foodie normally does, but i do watch top chef I think it's cool that you ate at Lola's (not just the bacon icecream bit!). Michael Simon is one of my favorite chefs, and i was rooting for him on "the next iron chef" (I was nursing my daughter at the time, so i watched A LOT of TV during that period of time, so i saw every episode... tho i don't usually watch iron chef). I also really like Rick Bay
  6. Hi Elle! I grouped with you and Venom some time ago in the upper abyss to clear some Elyos out of the area surrounding Asteria.. (Tried to recruit you to the guild at the time.... ) I sent you both a couple tells since then when i saw you online, however I think you were both just AFK in Panda at the time. Ry and I are currently out of town for the holidays, however we're looking forward to seeing you in game.
  7. The server select fiasco is clearly a /blame Vj moment. For what it's worth, he used the most pronounceable name in his stable of characters. He usually plays as Vjeszczi - around a decade of MMO's and I'm still only half-certain how to pronounce it. "Egg" or "Vj" being the easiest alternative.
  8. Honestly, it's highly unlikely (without server transfer) but we'll keep trying. We actually have a number of old guildies floating around.
  9. Ash; Yes, I did see what you said about server moves for balance issues. However, hopefully they will allow moves for cash.. ala EQ, EQ2 and WoW. That said, it look as though his guild not really active. Maybe if we keep bugging him, and show him how quickly we can help level him he'll consider it!
  10. Actually i was incorrect, it isn't an assn, it's a gladiator. He also has a 30th Chanter. He said he is to high level to reroll. Lets see if they allow server moves at some point
  11. I haven't heard from Niet for Aion. I know Vj has a level 35 asmo assn on another server. But he doesn't seem to be playing him ATM.. Ry sent him a message to see if he'd be interested in joining us.
  12. Heyya smelly Dwarf! It'll be great to see ya in game again, and say "hi" to Silverose for me! Hmmm... Now to start working on Vj...
  13. Huh? Not sure what this page is :)

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