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Status Updates posted by Huntyre

  1. Healthcare person checking in - Miss gaming with everyone. Stay safe folks. :love:

    1. Fera


      Been thinking about you old friend. Stay safe and well out there on the front lines! <3 

  2. and... now I've picked up TD2. 

    1. Grieve
    2. Huntyre


      Nah.. ps4. I'm learning to love the comfort of my couch and gaming. The game is gorgeous. 

  3. hey friends! Anyone still playing ESO? If so, what server. :)

    1. Rohj


      There are a few of us still around regularly and a few that pop in every now and again.  NA server 


      Give a shout when you log in and we can get you a guild invite!

    2. Huntyre
  4. Battletech is epic.. that is all. 

  5. Well, it's official.. Cary Wong, RN!

  6. School break and ME:A.. it's destiny. :)

  7. Quick question SoH hive mind - For home use, inkjet or laser printer? 

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    2. Ashin


      I haven't owned a printer at home since.. college.

    3. Dililah


      I'm late, but laser if you need a printer!

    4. Huntyre


      LOL.. I know @Ashin - I'm just finding myself needing to print stuff up more when I'm not at work / school lately.


      @Dililah - yep.. that's what we went with. Thank you! :)

  8. Caught up with Critical Role... looking for another series now.

    1. Owl


      I recommend Westworld on HBO and Goliath on Amazon Prime is pretty good.


    2. Noesis


      Force Grey: Giant Hunters on Youtube. Mercer is DM for that one too.


      Also all the Acquisitions Incorporated live events / new youtube series if you haven't watched thos. 

    3. Huntyre


      Already watching Westworld (holy shit!).. I'll keep Goliath in mind. Off to check out Force Grey.. possibly AI afterwards. Thanks!


  9. Happy Halloween SoH!

  10. Return 2 Games: Book of Demons just went early access on Steam today. Well worth taking a look at if you like ARPGs.  http://store.steampowered.com/app/449960/

  11. Free key for Skullgirls if anyone wants -  H0VY7-V848A-GZJEE

  12. Necropolis pre-purchased and waiting for dl! Harebrained do not fail me. 

  13. Just picked up Eon Altar and Technomancer on the Steam Summer Sale. :)

    1. Grieve


      I'll be looking forward to a review of Technomancer. It's on my radar, but I'm not sure the current discount is enough yet for me to leap at it.

  14. Happy Father's Day to all the SoH Dad's! 

  15. Voltron is now available on Netflix.. 11 episodes. Guess I'll have something to binge during my upcoming break. :)

    1. Ashin


      I did the first two or three episodes so far.  Overall I would say it is entertaining - the writing and humor is obviously modernized compared to the original.  I'm curious if they will do anything risky or compelling with the characters, or if they are going to keep this very light.  I have to say that my biggest disappointment was that there doesn't appear to be even passing references to the original Voltron theme.  That's not exactly a deal-breaker for me, but it comes close...

    2. Cryus


      Just finished it. Really wished that the season was longer... I never did see the original series as it was before my time but I really did enjoy this. 

    3. Merriwhizzle


      I'm highly tempted to make the kids watch this with me.....

  16. Happy Mother's Day SoH moms!

  17. Just picked up Stories The Path of Destinies on Steam.. fun, story driven, light arpg

    1. Derodek


      oh yeah I saw that thing! All those branching paths and different ending thing looks sick.

    2. Stasis


      It got my attention. I do believe I shall give it a whirl!


      You and games = me and mice.

    3. Huntyre


      @Stasis - haha.. very true

      @Derodek - yeah.. it feels like a very casual choose your own adventure. It's fun seeing how it your choices impact things.


      The combat is really basic so far, but the skill tree, weapon crafting, and gem buffs add a nice layer to it. 

  18. Battleborn open beta - don't mind if I do.

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    2. Stasis


      Played CB a while back and wasn't a huge fan. I had hopes! Maybe I'll prefer Blizzard's foray.

    3. Huntyre


      yeah... didn't do anything for me. I really like the lore and story, but wasn't feeling the game play. 

    4. Stasis


      Pretty much how I felt. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't good either. Nothing special. =/

  19. Agents - Incursions inc today! In other news, I have the next 3 days off. 

    1. Grieve


      I'll be around all day tomorrow and then I work from home Friday, but it will be a struggle for my attention between DS3 & Division.

  20. Happy Easter folks!

    1. Booski
    2. Buttonz


      Hope you ALL have a great Easter!!!!!

  21. Super happy that today is my Friday!

    1. Scp


      Me too.  A long weekend awaits!

    2. Dililah
  22. Agents - going to be running late tonight, but will be on around 10pm CST if anyone wants to do daily's.

  23. Division Agents - I'd be up for running some missions or DZ roaming tonight. 

  24. I have a free copy of The Division for PC. If you're interested, just pm me. 

  25. Happy Chinese New Years! Bring in the year of the fire monkey!

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    2. Huntyre
    3. Booski


      Ooh fire monkey... I like it :)

    4. Stasis


      Puppy. Monkey. Baby.

      I'm so sorry =/

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