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  1. Read this Tuesday, signed since all the cool kids seem to be doing it.
  2. Yeah, the BWL I did solo today was good to me. And yes, I could get more mileage out of Holy Avenger. I have tried macro-ing it to use on CD, but then I don't have it available when I really need the defensive burst. I think I will add a weakauras notification so I have more feedback that it is available. Also, I need to use my trinkets, and Avenging Wrath more often, these I can probably use on CD in most cases, so a macro is probably in order, and just bind it to crusader strike or ShoR. Also, thank you for taking the time to go through my logs.
  3. Here is a log from an LFR ToES: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-6w6lncyf50i8t1hn/
  4. Ashin, thanks for the guest access, I have spent some time today poking around the site, I REALLY like what I see, especially things like your "weekly outlook" reports that help set the pace, and goals for raiding on the week.
  5. Hurray! Thanks. Also, here is another log for you guys, from MSV 10m normal: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-7hyp11tuxiata6f7/.
  6. Here is a log from a HoF "Madness of Shek'zeer" I just ran. http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-njnuoz8idvahidp4/ My Sacred shield uptime was a little low on the first boss I noticed. Also, I notice my rotation on the first boss was far from optimal.
  7. I have yet to raid at a high level in MoP, so my opinion is LIKELY incorrect. However that said, I consistently hold almost all the targets in AoE pulls in the raids I have been in. I do not think I do anything different than most prot pallies, at least no different from the theorycrafter over on Elitist Jerks. (Also, hurray for http://www.wowhead.com/item=81268 dropping finally)
  8. I’ll take each of these in turn: On Haste: Haste vs mastery is essentially an equivalency. Mastery increases the amount of damage reduction I have, and from what I have seen, is awesome for tank swaps, while haste significantly increases my DPS. Currently, I am focusing on reducing my overall damage taken. For me this is my #1 job aside from holding threat. Admittedly, they do an equally good job of smoothing out the damage curve over time. However, with the focus on tank swaps I have seen in this expac (elegon, feng, shek’zeer.) Mastery wins out for me. Hand of Purity: I chose hand of purity to help reduce DoT damage on fights like Feng. I switch it around often for Unbreakable spirit to have CD’s ready more often. Trinkets: I have been running Scholo every day for the last 3 and a half weeks, and it has yet to drop. On Prot Pallies: I love the new Prot Pally play style. I’m really glad 96969 is gone in favor of a more prioritization based system. I personally think Prot Paladins are better than ever in this expac, and excel EXTREMELY well at smoothing damage curves, and choosing good times to take damage, and good times to take small amounts of damage (storing 5 holy power before a Titan Gas is a great example) and helping the raid overall with CD’s like Devotion Aura, and the hands (admittedly, those have always been good.) We also have a great ability to pick up adds and do AoE tanking like never before. For weaknesses, early threat can sometimes be an issue if I don’t pop wings and holy avenger at the start of a fight to build fast threat. Logs: I do not currently have any logs. I could obtain some during my LFR in HoF/Terrace this week, or in an MSV I am doing tonight.
  9. @Inedit thanks for your question, I simply like being the one who executes the boss positioning. I am fine with taking directions etc, I'm done with guild leadership, I don't have the time. @Negido thank you for taking the time to read my application. I have my pessimistic days. However for the most part, I try to be optimistic. Of course, that doesn't always work. Though, I have always wondered why no one cares about the state of the air in the glass (assuming the water is not in vacuum.)
  10. What caught my eye was the laid back atmosphere present around your boards, the raid times, and the general feel I got after poking around your site. So far in mists I am raiding with a small guild in 10 mans and raid finder. We have yet to step into heroics. I can commit to 99% attendance, with a VERY occasional miss on Thursdays if I have a late flight, but I would have several days notice of that (I travel A LOT for work, so I maintain an extra wireless internet connection that is not dependent on hotels for reasonable internet.)
  11. Greetings all. I am Thwackdaddy, but you can call me Matt. I am a Protection Paladin currently residing on the Shadowsong realm. I am applying to South of Heaven to hit things with my hammer/sword/axe, and have the bosses hit me back. It is really rather masochistic. Some brief history: I have been raiding since classic WoW at a high level. In Classic I raided on my priest as a healer and my mage as a DPS, we made it to kel’thuzad, but did not achieve a kill. Once TBC was released, I ran my own guild and finished 3rd on my server (Scarlett Crusade) at the time. I played Prot on Thwack, and my priest as holy. The progression killed Illidan (pre-nerf) and made it to Mu’ru but did not achieve a kill. In WoTLK I focused on my paladin as my main more firmly, I was mainly holy in wrath. I raided with my guild until the release of ICC. Then my daughter was born and I no longer had time to be GM. It was during this period I moved to Gilneas to raid with a top 200 guild. I did all of ICC25 heroic with the exception of a Heroic Lich king and heroic Professor Putricide kill. I was there however, for several weeks of LK progression. I quit just before the release of Ruby Sanctum to focus on finishing school and finding a job. Now I am back and ready to raid (with a degree in Computer Science and a job, hooray.) I am choosing to main-set as prot currently because I like being in the driver’s seat with mobs and positioning, and I wanted a different challenge other than healing. Although, I am more than willing to heal again. Here is my advanced armory link: http://us.battle.net...kdaddy/advanced I am currently gemmed/reforged/enchanted to make a smoother damage curve, as spiky damage tends to kill tanks. I am at the exp hard cap, and I am capped on hit. This helps generate holy power faster, thus enabling a higher Shield of the righteous uptime, and reducing overall damage taken. My next focus will be mastery to improve my DR from Shield of the Righteous. Here is my in-combat UI. For some reason Mik’s Scrolling combat text is not showing up today, probably due to the patch. I use ElvUI for most of the rest of the UI elements. I use DBM for my bossmod, and Weak Auras for the buttons you see under my character. For healing I use Clique along with the ElvUI raid frames, though I have used grid and VuhDo in the past for healing.
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