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  1. Estarriol

    Intro, Destiny 2 player

    Doom 2016 is fantastic!
  2. Estarriol

    Intro: Destiny 2 Player

    Yay! So glad you decided to apply! We have a tradition of asking new people ridiculous questions, so I'll start us off. What's your favorite smell? What are you proud of but never get a chance to talk about? Would you rather have bionic arms or bionic legs?
  3. Estarriol

    Intro, Destiny 2 player

    Hello and welcome! You were the captain of a ship. Why did your crew mutiny? Read any good books lately?
  4. Estarriol

    Intro, Primarily Destiny 2 player

    Welcome! What's your favourite smell?
  5. Estarriol


    Hi, welcome, and all that! Is a burrito a sandwich? What's your favorite smell? What memory would you use when casting a patronus?
  6. Estarriol

    Introductions and such

    It pertains to Harry Potter o.o
  7. Estarriol


    Hi, Wooper! You find yourself in the destiny universe about two weeks before the cabal attack. Where do you go to survive and help fight back? What's your dream job? Would you rather be a Pokemon or a Pokemon trainer?
  8. Estarriol

    Introductions and such

    Welcome, Pants! What is your favorite area in destiny? You're a dark wizard with a few horcruxes who just escaped from Azkaban. What's your plan now? What's your favorite smell?
  9. Estarriol

    Greetings, Guardians

    Welcome to the flock, fellow hunter! What flavor of engineering?
  10. Estarriol

    Greetings, Guardians

    Though it has happened! I think I'm definitely a better person due to the influence of various SoHers. Bands? I'm very much a Bloodbath sort of girl, myself. My questions: 1) When was the last time you did something for the first time? What was it? 2) How would you describe yellow? 3) Using only what you have on you right now, how many zombies could you take down before they kill you?
  11. Estarriol

    Hello SoH

    Hi, Kvothe! What's your favorite book series other than the Kingkiller Chronicles? Is a burrito a sandwich? What's the stupidest question you've ever been asked?
  12. Estarriol

    New Member: Intro

    I am an aerospace engineer! I've been looking at Northrup as I'm currently trying to switch jobs.
  13. Estarriol

    Hello SoH

    Welcome! What's the largest mammal you think you could knock out with one punch? Is a hot dog in a bun a sandwich? What's a guilty pleasure you're willing to admit to?
  14. Estarriol

    Serious Slacker Says Saucy Sentences

    Welcome! What's your favourite smell? Would you rather have bionic arms or bionic legs?
  15. Estarriol

    Ahoy me hearties!!

    Nice to meet you, Celestial! You're not boring at all. I think you sound neat! Now for odd questions. If you were dropped into the world of one of your favorite book series, what would your survival strategy be? Which of your toes is your favorite? What would your top 3 recommendations be for fans of fantasy/sf/horror? What would your top 3 fantasy/sf/horror recommendations be for someone who isn't typically a fan of the genres?