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  1. [Destiny 2] Cvil

    Welcome! Any other hobbies or interests?
  2. Cohort Proposal - Destiny 2

    Hooray cohort!
  3. I want to get 15 HotS Ganges in for the wow mount. Anyone in? 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Derodek


      sadly not tonight, but if you're still around tomorrow I'll pop on by!

    3. Estarriol


      I was hoping for tonight (Thursday) actually, so that works out perfect. 

    4. Darlantan


      I can do tonight!

  4. My introduction to South of Heavens :)

    If you end up checking this thread again for any reason, the Perseid meteor shower is going to be brightest this Thursday/Friday.
  5. I'm glad I already decided to get a new graphics card. Pretty sure mine is firmly on its last legs. 

    1. Hyna


      What did you get?

    2. Estarriol


      I have been holding off on ordering, but I've been leaning toward an EVGA 1080 FTW.

  6. I miss SoH raiding. =( Especially Shield Bearrier.

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    2. Drpibb


      SoH raiding will forever be my favorite WoW experience. 

    3. Calandei


      Definitely miss our old raiding group :(

    4. Estarriol


      I miss you too, Cal!

  7. Downloading FFIX again. :x

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    2. sup3rg00se


      We are racing chickens on Friday! Joooooin uuuussss.

    3. Estarriol


      I do not have a chicken of my own yet, but I can watch like a pleb from the sidelines and dream!


    4. Minori


      You're a miqo'te! Yasss!

  8. 11 hours at work today. x.x

  9. I'm the worst at remembering to export my mumble cert before reinstalling my OS...

  10. If I install my shiny new processor, mobo, and RAM now and therefore reinstall Windows, will I have to do it over once I get my new GPU  (when they come out)? Basically, should I wait to install my new shiny things? 

    1. Scp


      Nope.  A new GPU is just a simple driver install.

    2. Drpibb


      Install the shiny things!

    3. Stasis


      Only the primary HD requires a new Windows install or transfer. Strongly recommended for mobo (and in some cases necessary) and new CPU's can occasionally request key entry. Not sure how those are on Windows 10 though. Everything else is golden! Grats and have fun with the new toy =)

  11. Promotions!

    Grats Tiny and Kytn!
  12. Midri and I have both safely arrived in DC. Can't wait to see people! 

  13. I have regrets. I got an SSD and installed it this weekend asking wroth a clean install of win10. Before upgrading, I opened a guide so I wouldn't forget a step. I misinterpreted the step that said to make a full system image as being my file backup. So I have all of my files, but can't access them unless I start over.

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    2. Negido


      Look into converting the image into a virtual disk.  Once converted to a virtual disk look at oracle's virtual box for loading.  Check for a guide on how to move files between virtual host and client.  Transfer files back to host.  Great success.

    3. Estarriol


      Negido the savior. I'll look into that, thank you! 

    4. Negido



  14. Found Bastion soundtrack on Spotify. I need to go home and replay Bastion. 

    1. Luc


      "Setting Sail, Coming Home" is one of the best end themes I've ever heard ;)  I loved both Bastion and Transistor -- part of me likes Bastion's soundtrack a wee bit more, but they both have a lot of style and quality.


      Ashley Barrett is a great singer, she could probably make a career out of it if she wanted.