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  1. Yeah! That's actually one of my favorite fun facts. We lost thorn due to German printing presses not having it, so it fell out of fashion. One of my other favorite fun facts about English is the great vowel shift. The k and the g in knight weren't always silent!
  2. That very minor super power is pretty much exactly what I was thinking, hahaha. Cats, obligate carnivores, and their obsession with gnawing on plants cracks me up!
  3. Demonic parsley. Or... well, since cleanliness is next to godliness and cilantro is soap leaf, maybe it's some sadistic angel's parsley. Hi Pascal! I like that your name is the SI unit for pressure. Metric > ye olden units. What's your favorite kind of cheese? If you could explore any planet (with sufficient protective gear, transportation, gear, etc) which would it be? Either real or fictional
  4. Welcome, Niia! SoH as a whole takes a pretty firm stance on the many -isms and I can say from experience that this is probably the only place I've ever really felt 100% comfortable openly being a woman in any online game. I hope, and think, you'll like it here. I love the name of your cat! What kinds of plants do you have? Any favorites? If you could have one really, really minor super power what would it be and how would you use it to greatest effect?
  5. @Foxinsocks Have you ever heard of a podcast called The Bright Sessions? It has a very interesting take on mind reading. Would recommend. ^-^
  6. Welcome, Cheap! If you had infinite time, money, and motivation what hobby would you pick up? What fictional world would you choose to live in of you could? What would you do there?
  7. Welcome, Hepes! What'd you study in school? If you had one extremely minor superpower, what would it be and how would you use it to maximum effect? Aaaand please pay pet tax. 🙃
  8. Hi WogOfDor! Wait, is that right? Nope. Hi Dog! I'm Esta. I tank here and we're currently looking for another main tank so... *hi*. I've a pretty committed prot warrior because I have stubbornness issues. I have mained at least one other class, but those were dark days. In terms of my own background, I started with SoH back in Mop at the end of the first raid tier. Since then, I've raided fairly consistently except for a brief break in the last tier of Legion and first tier of BFA. I've been in some top 100 guilds, with my personal best being a top 14 world kill with The Horsemen. I'd say that my "specialty" is low hour, high achievement raiding. That's the sort of environment that excites me, personally. I've had the pleasure of meeting two particular people who have suited me (as a tank) like peaches and cream. One of those people is our very own Darlantan(who is retired from WoW), the other was my tanking buddy in <LA>. I hope to find another tanking buddy to go into Shawdowlands with. I'm excited to see your app. That said, would you be willing to link some recent raid logs? (These logs will not be used to deny your app, but I am curious). Most of our questions for recruits revolve around get-to-know-you type questions. So prepare yourself for totally irrelevant (but fun, hopefully) questioning! I'll get us started. What do you do for work/major? What thing do you 100% think is true but have no proof of whatsoever? If you could write one new law that *everyone* had to obey, what would it be?
  9. I love pitbulls and that's one cute puppo! I also love Moonlighter! The music, especially, is fantastic. Haven't heard of Undermine or Graveyard Keeper, but I'll have to check those out. I've been playing a ton of Hades lately (when I can). Since you seem to be into at least some roguelikes/lites, I'd highly recommend!
  10. Hi Loler! We're always open to and happy to have casual friends here! I'm Esta and I'm a dedicated prot warrior, so I feel you on your dedication to kitty. So the most obvious question here is what have you been playing lately? Any particular favorites? Any sleeper hit recommendations? What'd you study in college? What's your favorite smell? Have any pets?
  11. Such a cute puppo! I think Dev, Shey, and I can all vouch for your laid back and easygoing nature, too. Haha I'll get you set up on forums with the proper rank and set you up in game and on discord wherever you're free.
  12. Hi Horla! Was out of town for a bit, so I'm sorry for the long response wait! I'll be contacting you tonight to get you set up properly on our discord and get any toons you'd like invited to our guild. We also have a raid tonight at 9pm EST/8pm server time, if you'd like to join.
  13. Whenever you're free, please shoot me a PM on discord (Estarriol#3246) and we'll get you set up as a recruit!
  14. Alrighty, so whenever you're free please shoot me a PM on discord (Estarriol#3246) and we'll get you set up as a recruit!
  15. I love earthy scented things. They can be kind of hard to find, though. I always want to smell like a forest or some nice, dark spices. Or like rain. Rain is good, too. I feel you on the constantly rotating list of favorites. Trying to pin down only one or a few favorites of anything is so hard. There's so much out there to enjoy! Steak is definitely one of those things that is just so satisfying to nail - both from the cooking and eating perspectives. I think all of my favorite things to make are simple foods. They're the ones with good memories attached or just foods that make me feel good. Have you tried any of Ryan Laukat's games? I stan. I would highly recommend "Above and Below" and/or "Near and Far"
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