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Status Updates posted by Grieve

  1. Flying back from Topeka today, but the flight was delayed...

  2. So just curious anyone live around the Topeka, Kansas area? I might be out there quite a bit soon

    1. Jackal


      I'd have to click my heels three times to get to Kansas.

      Hope you have a good trip!

    2. Darlantan


      Does that mean you're not there anymore?!

  3. Woke up drunk this morning... must have been a good night

  4. Well, it appears my copy of AC4 just arrived in the mail. Guess I know what I'll be playing this weekend.

    1. Stasis


      Get some rum. You'll want it at some point.

  5. Waking up to no power in the apartment. It's gonna be one of those weeks...

    1. Grieve


      nope and I only have a small flashlight, but it's MIA.

    2. Dililah


      Cats are playing with it.

    3. Grieve


      Well, just got confirmation power is back on at the apartment.

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  6. AC4 for $29.99 & GTA V for $39.99 on Amazon.com. Those prices don't sound too bad.

    1. Owl


      Curse you reasonably priced time sink!

    2. Sunny


      I pulled the trigger on AC4. I really liked the 2nd one!

    3. Stasis


      They're both great. It's fun when highly anticipated sequels don't suck. These two kinda redeem the past two years of disappointment!

  7. Google Maps with traffic indicators is amazing!

  8. Woo! Red Sox won the series 4-2.

    1. Inedit


      :p Don't be surprised if they go back to being terrible for multiple decades again!
    2. Grieve


      Don't worry I'll still dislike the Yankees and all of their fans

    3. Inedit


      It's so adorable how proud you are for having bad taste in people and teams! :)

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  9. PAX East Tickets on Sale Now

    1. Grieve


      Okay, maybe it'll be delayed a bit the PA servers appear to have just crashed...

  10. Contemplating getting Vanity Plates for my new car. Just not sure what to put though I've been considering forms of GRIEVE, GIGGITY, & OVR 9000 all just for fun, but I can't decide, which means I probably won't get them.

    1. Ashin


      If your vanity plates are GIGGITY I need to be taken for a joy ride.

  11. Supernatural Season 9 begins tonight on CW

  12. 3-car pile up and I was in the middle was not how I envisioned last night going. Don't worry I'm okay though. My beautiful 2012 Mazda 3 on the other not so good...

    1. Huntyre


      glad to hear you're ok.. hopefully everyone is ok.

    2. Grieve


      From what I gathered, everyone involved was okay. The real question on my mind is if my car is claimed as "totaled", what will I get as a new car.

    3. Nyisha


      A 2014 Mazda 3*!

      *of equal or lesser value.

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  13. Earn money by laying down for Science... https://bedreststudy.jsc.nasa.gov/cft.aspx

    1. Grieve


      Not Sure. you should ask them though. :p

    2. Morkgrim


      $10,000 to do the study according to yahoo news :p

    3. Negido


      Well you have to be in bed for 70 days, I'd go insane.

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  14. So my sleep has officially been ruined by my addiction to both GW2 & Deus Ex... was up until 3am again last night causing me to only get 4 hours of sleep before work today again.

    1. Grieve


      It's more I get so into it that I lose track of time. Probably should go back to setting an alarm and/or timer. Deus Ex is just bad as you can break at any time, but there is almost always something that you are doing.

    2. Inedit


      Sleep is overrated! Your body can adapt! Don't let these naysayers sway you!!!!

    3. Stasis


      I'm living proof that all you really need is about 2 hours a shot. It's not always pleasant, but it works!

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