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  1. Arcanais went through with us with his first time seeing the last two bosses of STL. We got our first kill at 41 min, and the second was a silver at 24 min. I can personally vouch for his performance, it was a great experience and an unexpected surprise from a PuG.
  2. Lantheru is not only my best friend IRL, but one of the best gamers I know (a good stretch better than me). I think he would be a great fit not only for the guilds culture, but for our goals as a whole.
  3. Hey, I'll be camping this weekend. I should be back by Sunday night, but just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I won't be around this weekend. Good luck gearing up and pushing dungeons everyone!
  4. Hey, this is to post that I will be MIAish for a bit while my girlfriend is in town visiting. Ill be on to do dailys and make progress of my attunement, but for the next 5 or so days I will be on very little. Posted up a thing in the crafting sub forum for weaponsmithing requests. See you all more often soon!
  5. Read and signed. Looking forward to playing with you all!
  6. @toobz: I'm a big Firefly fan, and the idea of being a group of underdogs looking to make a final home in a dangerous world appealed to me @Nyisha: I love IT, but I love everything in Econ I guess. I actually just did a bunch of research that is going for publish in like 6 months that deals with the rust belt, if you ever want to slog through another paper, let me know! My dream job would be to do public advocacy for economic public policy. Sounds weird, but it would be a lot like what Bill Nye does for global warming advocacy, or Neil deGrasse Tyson does for physics. Not that I'm anywhere as
  7. @Nyisha: Awesome, more Econ majors! I'm typically alone, and everyone looks at me like I'm crazy! The quantitative/sleepless hole of despair part is totally a factor. In the beginning Econ just really clicked with me, it was love at first sight. Late in the game what really appealed to me was how relevant and challenging it is. Econ is a major factor in almost every facet of modern life, which makes it incredibly fascinating. It also feels incredibly rewarding. It is a difficult skill learning the material, let alone applying it to the real world, but I feel that the subject is fair. If you pu
  8. @Inedit: I am not nearly agile enough to jump hug, and I think my potential victims are happy for it! If I play a warrior though, it sounds like a great thing to macro into my leap . Right now in Econ my research focuses around county economic reactions to adverse employment shocks when..blah.....blah...blah..blah..blah. In all seriousness I enjoy research, but long run I really want to help integrate behavioral Econ into public policy, and short term I'll most likely be working in finance (don't shoot!) or consulting. I love Econ and can talk about it for days, but won't put everyone to sleep
  9. Hey Everyone, Posted up on the LFG superthread and someone from SoH contacted me to throw out an intro post, so here I am In Wildstar I plan on playing a warrior DPS, although I have also been looking into medic/stalker DPS. As far as race goes, I'm unsure! I was planning on playing exile, but this guild might just convince me into dominion! I have a lot of experience tanking, as a lot of the server first kills I was a part of had me calling/tanking. If the guild is a good fit and needs the role, I am more than willing to play a role/class other than warrior DPS, although between me and
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