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Found 1 result

  1. The Undead know best when it comes to the darker side of magic. And setting foot in the unholy ruins of Lordaeron, one must always...beware the shadow. One of the highest and most skilled practitioner of the art of shadow is one called Urmac, a Pandaren Shadow Priest hailing from the unknown realm of Akama. This lonesome Shadow Priest has been practising her dark arts for 172 days and 20 hours, but who's counting? Beginning her humble beginnings destroying the Scourge with her companions who claimed to only be smiting evil because they were <Rep Farmers Inc> yet still defeating all her enemies during the reign of Kel'Thuzad before the terror that was Yogg'Saron surfaced. Times were tough during the reign of the old god, and the poor Shadow Priest and her companions were unable to conquer the old god, and only defeat two of its heroic followers. Then on to the Trial of Crusader to prove her worth along side her companions, defeating the corrupted Nerubian King Anub'arak, but not bothering with the more heroic trials of the crusader. Then she went on in an attempt to conquer the Lich King himself, but her companions were unable to vanquish him, despite being with her companions for a year and a half, only two of his heroic underlings were defeated. Urmac was unsatisfied with her companion's inability to defeat the Lich King, so she moved on to another group of companions, who were <Hellbent> on defeating the Lich King. Her new companions were fierce, and she was able to defeat all of Icecrown Citadel's most heroic foes...but yet, the true power of the Lich King proved too much for the group. After defeating the evil Twilight Drake Halion the Shadow Priest found herself alone in the sea of companions who had all decided to go their separate ways after 8 months of fun, but with some luck, she was brought into another group of companions who loved to play <Team Sports>. All those hours on the court, rink, and field paid off, as the Shadow Priest and her companions defeated the Lich King once and for all, along with the more powerful Halion with only 10 of their strongest companions. Then...the real terror came. The team found 15 more companions and began to fight against a new threat, the one they call, Neltharion, Deathwing. The Shadow Priest and her companions went off on a slow start, only defeating 5 of the 6 minions of Nefarion the Risen, 2 out of 6 of Cho'Gal's underlings, and only the Conclave of Wind that was summoned by the Wind Lord himself, all challenging heroic foes. Suddenly, the ground shook, the fires of Hyjal blazed harsher than ever, as Ragnaros was risen once more. The companions managed to defeat Ragnaros, if not for it escaping their grasp at the last second. Only able to kill one of Ragnaros' most heroic challengers, but then something unthinkable happened to Urmac. After 8 long months with the great team, it all went wrong. A Terrible darkness invaded her soul, leaving her unable to raid, no matter how hard she tried. For four long months she struggled to find the strength to even enter the world of Azeroth, but finally once those four months were over, she had returned once more. Though her sports Team was not the same when she returned. They too sought to move elsewhere, and with the help of her friends, she moved on to a guild that certainly was an <Acquired Taste>. The Shadow Priest was inexperienced and under geared from having been down and out for those four months, but she managed to bounce back, completely terminating all of Ragnaros and his foes at their strongest, and not just that, she also destroyed Deathwing himself, along with his Spine, and his Warmaster at their most heroic, being the first group of 25 people to do so in their realm. The Firsts did not stop there either, the Shadow Priest discovering the land of Pandaria, where she and her 25 companions were the first to down all of their most heroic kills on their realm. Downing 11 our of the 16 mightiest foes. The Shadow Priest also has experience in progressing on the Heroic Protectors of the Endless, and the Heroic Lei Shi. Though the Pandaren was quite aware of just how much of an <Acquired Taste> her companions were, it seemed that some were unaware just how strong of a taste it could be. This caused several companions to flee the realm in search of greener fields, along with others leaving Azeroth forever. Urmac stayed determined, however, though the New Year was not a good one for a Shadow Priest who's single target strength was not as strong as others. This caused the Priest to have to relax and cheer on her companions on the bench, but until now, the Priest is not waiting around anymore. The guild is no longer trying to progress and has allowed their members to move on if they wish, and the Priest is tired of not progressing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ More about the Shadow Priest: - The Priest has always done what she could to attain the best gear possible. http://us.battle.net.../Urmac/advanced - The Priest always does everything she can to be at her most valorous every week since she set foot into Pandaria. http://i50.tinypic.com/t9ihif.jpg - The Priest is well prepared for Wrathion's future tasks. [the 40 Trillium Bars in case you don't catch it] http://i47.tinypic.com/2wmktq8.jpg - The Priest has shown her capabilities in battle.[see December 30, January 10] http://www.worldoflo.../guilds/222762/ - The Priest has many lovely different outfits. http://i50.tinypic.com/2gspvm8.jpg ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now about the player...who is not a girl, GOTCHYA. My name is William, I am 27 years old, I am from Ontario Canada, and I have a Master's Degree in Teaching, a Teaching Degree, and an Honours in English Literature, I currently have 9 characters of each class 85 and up, a 71 BM Monk, and a level 0 Hunter. I work as an executive administrator at a Health Centre, and can easily make raid times. The only unforseen circumstance that could make me late for a raid is if after-work meetings take longer than they should, which should not happen anyway since your start times are later than my previous ones. My average FPS during high graphic encounters is 30, my average latency is 100ms. I have Vent and Mumble, I have several high tech toys, one of which is a SiberiaV2 headset which I have no problems using and being vocal. Aside from WoW I also play Minecraft on a private server with some RL friends, a large Steam collection. Currently working on the Dead Space 3 campaign, my favourite colour is Blue, I live with 2 roommates, in a tiny apartment. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Last few things (promise) - This is the first and only guild I have currently submitted an application to. This is because I tried so hard to stay on my server, but it just won't happen. My guild has called it quits and none of the officers, or the GM himself are trying to recruit back to 25 for 5.2, so I am moving on. Any other questions I am more than happy to answer. Shadow is also looking much better for single target in the patch. I always stay up-to-date with the PTR changes, and those that are implemented so far look to be putting Shadow in a much better overall position. Of course it is PTR and things could still change, but so far these changes are quite good: - 5% increase in damage from all sources when in Shadowform - Maximum Number of Shadowy Apparitions increased to 10 - Both tier bonuses are increases in single target DPS [Apparitions have a chance to increase the duration of SWP/VT & VT has a 10% change to spawn an apparition] - Shadow word: Insanity has been greatly improved: a 3 orb Devouring Plague with the Talent makes Mind Flay tick for 100% increased damage while DP is on the target. In closing, I think I would make an excellent addition to your guild. My attendance record has been nearly flawless in every guild, and as a teacher, I am always looking to learn and improve be it about my class, encounters, gear and beyond. Thank you for your time and consideration.
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