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Found 18 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I'm RockSteady and I'd be interested in joining your FFXIV FC Something about your reddit post just caught my eye and after reading a few public posts I think I just really like the vibe I see here. About Me: I'm a 32 year old Software Engineer. Big dog lover, currently not an owner. I'm pretty new to FFXIV but was very big into WoW before so I'm not totally new to the MMO genre. The biggest wrinkle is that I'm located in Portland Oregon on the west coast which would make me a bit of a night owl for EST players but I wouldn't mind being the night shift rep fo
  2. Hello, everybody! My in-game name is Soma Ishimura; real-name Christian, and I have expressed my interest in joining a new FC/Guild with Ms. Minori Thanos. I am a 24-year-old man, California-based and I've had my history with videogames, especially, RPGs, MMORPGs and MOBAs. Although I started maybe as everyone did back in their time, playing Mario, Legend of Zelda or Sonic, RPGs managed to catch a very keen interest on me. My 1st RPG was Earthbound for the SNES and my 1st FF game was FFIV for the 1997 Playstation release. What managed to get me into the series was the role-playing aspect o
  3. Hey folks! My characters name is Brayden Hayes, but my real name is Matt. I've heard a lot of good things from you all through a long-time friend. Minori Thanos. I'm currently returning to the game FC-less after a long, long-time off the series, requiring some catchup through Heavensward the weekend of Stormblood release. I'm currently 26 years young, and just recently graduated with an Associate of Science in Network Infastructure and Security-- just need to get the certifications and my foot in the door. I currently work an at home, commission-based service connecting investors to foreclo
  4. Hello everyone, I recently posted on reddit looking to move from server and to join a FC. I’ve got some replies and private message, but so far you guys have been the one who caught up my attention. A little about myself. I’m 27 years old male who currently works freelance in the advertising industry. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico but I lived in other places like Europe, United States and Asia. I’m a proud medical cannabis patient, music enthusiast who loves different types of genres and mostly mellow with critical thinking. If I’m not playing, I’m usually by the
  5. Hey everyone, I saw a reply from you guys in a recruitment thread on Reddit and I ended up here. It looks like previous introduction posts kinda went over history, so here you go. I'm a 31 year old IT Professional (systems management) who has been playing MMOs since EverQuest. I played EQ1 for a few years but was mostly just solo, played a druid, always had fun camping the dwarves in Butcherblock for easy xp / monies. When Everquest 2 released, my guild switched over and I spent most of my college years playing that. Most of the time I was running dungeons, but was also on a prett
  6. Hey all! I posted over on Reddit that I was looking for an FC, and was directed here. I saw that you all have active forums, which says a lot to me about a group of players! Given that, I'd like to toss my name in here for consideration. I don't have a character on the server yet, and will explain more about that in a moment! Anyways... Hello! I'm a 35 year old gamer who has been playing since I was 5 and my parents bought me an NES. I grew up on Super Mario Brothers and Legend of Zelda, continuing to game all through my childhood. In 1999, though, I found the genre I would come to love ove
  7. Hello everyone! I'm not very good at writing any kind of introduction, but I'll try my best. So I'm a 25 years old male graduate student who is currently pursuing Ph.D in Computer Engineering! So nothing interesting goes on in my life except a lot of paper writing and caffeine consumption I have been playing FFXIV since 2.1 due to my friend's recommendation (he has quit since 3.2 and went back to FFXI) and honestly I'm quite surprised at myself it's already been that long since I have started this game. I originally started as WAR because I love lalas and f
  8. ery

    FFXIV - Ery!

    Hello babes and man-babes! I'm Ery ! I'm not really sure what to put here, so here's a dumb list of stupid facts about me! YAY I'm a 28 year old nerd who spends 90% of any free time playing video games. the other 10% i'm looking as witchy (not to be mistaken for gothy.. sometimes) as possible in the real world, typically walking around aimlessly and wishing i could afford all the cute things i see i love animals more than people, and my weekends are entirely taken up by my job at a petting zoo. (i found out i like goats a lot, they're cute) Having said t
  9. Hello all! My name is Tom (Goofy Brah in game) and I am going to be a new recruit for Raid but also for social! So I might as well get into who I am and a little bit about me! Personal Stuff: I am 20 years old, been out of Highschool for 2 years now. I went away to college for a few months but decided it wasn't what I needed at the time so I left (Mechanical Engineer major if you care). Sicne then I have worked a few odd jobs; UPS, Grocery store deli person, Factory worker, and the last 3 summers i waas a Summer Camp Counselor! It was a LOT of fun and I mainly worked with chil
  10. Hi there, I would like to thank Midri for inviting me. I am 34 years old and I work as a Database Support. I enjoy playing MMOs. I believe that MMOs are best played with friends. I have played EVE online, World of Warcraft, Star Trek Online, Final Fantasy XI, and I am currently returning back to Final Fantasy XIV after a 6 month break. I have a Paladin level 30 and a Conjurer 21. Also look forward to hanging out on mumble. I am "Happily" divorced with no kids.
  11. Hello to all who are reading, Athelias Stratus here, a Lalafell, 21 in school as a Computer Science major(let's all see how this turns out together ), I test games sometimes for VMC and my real name is Joel. I hail from Midgardsormr Pre-3.0(Brockton,MA in RL), while playing like a madman from the beta until somewhere around 2.4(?) I believe and then I mostly stopped playing minus those free weekends that SE loves to give out. I am currently a level 52 BLM near the beginning of Heavensward and have just transferred over to Leviathan to join you all. The first MMOs I played were Fina
  12. Hello everyone, I'm Mitsuko. By day, I work as a UI designer for mobile applications. By night, I'm a summoner on FFXIV! I've been a huge fan of Final Fantasy ever since watching my friends play FFX late at night. Since then I've played I, III, VI, VIII, X, XI, XII, and XIII - all of them very entertaining to play. I'm eager to see what XV will be like! Other fun facts: - I enjoy cooking food for myself and guests, and I like to think I've gotten pretty good over the years. - I'm an avid reader. My favorite genres are sci-fi and fantasy novels. - I know a lot of things in pretty much an
  13. Good afternoon! I'm Kaizen (Kaizen Nacht on FFXIV and Kaïzen - Bleeding Hollow US on World of Warcraft) and currently I am playing a Dark Knight though I intend to switch to Paladin for the purposes of our raid (and hopefully level Ninja to give Grieve a chance to flex his tanking muscles). In a past gaming life, I've been one of the tanks for a guild that is now top-200 world and at the time was top-25 US on Blackrock (raiding six nights a week for five hours a night while I was still in my undergraduate program). Fortunately, I've grown out of that phase. Though the urge to raid at th
  14. Hey guys! My name is Minori Thanos and I play a black mage with a side of scholar-in-progress. I've been playing XIV since 1.0, though I never got into it heavily until ARR. Kaizen, my friend that just applied as well, and I have been looking for a progressive FC for adults. You guys seem to hit the mark! I haven't heavily raided in ARR yet, but I have raided fairly hardcore in WoW and Everquest while I was in school. I've always been really involved and enthusiastic when it comes to gaming, and I'm a sponge when it come to learning. Spreadsheets are suspiciously entertaining to me. I'm
  15. Hi All! I’m Gerus and I’ve been playing a monk in FFXIV. I’ve been playing MMOs since I was little, starting with FFXI. I switched to WoW during vanilla and have played off and on ever since. I raided a bit during vanilla and in WotLK during Ulduar, but the majority of my raid experience has been as a hunter over the last few years in MoP and WoD. I think Zuju and Logic covered all of our recent raid shenanigans in WoW and how we ended up in FFXIV, but I'm looking forward to the smaller raid sizes. I’m currently working on getting a PhD in microbial pathogenesis, so I spend a lot of time
  16. Hi, I'm Logic Ridden (CJ) Currently lvl 60 DRK working on getting WAR to 60 as well. Been playing MMO's and video games since forever. Primarily played WoW on and off since Beta. Recently played WoW with some RL friends(Gerus & Zuju), lead a Heroic 10 man at the end of MoP, continued in WoD to leading 20 man Mythic. Our goal was end game content on a casual schedule, we raided 2 nights a week for total of 5 hours. We kinda got burned out, it was hard finding 'good' people who wanted to push mythic content, while being able to do it with 5 hours a week, we found most mythic raiders wan
  17. After hours of effort, I managed to click all of the buttons on Amazon.com that sends me a FFXIV game in the mail. What the hell, who even uses mail?? Well, I figured mail would be fine, since I won't have a computer built to use it until the week of November 10. I like to think of the postal service as just really, really, slow downloading. I heard about you guys from a post I made on reddit and sandanzuki gave me the lowdown. I don't know any of you personally, but I think our goals and lifestyles are really similar. I'm 29, I live just outside of Chicago in the central timezone, a
  18. Hello Everyone, I saw a thread on FFXIV recruitment about SCoB raid groups. This FC seemed like a great fit for me so I wanted to post a little introduction about myself and my time in FFXIV. Recently, my SCoB static broke due to life issues shortly before 2.4 dropped. I'm very laid back and wanted to find a group that was interested in progressing but also works well together. I'm currently on Midgardsormr but was looking to possibly transfer for a fresh start and to meet some new people. I'm generally on each day even if its only a brief time. Without rambling to much longer I hope for the
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