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Found 1 result

  1. Oi wassup peeps, Ricky Flash here droppin' down the intro in da hizzy. Friends call me Rick or Ricky so either's cool, whatever ya'll prefer and I'm 23 Years old. I'll start with my hobbies! I love sports like Baseball, Cycling, Paintball(xball) and Airsoft(tots a sport, pewpew >:3) and i train 3-4 days a week to keep my body in peak condition! Sadly I don't practice any winter sport, go figure not all Canadians play hockey, i swear! I wuv anime too :3 I'm a French Canadian, though I've lived a little bit everywhere around Canada since my pops was a military officer and got posted around alot, so I've lived in towns near bases like Edmonton(Alberta), Ottawa(Ontario) and Fredericton(New-Brunswick). But to be clear, my mother tongue IS in fact French and I've learned english by going do english schools since both my parents are not too solid in english, so my bro's always been a training partner for constant english language exposure, this on top of playing video games since i was 6 years old, DAT PS1 doe, amirite? Shoutouts to my boys Spyro and Crash, RIP. I Work in retail, nothing grandiose, part timer restarting school this year in a diff program. Other than that i guess i could delve a little in my MMO raiding experience? -Raiding since WoW BC, most notable progress was with Duality Zul'jin(US 5th), but my preferred team was my server first team on Frostmane, Irrelevant(RIP). Regularly landing in top 50s in DPS US for class/spec on wowlogs, without padding(or so i say huehuehue). -I never had an amazing team in FF, I just raided casually with my friends, but I've legit downed T1-T8 and haven't restarted till heavensward. -BTW I PvP yo, iz got sum mad skillz doe, if any1 wanna rekt sum scrubs during The Feast(patch 3.25?), shout me out n stuffz eh? -Other Games: Destiny - CS:GO - Dayz - (VIP spot reserved for The Division) FOR PEOPLE WHO GIVE A FUCK LOL: I've been playing MMOs since i was 11 years old starting with Runescape(RIP Classic), and moved on to the juggernaut that is WoW when i was 13! I've mostly been PvPing in WoW during vanilla and BC, but my first time ever being actively part of a raiding team with scheduled times was during BC's Kharazan. During ICC as well I've been mostly a 2k+ PvPer with the casual normal Naxx+ICC raiding, yeh thats right i skipped Ulduar cause i hated it and focused on PvP. Cataclysm was great, again focused on PvP with casual raiding, when mist came around i started off casually as well, with my prime focus on PvP, until i got scouted by a group who pretty much convinced me to raid with them 3 days a week on Frostmane. We nabbed servers first VoA+HoF+ToeS. Group disbanded on patch 5.2 To evry1s sadness, I was about to quit since i didn't really wanna have to go find a new guild but to my surprise, my raid leader at the time had posted on forums that our team had been dissasembled and i received a message from Huge in Japan(Kil"Jaeden) to come trial and i agreed. After a few weeks with KJ and not really meshing well with them, I've received a message from Nostra of Duality(Zul'jin) to come over and trial with them, initially i refused but when they offered to pay for my xfer, how could i refuse. Take it from someone who'se raided 5-7 days a week to hit world rankings, never do it guys, not worth it, burnt me out completely, took a big break from HC raiding during patch 5.3 to focus on dat PvP. WoD hits and I plan to raid seriously with a group of friends. Gear gets funneled to officers and long-since raiders of pre-patch, you can guess what I did in turn eh? I transferred servers and joined a casual 2 days a week raid group with solid players, honestly it was an amazing team and I probably would have stayed if i didn't have my buds waiting for me on FFXIV who wanted me to come raid with'em. And so here we are!
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