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Wildstar Intro - Indigosha

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Welcome to the forums!  I've set your access to "Guest" for now, which should enable you to read the forums at your leisure.  You'll also see our "Which class will you be playing at launch" poll for Wildstar, which may be of interest to you.  I'd recommend highly that you just play what you enjoy the most -- the roster is still FAR from final and class strength/weaknesses are not entirely known at this point.  Best to play what YOU think is fun and when raiding happens, we'll sort it all out then.

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Hello there Indi.


Due to my boycott of fbook, I cannot see the photo's of Loki.  Any other avenue?


It's quite understand that you want to make sure of the raid times before joining - as far as I know we have not finalized that schedule yet, so I'm afraid we cannot give you much information there.  Someone should be able to bump up your access to Guest status shortly and then you'll be able to cruise the site more freely.

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@Fulgshift Awww /pat it's okie, I saw it :D. Thank you for bumping me to guest so I cans creep > :D MWWUAHUAHUAH 

That's awesome! I like that mentality, play what you love ^_^ 


@Lindels LOL Omg that would be pretty epic, but I'm sure he would go deaf xD I really wish I could take him everywhere with me like a lapdog or chill on my should like a parrot :p He poops SO MUCH though


@Ashin Hey there! Fulgshift has granted me guest access :] Thank you for your honesty, I'm sure it'll all work out <3

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Welcome to the forums, always nice to meet new people. Raid times should be announced very soon. :)


I am so jealous of artists, I struggle with stick figures, simply not a skill set I have. 


Oh My gosh fluffy round fur-ball of  funtasticness(<-- I just made that up). It's like you have your own baby Chua !!


Do you PvP at all or do you PvP also?

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