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Wildstar Intro - Arrhythmia

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Best dance move is the white man overbite, Scotch and Bourbon are my guilty pleasures as well as home brew, I will embarass my kids with pictures of them playing Xbox in their underwear, and there's a saying that if steroids and antifungals can't cure a rash, send them to dermatology! Try hydrocortisone or micatin over the counter.


Haha, I call my best dance move the "white boy finger dance". That's when I can't find the beat so I let my index fingers to all the work while the rest of my body just kind of exists on the dance floor. Sounds like we're on the same plane. :)


We have a history of hosting one drinking event each week. Currently the Guild Wars 2 chapter does drunken World vs World (not unlike Realm vs Realm from Dark Age of Camelot) on Saturday nights. Manhattans are my favorite, so I would love to hear some bourbon recommendations during one of these events! That is if Pride lets me play while drinking again. There's some embarrassing footage of my performance on the Internet while running under his command :p


And thank you for the recommended creams. I'll have to pick up a dermatologist over the weekend. Hopefully there's one at the bar!

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Thanks for the welcomes.  Noesis: I have given medical advice over vent, but it's always better to see a doc in person.  No way to do a physical exam over vent yet.  No I don't own a pipe, and my kid is an xbox junkie, although he may eventually dabble in computer games.  Jackal: I've never seen events where alcohol is involved go well, but that's the point, isn't it?

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