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Wildstar Intro - Vashyne

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Name- Vashyne


Backround- First got into MMO’s back in the DAOC days. While my time there was pretty quick, it wasn’t until WoW(shocker) that I started to get into hardcore raiding. The days of 40 man raids have always been, and will always be the best time I’ve had in an MMO. I’ve raided Vanilla, BC,WOTLK, and MoP. Most of the time I am playing tanks (which I absolutely love) and only found myself in the healer shoes in MoP. I also did 20 man raids in SWTOR where once again I played a Guardian tank. Alas, with lack of content, and people jumping ship, we only managed to clear the first two raids on normal difficulty.



My friend, and fellow co-worker Indigosha, got me into Wildstar during the beta and found it to be one of the only MMO’s that has managed to hold my interest other than the above mentioned games.



Interest- During my free time, I play bass/sing in my band Main Street Lights. We are currently in the process of writing a full length album, and hope to hit the studio by the end of the summer! Exciting times!



Role- I am looking to play a Draken or Mechari Warrior


You guys seemed like a pretty rad bunch (and will be even more radical-er with me in it.) I would love to join the Dominion ranks with all you by my side! 




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Welcome Vash -

Someone will be along shortly to change your status so you can look around and get to mingle.

It's nice to hear that Indigo feels so strongly about us already that referrals are coming in. ;)

Also.. be prepared for a peppering of questions.. that's just how we roll..

We have some musicians in our ranks, so I'm sure there will be convo around that as well.

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@Tiluk Thanks! We play a blend of pop punk/rock alt! Grew up listening to Green Day and Blink 182 :) 


Also, I wanna say I started a Troll....but forget asking what class...I can hardly remember playing that game. I bought it not realizing what an MMO even was...sad times. 


@Huntrye Thanks mate! Mingling is what I do! And I look forward to answering any and all questions! 

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Welcome, Vashyne!


I've gone ahead and made you a guest so you can move about the forum.


Keep your hands and feet safely tucked away or a rabid chua might try to snag them.




Appreciate it! 


Also, thanks for adjusting my name...made a separate account with an AOL email only to find out AOL is lame and doesn't get confirmation emails.

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