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Wildstar Intro - Persipinei

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Well met future minions friends, 


After reading comments and a great talk with Pride, I really think that this is the place for me. Everyone seems so friendly and funny, I can see good times ahead in game. My name is Lainey, you can call me Lainey or Pers ... or hey you if your feelin' froggy. I am 29 + 1  (that other number stings a little, not gonna lie) and am from Southern Mississippi (Super close to New Orleans :party: ). 


I mainly play WoW (For the Horde!), Rift (for the dimensions only), Skyrim, Diablo 3, and one or two Xbox 360 games. I've previously played GW2, EoS beta, Aion ... and a handful of others. 


I've only just discovered Wildstar, but I have to say ... I am super excited. I predict I'll be spending a lot of time decorating. 




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Welcome to the forums Lainey, it's been great talking to you and I look forward to many future conversations. 


Someone will be along shortly to upgrade you to guest status so you have more forum access to the forums.


What style of house will you use for Wildstar?


Do you have any pets?


What do you do aside from gaming, work, fun, other?


Harley Quinn or Catwoman?

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Hey you, welcome to the forums. 30 is crypt keeper status to me, but fear not for a few of our members are turning that this year.


Have you decided on a race/class yet? Were you able to try some out during the betas?

How's your relationship with PvP? Is it a love/hate type of deal?

Would you be willing to decorate my plot for a fair price?

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Welcome and don't fret the 29+1 status.. true story.. It TOTALLY gets better! (don't tell the young'ins) ;)


I want to hear more about your Aion experience. What did you play? What did you like about it? What profession? etc..


Also.. I've set your status to Guest so you can start browsing the forums and mingling with the others.


More questions will be coming.. that's just our way. 

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I myself have been stuck at 29 for the past 15 yrs :p


Question, do you visit New Orleans often and if so, which is the best pub you've been and the best restaurant?


Also if you had to pick one, which would you prefer...


Discover free energy - Discover Faster than Light Travel - or Be the first person to walk on Mars

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Wow! Thanks for all of the welcomes. I am sorry that my response is so delayed, but work decided to kidnap me (them bastards) for 8 hours. So ... in one long post, lets get to some answers:


@Inedit  Thanks! It's not as bad as i make it out to be, 29 + 1 is just more fun to say!


@Pride  It was awesome talking to you. You've erased any doubts that I had about this guild. I look forward to getting to know everyone better!   


I am actually not sure what I will do as far as housing goes yet. It really depends on what the plot tells me it wants to do. I have a few ideas forming, but we will see what makes it.  Plus it really depends on what kinds of items they will have and how far you can make the item limit go. 


I have one fur child, his name is Cooper and he is a boxer. He is one super sweet, white faced, and fluffy (read:fat) old man. He likes to spend his days pretending to be a vacuum cleaner (just in case that one little crumb falls off the counter) and sleeping. 


I am a crafty girl at heart. I love arts & crafts. Right now I am big into knitting and making all sorts of stuff. I once made a viking hat (complete with horns) with an attached beard ... just because. 


Harley Quinn - Just because she is more colorful!


@Noesis   Someone is feeling froggy, but I will forgive you since you've basically said I can decorate your plot! And no ... you will not pay me. I have pretty much settled on playing a Cassian Esper. I have only tried out the Esper & Medic so far and only to like level 5, but I am hoping to get some more play time in if servers are still up this week. I didn't really care for the Medic, but I had a lot of fun with the Esper. As far as pvp goes, I have a love/hate relationship with it. I enjoy healing others in pvp matches (as long as they keep me alive) ... but the whole killing me when I am busy questing gets annoying. Quickly.  


@Hunt   Old People Solidarity!   :bye:  You know ... I would tell you about my Aion experience .. but I really don't remember it.  As soon as the wing novelty wore off, I didn't play much. I probably didn't level more than a few levels before I quit and went back to WoW. 


@Ivo  I like the way you think!  


I do not visit New Orleans as much as I'd like, which is sad because it's only an hour away. I absolutely love going to the French Market and wandering around. Best place for food ... It's New Orleans, they don't make bad food. But if I had to choose ... Johnny's Po-Boys .. amazing! As the bar scene goes ... It's not really my thing, but there is a quiet little bar across from Pat O'Briens that I like.  


And woww... what a question. My unselfish answer would be Free Energy, although Im sure someone would try to charge for it. Selfish Answer - Faster than light travel. There are so many places that I'd love to visit! 


@Nyisha  Southern Pride! :highfive:


@Reign  I do not have any pictures, but I can surely take some! I looovee showing my dimension to people! I'll try to get some pictures uploaded soon! 


@Toobz   Thank you O' Wise one. Love your avatar. 

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