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Constantius, Mithras, Reintroduction


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Mith - PM me if you want me to get your old account working again.  We should sort out which name we're going to call you by before introducing you and such.  I have no preference so it's up to you.  But if it were me, I'd want the account that shows how many years I've been with the guild. :)


It's also worth noting that there is very little you'd be able to do as a "pirate" in lo-sec that you couldn't do as an alliance member in null.  We're essentially pirates as well; it's just that there are a large bloc of us that are friendly to one another.  We have enemies just as large, and you can still go on solo roams if you like.  If you specifically prefer lo-sec mechanical differences (gate guns, no bubbles, flagging mechanics) that's another matter.  But our space is completely FFA PvP - if it's not blue (an alliance mate), you shoot it.

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It wouldn't allow two users with the same e-mail, so essentially I just swapped e-mail addresses.


Your older username, Mithras, is now linked the the gmail you provided.  Feel free to delete that from your previous post, since this is a public forum that gets scanned by spambots.  Let me know if you have issues getting it fired up.

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