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Jumperu Maneru

[FFXIV] I dont know

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Hi I'm Jump Man! I am 22 years and have been a leviathan lifer since beta. My ign  was inspired by dragoon being my favorite class; however due to events out of my control q.q I hung up my spear during first coil to take up tanking. I took up tanking because everyone was doing it wrong, and I do it right LOL. I am an avid raider and have been raiding in this game since first coil, and the only portions of the raiding scene I have not completed are turn 7 savage and a4 savage which utterly breaks my heart q.q.  Currently I'm enrolled in university working on my four year bachelor of arts.  Despite this being my first year first semester I have found my niche in philosophy, and despite vehement warning to avoid doing philosophy as a major I will most likely take it as my major anyways ( I am very stubborn). I am incredibly modest and very open to criticism  (well most of the time). As I am writing this I really hope this was the proper place to post my introduction, as I am very inept when it comes to forums and social media >.>. Oh well. Finally, I would like to say I really love this FC as it has a relaxing atmosphere while still being dedicated to final fantasys` raiding scene, and also that their is clear and organized structure/ hierarchy (good job midri!).

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4 hours ago, Cocorico said:

Hey! Welcome to the forums. 


Do you play any other games aside from FFXIV? Any neat hobbies like cross-stitching or murder


Dirty Lalafells corrupting people...



Also, welcome to the forums Jump!


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