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Hey guys!


I'm Exile and i have been friends with many SoH members for quite a while now. I'm 17 years old and can get pretty obnoxious, but what can i say... I'm a child. I play a variety of games from Rocket League to PUBG to EVE Online. I'm a sucker for any and all competitive gameplay and end game content. I live in Texas with my parents and a dog (dogs are superior). I play a lot of video games in my spare time (Destiny 2 currently my main focus). I'm looking forward to participating in guild stuffs on Destiny and being hazed with questions on the forums. :D

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Yay, Exile! (Valence B. here, but most people in the guild know me as Ashin.) Awesome to see you here.


Question #1: Should I buy a PS4?


Question #2: Are you thinking about college?


Question #3: What is your favorite juice? And do you actually have a juice cup?

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Hey Exile! Thanks for posting!


Looking forward to having you with us. You're definitely a bit young for our group, but we've known that since we met you & the other R3MUS guys in EVE. (I personally didn't realize how young though!)


Anyways, once we've gotten your forum rank updated, take some time to look through our forum. I'll be sending you an additional PM with other details for you to read through as well.




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Hey what’s up valence!

I have a PS4 but I rarely play it because most of my friends are playing on PC right now. If you want one to play with console friends you have then go for it but if it’s just for the controller then I would just buy a USB controller to plug into your PC. I also don’t like paying for PS Plus but that’s just me.

I’m definitely thinking about college (most likely locally at UT or UTA).

My favorite juice is apple juice. I go through about a gallon of apple juice every week. I do not have a juice cup...

Yes Grieve I’m a youngin

Hey Simone, yea I’m sure we’ll play other games. I will still be at most of the game nights!

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Welcome!! I hope you don't drink that apple juice through a sippy cup, sure fire way to get tons of cavities!


I am Fiz on the forums and Mumble, but Korrek as my blizz name.


What is your High School GPA? Any extra curricular activities? Involved in church or clubs? Volunteer? Work on a family members ranch/farm/store? 


You can turn some of the smallest or "inconspicuous" types of hardships/skills into a really awesome college entrance letter!

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Hey Fiz!


last time I checked my high school GPA was around a 4.1. For extracurricular activities I mainly do boxing at the moment. I am not involved in church or any clubs at the moment but will be during my senior year. I just got done with a volunteer program at a local hospital, and participated in a volunteer program at a local hospice around 7-8 months ago (I want to do something in the medical field when I am older). And I do not work at any family businesses. I haven’t had to deal with any hardships, I would say I’m really blessed so hopefully I can woo the colleges with my “skills”. 😛

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