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6 hours ago, Life said:

1. When lemons give you life, is that called lemon-aid?

I have no clue >.< but I'm not a fan of lemon-aid (drink or album) but I love the song Lemon!

I can't fault you for not liking lemonaid, it is often a tad too tart but I can't not have lemon in my water or tea flavored water.


6 hours ago, Life said:

2. I know Grieve already asked what your favorite food, obviously tacos right? So which particular type? I know its hard. You can take a few moments with this one.

I actually was going to put Tacos but I decided on Italian. I love Chalupas if that counts & prefer chicken over beef.

Always go with your gut, especially when it comes to food. Chalupas, like most food, are just modified tacos. In this case, deep fried. Good choice!


6 hours ago, Life said:

3. What do you mean there is supposed to be a 3rd question?

Lol.. so I will ask you one.

What is your name and where are you from? What is your all time favorite game?

Most folks around these parts call me Practical. Probably because my real name is super common: Michael. I am from all over - my family moved 7 times while I was growing up, but right now I'm in Baltimore. Any core Zellda or Pokemon game will always rank high on my favorites, but if I had to pick an all time favorite... Baldur's Gate 2.


5 hours ago, Life said:

I really enjoyed getting to know you guys a little better. 

I hope to see you all in game.

We're very active in Discord - you can jump in there and hollar if you want to group up for something - pvp, strikes, or even to just play through the storyline quests.

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