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Application - Intro

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Hey there SoH,

My name is Griff (yup, actual name.) 

Yes I have seen RvB, no I don’t play grifball. 
I have been in quite a few big boy guilds since my start in early bc. I can push the shiny buttons that help you to not die. I have only ever healed as a main in every mmo you can possibly think of. I have extensive backgrounds in end game raiding, raid leading, strats, etc. as far as pushing progression goes. I’d like to find a guild that feels like home with folks I can vibe with. 

TLDR about me: 

I’m a father of 3, Husband of 1.

I went to college on a music scholarship and ended with a Criminal Justice Degree.

I run my family construction business and just bought a house. I have 0 pets because kids are more than enough, although I’m a big fan of the doggos. When the world isn’t ending to the zombie virus, I’m a professional studio and love musician by night. My RL best friend plays with me and we go everywhere together. I’m sure his intro won’t be far behind mine. 
Appreciate y’alls time. 


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Hey Griff, I'm Jim! I'll admit, it's been years since I've seen RvB and I literally just had to google Grifball...I had no idea they ever made it into a game mode lol. Probably for the best...I would have been awful at it. This is actually the reason I played RPGs as a child: I've always been terrible at fps, and I never cared about them enough to play and become passable.


What healer are you thinking about maining going into Shadowlands? Do you swap around a lot, or do you have that *one class* that you just can't get enough of? 

What instrument(s) was your scholarship for, and what type of music do you produce with it? I'm not musically gifted myself, but I'm fortunate enough that I've surrounded myself with people more gifted than I. Live music is delightful.

What has been your favorite zone/dungeon in any of the MMOs you've played?


I'm also fortunate enough that I'm able to play with all except one of my favorite people, so I look forward to getting to know both you and your friend!





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Hi Griff! I'm on my lunch break from the salt mines so I'll be light on the questions. 


Would you rather have snakes for arms or always have bees in your mouth?


Also seconding Jim's question about your intended healer choice, or current healer or healers you think are just *neat*.

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