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For her established tenure and commendable service to South of Heaven, I'm delighted to announce that Midri is being promoted to the rank of Founder -- a title held by only 2 others: Ashin - our creator in chief, and myself. We agree that she's more than earned it!


This rank may be awarded to those Veterans, like Midri, who've stepped up and taken on the mantle of Chapter Lead and created a dynamic and successful gaming environment for a large group of gamers. In Midri's case, she stepped up to save the FF14 Chapter when the previous leader suddenly stepped down, and subsequently grew it to be the most enduring Chapter in the guild's 13-year history. Prior to FF14, Midri was a pivotal member of our storied WoW Raiding Chapter, where she assisted with recruitment and leadership for a highly demanding team. She is also a damned good healer!

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