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I'm doing something a bit unorthodox.  Normally we require folks to be at least Senior Member or Vet before promotion to Game Officer.  But we do sometimes make exceptions for great people.


With Tyrlis stepping away from EVE for a few weeks to focus on his move across state, and a major military action occurring in EVE, I wanted to make sure SOHCO's bases were covered.  Caldari Joans agreed to help me and step up to the plate, so I am recognizing him with a "field promotion" to Game Officer.  This will make it easier for us to maintain clear communication in the weeks ahead, and better relay his role to our members.  Please join me in congratulating him. :)


(Side note: there will not yet be an in-game promotion, but my Logistics team currently has on its mid-term to-do list to re-evaluate the Roles we use on the corporate roster.  So, stay tuned.)

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