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Mumble Server Info:


port: 36003


Discord Server Invite Link:



Our Discord server has a public #lobby channel and Gaming Lounge voice channel; all other areas are restricted to Member+.


Download Mumble here:


Overall, you should find the following to be true of Mumble: much higher sound quality, everyone is the same volume, application has more features, application is a lot fussier, and few MMO guilds are using it. We switched from Ventrilo and we use it primarily for voice comms instead of Discord because we believe the pros outweigh the cons.

Regarding Mumble: Please make sure you go through the Audio Setup Wizard and Certificate Wizard in full detail. The Audio Wizard will tune your mic, and this is very important due to Mumble's precision over Ventrilo. It will also allow you to set up your PTT key. The majority of confusion and difficulty we experience with Mumble is caused by people who skip through the Audio Wizard and do not pay attention to it.

We do not use passwords. Instead we use a registration system included with Mumble. In order to gain access, you will need to connect to our server and request registration. The registration system causes a few extra steps if you play the game from multiple computers. You need to export your security certificate, send it to your second computer, and then import it with Mumble there.

We strongly recommend that you turn the Overlay feature off. It is known to cause performance and reliability issues.

We recommend leaving Echo Cancellation on, unless you have an older computer.

Auto-attenuation is up to you. It will automatically lower your computer's sound volume whenever someone in Mumble speaks. Folks who play with their music blasting tend to like this feature, but others report it is a bit flaky.

If you experience difficulties, check out the FAQ here:


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Oh that's what the "registration system" is. A mumble admin needs to register you before you can move into non-public areas, though that's not 100% clear in the post above (and I don't remember off the top of my head who our mumble admins are, though Ashin and I are two) I'll update our mumble post in the WS forum to clarify this as well.

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I can't even connect.  It might be that I'm already registered but I had to re-install due to format of my hard drive so my current certificate is not matching.  


"Wrong certificate or password for registered user.  If you are certain this user is protected by a password please retry.  Otherwise abort and check your certificate and user name."  

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Not sure if I'm just unlucky, but the couple times I logged on Mumble, everyone was in the AFK channel. :/

Is there a certain time when everyone is active? I'm guessing I log on whenever people are at work or something.

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