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  2. Hail and well met Eric, I'm Kaze, AKA Ikari, AKA Dave. Good choice swapping sides, Horde forever! Just a few questions 1. Among the many Erics in literature or history which do you identify with the most? 2. If you had to pick one food and one drink to subsist on for the rest of time, what would they be? 3. Did Garrosh do anything wrong?
  3. Hello, So intro.... Have played since Vanilla (Alliance back then) went horde after BC and never looked back. Played up till the end of MoP and just decided it was time to leave for awhile came back to playing about a month ago to play with some friends and just have some fun again. No raiding (at least progression) don't really have the computer for it atm having fun being casual for once and just relaxing :) Oh and names Eric lol :D
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  5. You could have stopped here. *Turns up Space Truckin'
  6. My goodness, I should have realize that. My kid loves that movie, but I admit, I never paid attention to the chameleon's name. the 3 more common things are. Blaise Pascal - a scientist in the 17th century which furthered our understanding of physics on many levels. As well as having designed the first successful mechanical calculating machine. PASCAL - a computer language that is used to torture high school students who take "intro to programming" Pascal (SI unit of stress) - named after the man above (due to his work on measuring atmospheric pressure and vacuum )
  7. Sorry it's taken me so long to respond. Just took a mini vacation to Saint Petersburg to relax at the beach for the weekend and it was FANTASTIC! Now back to life though haha. Hey Mordigrim! I think I'd have to agree with transmog, as I definitely find myself there whenever I'm trying to kill time and then getting trapped for hours like you said haha. One thing I need to start doing is expanding my wardrobe though- it's been a long time since I've gone back and farmed old raids since I've been on classic DOING old raids. But yeah being pretty is definitely a favorit
  8. Read, agreed, and loved! <3
  9. Nope! I like it. Well thought out, efficiently planned, and I just love the idea of Ash mowing through everyone on the planet Eox. If I ever play a Starfinder campaign I'm 100% bringing an Ash-like character. You get an A, for sure.
  10. In which case: Ash Williams, to handle that whole pesky army of the dead mess, one ascended Daniel Jackson to appeal to the mystics, Kip Thorne to show the Solarian what those black holes are really all about... i guess i need a powerful healer too. i need to think about that one. we'll be piloting the ship Destiny of stargate universe, largely self-sufficient and self-navigating, fueled by the energy of stars, and with a handy dandy repository of the ancients on board for easy access the the greatest wealth of information and tech in the known universe. is that cheating? :P
  11. Hullo, Of the 3 common things connected to your name, which is your favorite?
  12. Well you led with Gengar so you've got my seal of approval. Without accounting for type diversity/team comp my six would probably be Gengar, Raichu, Mimikyu, Pangoro, Yveltal, and Charizard. Honorable mentions would include Blastoise, Dusk Mane Necrozma, Mewtwo, Infernape, and Darkrai to name a few.
  13. I guess they needed room for eszetts and umlauts instead 😆 Edit: if "Eszetts and Umlauts" isn't the name of a German technofunk band, it damn well should be.
  14. You're going to the undead planet Eox. You'll be facing the might of the Eoxian Corpse Fleet as you attempt to approach the planet and the artifact is protected by a cabal of powerful Mystics deep within an ancient Elebrian temple. To further exacerbate things, an alliance of ships belonging to several crews from the Free Captains being led by a particularly dangerous Vesk Captain who is known to be a powerful Solarian are also vying for the artifact. There are also rumors of an unimaginably massive transport ship filled with an unknown race that came through a wormhole from another galaxy tha
  15. Hi Pascal! I'm Jocelyn. My toons are Valyrria (hunter) and Caresia (demon hunter) [sensing a trend? me too], but honestly I can barely answer to my own name so just call me that. I'm your resident Biology nerd and Sims addict, so I totally get having another game on top of WoW that sucks up your time! Okay, time to put you on the spot! (JK that sounds terrible, this is all good fun) What's a weird daily ritual you have? Doesn't need to be gross or personal; for example, every morning I roll over so I can spoon my half bengal mix Jean Ralphio like he's a lil baby shrimp. Becaus
  16. Yeah! That's actually one of my favorite fun facts. We lost thorn due to German printing presses not having it, so it fell out of fashion. One of my other favorite fun facts about English is the great vowel shift. The k and the g in knight weren't always silent!
  17. That very minor super power is pretty much exactly what I was thinking, hahaha. Cats, obligate carnivores, and their obsession with gnawing on plants cracks me up!
  18. I just saw an article the other day explaining that "ye" didn't actually exist in Old English the way we know it today and is a result of the extinct letter thorn (which made a "th") resembling the modern letter "y" and it kinda blew my mind. I had no idea.
  19. I am SOOO excited to hear that. Sounds like a breath of fresh air tbh! She's spoiled AF. I've got a huge succulent and cactus collection, some carnivorous sundews, along with the standard pothos, spider plants, and zz plants. I love the latter 3 for how easy they are to take care of, but my burro tail and string of dolphin succulents are definitely my favorites even if they're highly temperamental. They just look so cool. The sundews are SUPER cool as well and the world's best mosquito control - even if Moonspell tries to eat them as soon as they get brought inside for the winter. reall
  20. 1. The best thing about being near NYC is 100% the food. Literally any cuisine I could think of from anywhere in the world, I can find it here just a stone's throw away. Its kinda dangerous. >_> It almost makes up for the traffic. Almost. 2. What planet am I going to? What might we be up against here? What am I retrieving exactly? All important details before I can form my team. You've gotta give me the opportunity to overthink and overplan the whole affair. :P 3. Depends on his mood at the moment. ;) He'd probably tell you I am a strong, opinionated kinda chick wit
  21. Demonic parsley. Or... well, since cleanliness is next to godliness and cilantro is soap leaf, maybe it's some sadistic angel's parsley. Hi Pascal! I like that your name is the SI unit for pressure. Metric > ye olden units. What's your favorite kind of cheese? If you could explore any planet (with sufficient protective gear, transportation, gear, etc) which would it be? Either real or fictional
  22. Welcome, Niia! SoH as a whole takes a pretty firm stance on the many -isms and I can say from experience that this is probably the only place I've ever really felt 100% comfortable openly being a woman in any online game. I hope, and think, you'll like it here. I love the name of your cat! What kinds of plants do you have? Any favorites? If you could have one really, really minor super power what would it be and how would you use it to greatest effect?
  23. Hey there, Pascal! I'm Mordi, Mordigrim, or Brad. I like them all, so you can pick any of them. I also use WoW to destress. My work has been crazy lately (I work in a hospital, nothing medical just boring inventory stuff, but this whole pandemic thing has made my job exponentially more demanding and stressful) and getting on even for just an hour or two really helps me wind down. What's your favorite thing to do in WoW outside of progression content? I probably spend most of my downtime farming transmog so I can spend hours playing dress-up at one of the transmogrifiers If you had t
  24. Heya! I'm Mordi or Mordigrim and sometimes Brad. Your choice, I'm good with all of them. Warlocks are the bestest so if you love Warlocks too then you should know we're friends now. I'll conveniently ignore your time as a Priest and just count you as a Warlock buddy What's your favorite thing about being near NYC? I've never been, I've always wanted to go though. One day... If you were tasked with retrieving an ancient artifact hidden on another planet in another realm of existence but you could take any four people or characters, real or fictional, from any universe and any poi
  25. Hello! I'm Pascal (friends with Niia who recently posted an app). I currently intend on playing a Restoration Druid for Shadowlands, but mained a disc priest for BFA and have most other healers at max level. I am willing to be flexible if the guild needs something different from me :) I started playing in Wotlk and have dabbled in every expansion since then. I really committed to the game in Legion where I was actively healing in a mythic raiding in a guild with Niia and eventually started to play classic when that launched. Now I'm excited for the next adventure that awaits. I lo
  26. Hi all! I'm Niia, with a bunch of various -iia type alts floating around, but I mainly play my 120 disc priest Niia and 120 warlock, Aiia. I'm more than willing to play whatever the guild needs most, though. I just returned back to retail from an... interesting experience leading a raiding guild in classic that has me itching for a home where I can raid, do some heroics and mythic without the toxicity and perpetual torrent of misogyny and gamer words, and you guys sound like exactly the kind of guild I have been hoping to find (and had kinda been losing hope existed). You may see an app fr
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