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  2. Hello potential new space friend! Whaaaat! Do you play Kerbal Space Program!? I like space, but not math, sooo I'm sort of limited in my career options...
  3. What's your food and drink of choice after a long day at work? What's a memorable gift you've received?
  4. Welcome to the Corp Attazach! Hope you enjoyed your first roam last night. It doesn't take long at all to get the basics of fleet PvP, so I definitely don't see your lack of experience as a negative. It's actually good in a way - it just means you'll learn our good (and bad) PvP habits instead of someone elses! Looking forward to flying with you more. Feel free to ask us questions anytime - we're here to help!
  5. It was nice to see you come out tonight in the fleet - looking forward to playing with you more! Do you have a favourite ship hull? Whats the most dangerous / risky situation you have been in while playing eve?
  6. Hello Everyone, My name is Zach, or Attazach (which is what I usually go by in game). I am a returning player with absolutely no PVP experience, I don't have very many skills trained and I cant play all that often due to work restrictions. Ok well we got all the bad out of the way, so onto a bit about me. Last time I played EVE I was in College for Mechanical Engineering. After School I realized that after doing complicated math all day everyday for years straight I wanted to take a break from that so I now work for an Electrical Contractor and stare at Excel Sheets all day, it is very exciting stuff! but really I have always had a deep fascination with space and Sci-fi, I mean I minored in Aerospace engineering so I have the bare minimum of an understanding of rocket science. Emphasis on bare minimum. Its a lot of equations that I haven't used in years. I was attracted to your posting on reddit because you seem like a community of people like me, people who enjoy video games but have real world commitments that keep you from playing them 24/7. I used to do a lot of mining and exploring last time I played, and I may be a bit rusty now but back then I was the best explorer our corp had so maybe that will be useful in some situations? I would very much like to learn more about PVP in EVE and would enjoy a good community filled with people who aren't toxic and enjoy playing games! Well that is enough rambling from me, hopefully the bad doesn't outweigh the good! Thank you -Attazach
  7. Spaceballs is the first movie I remember hysterically and uncontrollably laughing until my cheeks and stomach hurt. Just the intro where the ship keeps going and going and going.
  8. Awesome answers. I agree that there is nothing like the smell of gasoline on a cool morning. However, my lawyer advises me not to go into further details on this matter. I liked the answer of SR-71... a truly kickass ship. But Serenity wins (in my book) if for nothing other than its crew. Excuse me while I cry in a corner waiting hopelessly for a continuation of the series. I look forward to flying with you.
  9. Hi Jamroar, I don't really have a favorite movie to quote per se, it just depends on the context and who I'm with.... but a few of my favorites are: Obligatory Monty Python of course: "Tis but a scratch...", "There are some who call me... Tim." Trinity / Trinity is Still My Name: "Every monk who is a monk, punch a monk who ain't a monk..." Mel Brooks / Spaceballs: "What's the matter Col. Sandurz, chicken?" Wes Anderson movies: "Anne-Marie, do all the interns get glocks? No, they all share one..."
  10. Hi Kamella, that's good to know... and good dad joke! Hi Tyrlis, yes I definitely look forward to flying Sabres... It also doubles as Sean Connery's favorite S-word on SNL Celebrity Jeopardy...
  11. Hello iBall! What's your favorite movie to reference?
  12. Moshzu


    Just a little more about me as the above post was made on my cell while pushing a cart though the grocery store- I am in my mid 40's. Former military (82nd Airborne Division), married, work as a critical care RN in the Pacific NW. Avid hiker/camper/wannabe mountain climber. I play and run weekly table top RPG's (currently FFG Star Wars and Pathfinder 1e). Huge Star Wars fan. Been playing MMO's since UO. Mostly PC/computer games since Bard's Tale I-II-III on a Commodore VIC-20/64/128 (for those of you old enough to know what that means). I played WoW since 2005-ish through WotLK primarily in progression raiding guilds, then have been back to visit with each expansion, the most time played in Legion. Other games I have played: GW2, SW Galaxies, SWTOR, Black Desert Online, Portal, all the PC D&D games in the 80's and 90's, Republic Commando, EVE Online, most Star Wars PC games, Battlefield games, Overwatch, and dozens of others that I can't remember at the moment. I tend to like games that have some sort of social/team element. That's all the news that's currently fit to print!
  13. Hello potential new space friend! Ratting in low sec sounds terrible, but this is EVE so putting yourself through misery is often a great way to make ISK (see: Planetary Interaction). The Sabre is an excellent ship, one of my favorites - also unforgiving and expensive, hehehe. Random question time! Favorite ship in EVE? Favorite ship outside of EVE? What is your current phone background?
  14. Hello I-ball! As the new "face" of recruitment I feel it my responsibility to welcome you as a potential new recruit! I've been in SoH for about a month and haven't seen even the slightest hint of drama or discontent. A great and helpful group for sure. I just recently led my first small lowsec roam and while I didn't know what I was doing, everyone was patient, worked together, and we all had a great time. Your expectations are exactly what I have experienced here. When does a joke become a dad joke? When it's apparent, of course! Totally serious and most important question time: Did you walk to school or take a lunch? If you were an article of clothing, what would you be and why? What is the average flying velocity of an unladen swallow?
  15. Good morning all, I saw your advert on Reddit today and jumped over here to introduce myself. You definitely piqued my interest for a corp... about me... My friends and family call me I-ball. I'm married, 40+, have ten year old twins - boy and a girl, and am an avid gamer in my spare time (Marvel UA 3, Path of Exile, and Eve). My kids are getting a little bit older now, so I have more free time in the late evenings and on weekends to get more involved in "structured" gameplay. I just "returned" to Eve after a long hiatus. A buddy of mine from BoB/TNT tried to get me to play years ago, but I just didn't have time then - family first and raising my kids is my priority. I got the itch to try Eve again and re-loaded the client recently. I'm based in the USTZ - Texas (CST) and am now on a few times a week later in the evening. I'm laid back and low-key - I don't do drama and especially not when I'm try to enjoy a game. I like to throw out 1-liners and movie references on disco chat, mostly to keep my ADD-riddled brain amused, but occasionally I make other people laugh with my dad jokes, too... eve experience and focus... I'm a snuggly nubnub (only 10m sp, but Omega at least) with minor and outdated pvp/fleet experience from 3 years ago... :/ Working on a Sabre fit but am open to training for any pvp needs Currently ratting/hacking in LowSec near Fountain/Delve to get my roam, flight, and fight skills back I really want to get to get some good small-scale pvp and training in when I'm on, ie: not interested in mining or corp... Willing to take orders, train into new fits, die on roams as tackle, whatever is needed... I don't have any expectations from corp or FC other than be cool and give me some time, training, and patience to develop the skills I need to be useful with you in pvp Well, if you're interested, I look forward to chatting with you more. Cheers! ~ I-ball
  16. Moshzu


    Greetings all! I have been playing WoW Classic and just created a horde character named Moshzu. I was planning on playing solo but did some looking for guilds on the BB discord server. I have read and agree with the Code of Conduct posted on your web site. I mostly just plan on being a casual player with no real end game goals at this time. The guild name is what lead me here, having been to see a certain band several times back in the 90's.... I will try to contact someone in game or on discord tonight. Thanks for your consideration, Moshzu, Troll Shaman
  17. I usually do wormhole exploring. My success rate has been better there versus lowsec. II just like seeing what I can get away with before I get caught. I can't really say I have a favorite hull. The NRDS garbage screwed with a lot of people. I know it ibecame a point of contension with some of the smaller corps in certain alliances. No. Never roleplayed. I never saw the appeal, I guess. I don't pay much attention to reddit either. I'm actually trying to learn German at the moment.
  18. Hi Zivoca - it was good chatting with you last week! Let me know if you need any help with anything - getting set up in Stacmon, figuring out our doctrines, anything really. Look forward to flying with you soon!
  19. Hi Isaiah - nice talking to you last night! I think we've roamed Provi a bit on almost every Saturday roam we've done so far - it'll be like a homecoming for you haha. Let me know if you need any help getting set up in Stacmon. I have doctrine ships to loan out there, so you really only need to set up your extra PvP ships (whatever random stuff you like flying). We have posts on our Punisher and Caracal fleets in the Reference section of the Eve subforum. You'll be able to see that area today. Look forward to flying with you!
  20. Hello potential new space friend! (I'm TBert in-game so this is my 2nd time shouting this at you.) We also learned a lot about EVE in Provi... mostly through the politics of the KOS list! Which we've proudly been on since a couple of months after our inception... I also have teenagers, my son is 19 and my daughter is 18. They haven't moved out or joined the military yet, but I can still hope! Random question time! Have you ever roleplayed as an Amarr like CVA? If Friendship is the Best Ship in EVE, what's the best ship on the /r/eve subreddit? Would you rather learn to play an instrument or learn a new language?
  21. Hey Isaiah! Looking forward to flying with you too. We've built a great group over the last couple months here, great to see another jump on board! Whats your favorite thing about exploring? Whats your favorite hull?
  22. o/ Heyo! I am Isaiah Hart! I am a Gallente pilot right now sitting at about 6mil SP. I started in Eve back in 2010. I started out with a small group out of Providence and learned what I know about Eve by trial by fire. Fast forward a couple years - the corp had a falling out with the our alliance at the time and the corp eventually closed its doors. I pretty much stopped playing after that and went on to greener pastures. I came back to the game a couple months ago and I'm still learning some of the new metas. I think I've gotten myself to a place where I can be viable in PvP again I also do a bit of exploration and PI on the side. Personally, I'm in my mid thirties, married, with two teenage daughters. They keep me pretty busy. I survive off of sarcasm and black coffee. Look forward to flying with you guys!
  23. Those are some super green eyes.
  24. You I must watch ^^
  25. Dogs are great, but cats taste better.
  26. Welcome! I too love food. So now to the important stuff.... Are you a dog or cat person?
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