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  2. Happy Belated Birthday Hunt! Hope you had the best day!!! :)

    1. Huntyre
    2. Fera


      Wait what? How did I miss your birthday?! I'm not sure who to punish, you or myself! lol Happy Birthday my friend! wub woo! <3

  3. Its not thursday yet but here's a throwback: 


    1. Morkgrim
    2. Darlantan


      It makes me happy that this still exists.

    3. Drpibb


      :) so happy I found this. I have more mumble recordings from our dragon soul days.  I'll dig them up and post them too! 

  4. [EVE] Stephen Gunther

    This dude gets my vote
  5. [EVE] Stephen Gunther

    I am honestly not sure. I'll ask a few and get back to you. Caveat emptor, with a small screenshot of local chat in Jita drawn beneath. A gate camp. Also, my death. Brisket, lettuce, sour cream, tomato, and cheese. Thankfully, it was never specified that it had to be a permanent tattoo. I'd just wash it off. Um, I'm afraid I'll need to Google that and get back to you. Also, please don't tell my mama - I'm a little scared of her. Oh really? I'll need to go read about that, too ... sounds like fun! This should be a national holiday.
  6. [EVE] Stephen Gunther

    Well, honestly today is more accurately "All Taco's Eve" and yes, Wednesday would be late Taco Tuesday. I eat tacos two to three times a week though sometimes I get crazy and have a burrito instead of tacos.
  7. [EVE] Stephen Gunther

    Omens were recently buffed, and I'm pretty intrigued with them currently. Is there a "late" Taco Tuesday on Wednesday, too? How many days of the week are you eating tacos? We know nothing of such things...
  8. [EVE] Stephen Gunther

    I haven't been on a fleet yet where there's been a spousal screaming match on open comms, that qualifies as pretty weird and wild in my book!
  9. [EVE] Stephen Gunther

    Welcome! In honor of early Taco Tuesday - favorite taco? What would you use to cover up the tattoo Tyrilis is suggesting? Favorite yo' mama joke*? *mothers are wonderful and held in high regard. All jokes are in the spirit of good fun and no disrespect is meant.
  10. [EVE] Stephen Gunther

    Welcome potential new space friend! Random question time! Are people from Cleveland referred to as Clevelanders or Clevelandan? If you had to choose one Latin phrase to get tattooed on your chest, what would it be? What do you think is on the other side of the EVE Gate?
  11. [EVE] Miori Akachi

    Turning the questions around on us - BOLD! To answer, I was going to watch Falling Skies until it suddenly went behind a paywall on Amazon Prime, so now I'm watching Jericho. Now for my questions! How do you make your real life ISK? I once deployed with one boss from North Dakota and another boss from South Dakota. Tell me why the two states should merge so we can remove that ridiculous rivalry. What's your favorite T1 destroyer, and why is it the Thrasher?
  12. [EVE] Stephen Gunther

    Weirdest fleet is a tough one - most of the time, at least a few folks are pretty drunk, so the conversations are fun. Let's see ... I've been on a few fleets where folks have gotten into screaming matches with their spouses, which tends to be awkward until somebody finally mutes 'em. I remember a fleet where we were working with some Russian folks who didn't speak English, but the corp had someone who spoke both Russian and English jumping back and forth between channels to coordinate. As it turned out, there were a few things lost in translation, so we all wound up dead I've also been in some fleets where the opposite is true: 90% of the fleet (including the FC) only speak e.g. German. After being in a few of those fleets, I learned "jump", "hold", "s**t", and "idiot" pretty quickly. For drink, I would say Coke. I might add whiskey if something expensive just melted into pixels. On a kitchen sink roam, I like 150mm rail cormorants. They're cheap, quick, and can catch lots of stuff with some targeting scripts. I've also done pretty well with rapid light Caracals, and Omens are fun ships to take out just to see what happens.
  13. Code of Conduct

    I swear I red it reel gud.
  14. [EVE] Miori Akachi

    Founders makes some good stuff, although I tried Backwoods Bastard the other day and it was the worst beer I've ever had haha! Also, welcome to the corp!
  15. [EVE] Stephen Gunther

    o7 Stephen, nice talking to you earlier today! Random question time! - What's the weirdest Eve fleet you've ever been on? - Favorite drink to go with your space adventures? Beer, wine, anything. We know a great scout seemingly drinks nothing but apple juice, so I don't anything would surprise us! - What's your go to ship on a kitchen sink roam? I'll be checking out your API soon, and then we can set up a time to either get you on a fleet or have a quick comms interview. Talk to you soon!
  16. [EVE] Stephen Gunther

    Hi all, I'm Stephen. I've played EVE off and on since about 2009. Some of that time has been spent in empire, some in null, and some in WH. I've done a little bit of PvP as well ... this has ranged from large fleets (~150 - 200) to small gangs. I like flying cruisers and below, but can field larger things when needed. I also play quite a few other games: most recently I've been working through Nioh (something like a faster-paced Dark Souls with loot drops) and have been learning Endless Space 2 (a space 4X game). In real life, I'm an electronics engineer working out of Cleveland, OH in the US. I'm 32 and have two cats (one of which who's convinced he's a dog). I'm looking forward to flying with y'all. Cheers!
  17. [EVE] Miori Akachi

    You did. I just accepted it this afternoon. You'll receive a welcome mail that points you to our new recruit orientation thread - you can also see it by accessing our EVE Online forum. Welcome to the corp! After finishing Stranger Things 2 (weak start, strong finish) I'm slowly dabbling in The Punisher. I'm a bit hot/cold with Netflix and all their Marvel stuff. Love Daredevil but have loved each subsequent series less and less. Iron Fist was bad, but also required if you wanted to keep current with the whole "Hand" subplot. Punisher seems to be good so far, if a bit slow to build up. (Opinions. I have them!)
  18. [EVE] Miori Akachi

    I need to watch the second season of Stranger Things. Otherwise I'm just binge watching 30 Rock on Hulu. Good answers on the questions. I look forward to seeing you in space.
  19. [EVE] Miori Akachi

    I would definitely say both are unfortunate because I think being young and living on a tropical island again would be amazing. Right now I'm having quite a bit of fun trying out the different frigate fits so I'd say my favorite ship would be the kestrel or heron, but I feel like that could change pretty quick the more I learn. Favorite taco is pretty easy, shredded chicken with all the toppings and the hottest sauce I have access to. I thought I put in my application yesterday, but I will check later today just to be safe. My favorite beer usually changes frequently but right now I'd have to say either Founder's Porter or Dragon's Milk. Now a question for all of you, what netflix show are you currently watching?
  20. [EVE] Miori Akachi

    This is my question as well! Welcome to our forums - looking forward to flying with you soon.
  21. [EVE] Miori Akachi

    o7 Miori, it was nice to meet you yesterday! Did you put an in-game application in yet? If so, I'll see if one of our directors can accept it today. In the meantime, feel free to hang out in our Discord lobby and chat/ask us any questions you have about Eve and PvP. Random question! What's your beer of choice for flying around New Eden?
  22. [EVE] Miori Akachi

    Welcome! A few questions so we can get to know you better... 1. Is it unfortunate that you are 34 or that you live in North Dakota? 2. What's your favorite ship in Eve to fly and why? 3. Favorite taco?
  23. [EVE] Miori Akachi

    Hello all. I've been wanting to try EVE again without ending up shooting lazers at rocks, so when I saw your post on reddit I thought you all might enjoy watching me stumble around right before my ship blows up. My tags are usually Miori or Balthuzar but you can call me Micky. Unfortunately I'm 34 and I live in North Dakota. I've played quite a few games but always wanted to give EVE a more serious try. I don't mind being cannon fodder so long as I'm having fun doing it. If you have any questions hit me up.
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