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  2. Aloha, Traxx! I guess New World has a lot of people checking up with old crews ... my own plan is to follow one of my favorite streamers into the game (SolidFPS). I had a ton of fun during the beta. Odd are we won't cross paths (and wouldn't recognize each other if we did) ... but best of luck to you and your Sacrifice peeps!
  3. Hey SoH Peeps! Just checking in on if anyone is checking out New World? Got a few in Sacrifice going in but not sure if its enough to guild up or search for something new. LMK if anyone is interested and we can swap some discord info and keep in touch. :)
  4. Hey Jeskal - I played Aion as well, but it's been so long I barely remember anyone, hahaha. They're trying to do a 'classic' revival just like WoW, huh? These forums are pretty inactive, but we do have a Discord server where a bunch of us are still hanging out. Our current active-ish games are Destiny 2, EVE Online, and a wanderlust/nomadic group that's currently messing around in FO76. It looks like you left SoH on good terms (you created 'Jeskal' back in 2010!) so I'll PM you a link.
  5. Hey everyone I used to play Jeskal with the gang who played Aion back when it launched, I remember Sebastian and Biscuits and some others I ran with regularly. I was hoping to hear that some of yall were coming back to Classic when it launches next week. Hope to hear from you all!
  6. Have we all grown up?

    1. Nyerker


      We can feel young again with Aion Classic NA <3

    2. Drpibb


      TBC Classic or Aion Classic hmmm

  7. I would've responded sooner but every time I read your name my ADHD kicked in and I'd hav
  8. OK Pictures! So this is Momo and Daisy in their brief moments of not play fighting https://imgur.com/EbQyPVH I was thinking more pictures but that's the whole phone to computer thing and I am just not into that today.
  9. A true cat. Human affection as a last resort.
  10. Clairemont is always down to cuddle and is also really sweet. We were roomies for awhile before she got serious with some boy and decided to marry him (traitor). But Arkady is also really sweet when she wants cuddles, but that's all the time. Mainly when it's cold or when Amaia doesn't want anything to do with her, those are the times she'll deign to ask me for attention.
  11. Clairemont or Arkady? Arkady just has this "over it" vibe and honestly I stan.
  12. Banana hospice is an honorable and noble profession
  13. She definitely is. She also has the most crotchety old man meow I've heard in my life, even when she was a kitten (she's about 10 or 11 now). Clairemont can verify, since we lived together for something like 5 or 6 years. She is really sweet though when she wants cuddles lol.
  14. Hi, Jeremy! Had a good time in that Mythic, and hopefully we can do some more!
  15. Omg, you're killing me hahah. Arkady is a whole mood, and Loial is the cutest thing I've seen in my entire life. Ohhh, okay! Wheel of Time series, my husband has read all/some/none of those. And for the record, the just kinda stand there awkwardly around is definitely a dance move if you decide it is! I definitely don't envy you having to do remodeling work, that's such a undertaking. I think being able to just absorb necessary info from instructions is actually a great answer. I never would have thought of that, it sounds powerful though. You could be an expert at
  16. See, and I always thought his full name was Vehicle Identification Number Diesel. I think I've seen that movie, the XXL extended cut? We buy more bananas than we end up eating here so we joke that we just rescue bananas from the grocery store and give them a nice place to die. I enjoyed reading all your answers!
  17. We also have a husky mix! German Shepherd/Husky. I'm extremely interested in a dachshund husky mix, my mind is going wild. I understand you on the barking, ours was a rescue and I don't think he knew he could bark or howl until a year or so in. Now he's a vocal thing and woofs at everything. I love the answers, I also wouldn't last long in a zombie apocalypse. It would definitely win a Darwin award for dumbest death. And hell yes to mashed potatoes! I am an absolute fiend for mashed potatoes. The apple crisps sounds perfect as well, I'm sure there's plans to make it for the holiday
  18. Hello Jocelyn! The peanut butter to Jim's jelly. 1. I'm honestly not sure if I've have fruitcake. I come from a smaller family so there is a bit of the if one person doesn't like something and no one else wants to have it, it just isn't introduced to the table. 2. Too cold. You can always put more clothes on or take a hot bath or something but with too hot you do get to the point where you can't take off more to cool off. 3. So this is a humdinger of a question. Because if you had asked money and space no object how many dogs would I like, I would probably
  19. 1. What song for you would be played on a loop in hell to torture you? Hmmm I think if it were any song I know, then it would be a pretty lame hell. Like I need a more bespoke hell soundtrack: something with screams and the gaping spiritual silence that comes right before bad news. Something like that. 2. What was something you thought would be easy until you tried it? Answering question number 1 3. What's the worst or best purchase you've ever made? Worst- I haven't entered or purchased anything from Gamestop in years after a problem with a
  20. Hey everyone I'm A_RandomThought, Earthbrotha is my main for WoW or Jeremy irl, and I've played WoW since vanilla. Was pretty hard-core into it during Cata and most of MoP but stepped away from the game for awhile other then super casual. Just started getting back into it tail end of bfa in prep for shadowlands. Wanted to find a nice place to call home but was in a low population horde serve and wasn't much there. Met Hit through work and told me how good his guild was so thought I'd move on over to find a good home. Really hoping to get back really into it with raids and M+'s. Already got to
  21. 1. I have all the cats. I had three cats, then I inherited my dad's cats. So now I have 5 cats and a dog and it's so many animals and they have me outnumbered. This is Amaia: https://imgur.com/38AWGoN This is Arkady: https://imgur.com/pd522NF This is Andellen: https://imgur.com/pYWRVhO This is Loial: https://imgur.com/V4Xh2fH This is my dad's cat Kuma: https://imgur.com/N80u0PG My dad had another cat, Spike, but I don't have any pictures of him. He mostly likes in my roommates room now, but if he comes out I'll try and take a picture. 2. I don't which to pick,
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