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  2. Hi there! I'm Gesari, but generally everybody just calls me Jim. I will, however, answer to most things. Currently I've been playing my Pally on prot for the guild, but I've spent the majority of the last ~15 years of raiding primarily as a dps, so I'm looking to get back to that. In light of that, I've been gearing up a baby Balance druid and I'd be more than happy to do some mythic runs with you on any toon you're looking to gear! Okay so this resonates with me for a few reasons, not the least of which my surprise at having to create a forum login for this app myself. The last time I used a forum regularly was in that same 06-08 timeframe when I was really deep into raiding on EQ2. Secondly, I am incidentally also in the Boston area (originally from Jersey), and I'm pretty sure the last time I decided to up and quit a major hardcore guild was during ICC progression, and I'm fairly certain I used the end of winter as my excuse to dip (that wasn't the reason...the raid leader was a real tool, but hey whatever works). I appreciate the worry over conceit, but, for what it's worth, your text reads as really matter-of-fact. Bonus points for Bullfinch. As for random-ass questions: What is your preferred RPG alignment (chaotic good, lawful neutral, etc.); why? If you could opt between a future in which we are all replaced by Artificial Intelligence, or one in which we all become uploaded into an artificial Singularity, which would you choose and why? You have stumbled into a movie theater that replays memories from important historic moments. What are you going to watch first, and what will you burn down the theater before watching? Sweet or savory?
  3. Hi WogOfDor! Wait, is that right? Nope. Hi Dog! I'm Esta. I tank here and we're currently looking for another main tank so... *hi*. I've a pretty committed prot warrior because I have stubbornness issues. I have mained at least one other class, but those were dark days. In terms of my own background, I started with SoH back in Mop at the end of the first raid tier. Since then, I've raided fairly consistently except for a brief break in the last tier of Legion and first tier of BFA. I've been in some top 100 guilds, with my personal best being a top 14 world kill with The Horsemen. I'd say that my "specialty" is low hour, high achievement raiding. That's the sort of environment that excites me, personally. I've had the pleasure of meeting two particular people who have suited me (as a tank) like peaches and cream. One of those people is our very own Darlantan(who is retired from WoW), the other was my tanking buddy in <LA>. I hope to find another tanking buddy to go into Shawdowlands with. I'm excited to see your app. That said, would you be willing to link some recent raid logs? (These logs will not be used to deny your app, but I am curious). Most of our questions for recruits revolve around get-to-know-you type questions. So prepare yourself for totally irrelevant (but fun, hopefully) questioning! I'll get us started. What do you do for work/major? What thing do you 100% think is true but have no proof of whatsoever? If you could write one new law that *everyone* had to obey, what would it be?
  4. This is totally weird for me. Ive not created a forum login and introduced myself using a a "fake" (see in-game) name since briefly joining Death & Taxes for original Naxx 40 back in 2006-8 whenever that was. Briefly because neither the friend i followed nor myself were particularly that consistently hardcore. If i recall correctly, my friend made 2 or so months longer than i did which i attribute to his Manitoba winters vs my Boston ones. In any event, the group of wow friends i raided with through MoP i met via CS 1.3 servers, and my 13 year old gamertag was DogOfWar as a MGS reference, so Dog's the name I listed up top, but im totally ambivalent about naming and dont think i have a single WoW character with that name. Hopefully this serves as something of an introduction. I tend towards playing tanks, and have mained everything except a druid (ever) or dh (have done high m+, never non-trivial raiding). I mained heals during wrath, mop. There was a brief time in vanilla i mained melee dps (rogue). This was a long way of saying i am both open to playing anything, and imho can in short order prove im early CE quality in any of the three roles in any class (though i think id quit before having to deal with what i understand the guardian druid 2 button rotation to be -- im just greatful theyve rarely been meta). I hopefully dont sound too conceired after the above. Your guild seems to have been around as lomg as i have, which is a plus, and you reference bullfinch's mythology and fleur de lis in your naming writeup, so i suspect i could get along with you. Geared a 465 blood dk (easy switch to unholy/frost i think) in past two weeks (Greatestdead-Tichondrius) i could transfer, but could also pretty easily grab another 120 and gear, particularly with m+ helping hands. Hope to chat.
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  6. I was actually in the Eve corporation for a hot minute before real life took over and demanded all of my time. Here's my previous intro thread from when I joined there: Since COVID has taken over the world I've been sinking some time into WoW (as it feels less demanding on my time, much easier to pick up/put down), and my partner and I are looking for some people to raid with in future (probably next expansion). He's off playing Final Fantasy 14 and I'm still hacking away at WoW. I had honestly given up hope with finding a decent group of people to hang out with in game but then I remembered SOH! I have a number of characters sitting around 120, at varying iLVLs. I was recently slogging through trying to level one of each character to the cap but that dream is quickly fading after 5 or so in the last few months. I'm ready to pick one class and go to town on the catch-up for this expac. I've got availability most nights of the week. Looking forward to hearing back!
  7. I always assume similar values to be true for everyone. Signed!
  8. I love pitbulls and that's one cute puppo! I also love Moonlighter! The music, especially, is fantastic. Haven't heard of Undermine or Graveyard Keeper, but I'll have to check those out. I've been playing a ton of Hades lately (when I can). Since you seem to be into at least some roguelikes/lites, I'd highly recommend!
  9. 1) I've been playing ESO online with my wife on XBOX for quite a bit.. this was her first MMO, but she is a seasonal gamer (winter time gaming). Outside of that, I have been all across the board on console games. My favorites as of late are: Stardew Valley, Undermine, Graveyard Keeper, Moonlighter, & Ark.. If you can't tell, I love the indie style survival/growth games. 2) I went to school for Health & Safety. I am now a Director of Environmental Health & Safety for my company 3) Warm Vanilla Sugar.. hands down. 4) I have a doggo (pitbull terrier mix).
  10. Hi Loler! We're always open to and happy to have casual friends here! I'm Esta and I'm a dedicated prot warrior, so I feel you on your dedication to kitty. So the most obvious question here is what have you been playing lately? Any particular favorites? Any sleeper hit recommendations? What'd you study in college? What's your favorite smell? Have any pets?
  11. Such a cute puppo! I think Dev, Shey, and I can all vouch for your laid back and easygoing nature, too. Haha I'll get you set up on forums with the proper rank and set you up in game and on discord wherever you're free.
  12. Hi Horla! Was out of town for a bit, so I'm sorry for the long response wait! I'll be contacting you tonight to get you set up properly on our discord and get any toons you'd like invited to our guild. We also have a raid tonight at 9pm EST/8pm server time, if you'd like to join.
  13. Good Afternoon Yall, I'm Loler and yet another former guildie of Shey / Dev from the days of Church of RNG. Back in the day, I was won of our 25 man officers and the lead recruiter. I lurked on the forum boards and probably have encountered a few of you by chance while attempting to bolster our numbers. I quit playing after Cataclysm and I finally just built a PC after all these years to start playing some games again. I haven't been entirely away from gaming or anything, just lurking on discord and playing my consoles. I took the break when graduating from college and travelling around a bit for work and until recently, I had never picked it back up. With my two kids being out of "infant" stages now.. (2 & 5) I finally decided to build myself a new PC. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Sephirofl/saved/#view=KRYsXL I was hoping to join up as a casual for now, but may turn into more in the future. I used to be the BEST feral dps cat in Church of RNG (we only had one cat) and I plan on sticking to that, unless I can be persuaded to play something else. The most fun I had in the game before was spending time on Ventrillo with that entire group just BSing late into the night while doing random group activities. I got Insane in the Membrane with them and want to get back at it again soon! I hope this finds you all well... and here is a little of the random old pictures I found while checking out an old hard drive! Best Regards, Loler
  14. I'm in love with this puppo!
  15. I play table top, I use to be a dungeon master in a ravenloft campaign back in the 3th edition. Now I do with 5 ed but not too much, because of time and lockdowns. The exorcist is my favorite movie and any zombie movie, even classic like night of the walking dead. I really enjoy streap steak nd lager beers. My favorite is named Imperial here in Costa Rica and from USA I like Coors ligth and Miller draft
  16. I'll have to check out the Horla story! I've never heard of it before now. I see you mentioned Dungeons & Dragons, do you play tabletop D&D or just the PC games like Baldur's Gate, etc.? I play tabletop Pathfinder myself, I really enjoy the traditional RPG experience. I think I might like building characters as much as actually playing the game though, I have so many backup characters I may or may not ever get to actually play I love horror movies, especially older horror movies. What are some of your favorites? My all-time favorite is probably Evil Dead 2. I also really enjoy a lot of the 70's/80's big hits like the Texas Chainsaw, Friday the 13th, Halloween, and Nightmare on Elm St. franchises. I feel a lot of nostalgia for classic horror flicks. Do you do a lot of BBQ'ing yourself? What's your favorite thing to BBQ? We do a lot of smoked pork steaks, brined and smoked pork loins, and grilled chicken in my family. What's your favorite kind of beer? I'm really into juicy IPA's right now, my favorite at the moment is a double IPA from a small craft brewery based in my hometown.
  17. So pizza toppings is always a tough one for me. I enjoy most fruits and veggies so load it all on there and it’s all good! If I had to pick a few, one of the faves around here is pineapple, jalapeños, and olives. If you like to get funky, green olives are even better. My dog would probably say not enough treats and not enough belly rubs haha. But for personality, definitely on the easy going side and very go with the flow. I love adventure and puzzle games. Take me to an immersive world with something to solve and I’m hooked. Throw in a humorous storyline and all the better! Dalboz from the Zork series probably ranks towards the top. What’s not to love about hanging out with a real DM through travels? A couple pup pictures attached. One is the photo from the rescue shelter and the other late last year.
  18. Hi, I didn´t know about the guild before the raid and I was happy to go becaus I sense respect and a good vibe in it. then I read the rules and your code of conduct and after that I wanted to join because seems to be a nice group with values that I share. my top books or tales are The canterville Ghost and the short stroy named Horla from Mapassant, is about a vampire an is my name in many main toons on several games, I enjoiyed baldurs gate, neverwinter nigths, elder scrolls and dungeons and dragons. Any horror movie and books about clinical psychology or neuroscience I think people will describe me as a easy going an very proffesional or dedicated in things I do. I enjoy any kind of BBQ with a cold beer.
  19. Hey there, Horla! Always nice to meet a fellow Warlock! I'm Mordigrim, Mordi, or just Brad. I answer to any of the three. I've been around South of Heaven for the better part of a decade and I'm currently serving as a Game Officer for our WoW Cohort so if you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them to the best of my ability! Did you have any knowledge of our guild and our values prior to joining our raid last night? Have you had a chance to look over our Code of Conduct and does it align with your personal values and individual goals in-game? When new folks stop in and say hi I like to ask some informal questions, it helps us get a dialog going and maybe learn a bit about each other. There's no right or wrong answers, feel free to answer however you want. If you had to choose ten or fewer books, shows, movies, games, or other forms of media to best represent your interests what would you choose? If the person who knows you best had to describe your personality to someone who had never met you, what do you think they would say? What's your favorite thing to eat on a hot summer day? Do you have a favorite beverage to go with it? What about on a cold, dreary day? Feel free to hit me back with any silly questions you might have! I look forward to getting to know you!
  20. Hello, Kasheira! I'm Mordigrim. Also Mordi. Sometimes Brad. If Esta is vouching for you I feel pretty comfortable assuming you're good people so I won't grill you too hard. If you had to eat the same three pizza toppings (mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce come standard and don't count as toppings for this hypothetical situation) on every pizza you ate for the rest of your life what toppings would you pick? If your dog could talk, how would they describe your personality? If you could hang out with one fictional character in their universe for a week, who would you pick and why? Feel free to hit me back with any questions you have!
  21. Hi, I´m horla and got my first mythic raid boss with you and was really fun, so I like to join your guild with my alt. I started play this game when Blizzrd re start with clasic then I made a Lock till lvl 44 and swicth to retail (a total pain). I was member of a guild Grumpy old farts and they fallen apart, so I swich to dark trinity with my main. Now Ill have some alts that want to lvl up and get into mythic and raiding. so I don´t know what to say, im from Costa Rica, 41 year old and clínical psychologist.
  22. Hi Kash! It's good to see you again! Post a picture of your puppo immediately, okay thanks. (:
  23. Hello! My main character is Kasheira and I've been raiding on and off since vanilla. I have known Esta since around the late MoP (Siege) era. I have quite a few alts, but have mostly been casual for the past few xpacs. I'm looking for a place to call home and some like minded people that enjoy the entertainment factor of gaming with company that doesn't stir up drama. I'm one of the easiest going people you will ever meet, but that also means I'm on the quiet side. Gaming aside, I work in IT and have more degrees than I would typically admit unless asked. I have an almost 3 year old pup and am very much a pet person.
  24. Very much so. We took a break for about a year and a half, but Simone started it back up again last August and he's leading a solid crew. Check out the SOHCO Public channel in-game.
  25. hey all, is south of heaven still active in eve online? anthony
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