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  2. Promotions!

    Grats to all of our newest Members! \o/
  3. Promotions!

    YAY ME! Congrats Auto and Jedi!
  4. Promotions!

    We've had another round of recruit promotions in Destiny 2. Congrats on promotion to Member for @Autodica, @NelsonJEDI, & the ESO cross-cohort recruit @MorpheusZero !
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  6. SoH Game Night this Friday 4/27! We'll be playing Rocket League!

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  8. It me (Introduction)

    Yeah man, Ill be down to play saturday night. Shaxx is definitely my favorite. He is so nice, but also Im pretty sure he could level a city. Nah man Dads are supposed to tease their kids about shit they like. Puts hair on their chest. Memphis Zipcode, Krool originally was K.rool from DK Country inspired. I thought he was gonna be in Smash 4 but sadly I was mistaken. So I swapped it to Krool.
  9. Code of Conduct

    Read and agree!
  10. It me (Introduction)

    Hello potential new friend! Looking forward to rocking Leviathan with you. Random questions! Who is your favorite character in Destiny 2 and why? I don't watch anime, but I do enjoy making fun of my son (who does) by enthusiastically performing the Super Saiyan Scream at inappropriate times. Is that wrong? If I had to hazard a guess, 901 is your zip code and Krool is a character from an anime?
  11. Code of Conduct

    I have read the code, and I'll die by the code.
  12. It me (Introduction)

    I would take it to Paris. I feel like they would appreciate it.
  13. It me (Introduction)

    Hey man welcome! Hope to get some games in with you soon. I was just recently married myself--about 2 months ago. If you could ride a purple zebra anywhere in the world--where would you take it to?
  14. It me (Introduction)

    I'm a Certified Personal Trainer. I have a dog Bianca and a cat Sabrina. Definitely sushi or burritos. Somewhere between there. I was a Ranked #10 player in Smash 4 in my city. Silver 4 in League of Legends. DBFZ is definitely my favorite fighter right now and I did make top 8 at the first tourney in my region. I havent competed enough to say I'm still top 8 material. Megaloboxing and My Hero Academia.
  15. It me (Introduction)

    Welcome to the forums! Looking forward to catching you in game and yes you can definitely get a bit loud. Though a few of us were last night in Crucible! Let's dig a bit more. What do you do for a living? Cats or Dogs? Favorite food? Any other games you enjoy outside of D2 & WoW? What anime are you watching when not watching Jojo? Well, that's all I've got for now. I expect a few others will be along with questions too.
  16. It me (Introduction)

    "It is better to yeet than to be yote" Hello my name is Justin, age 25, happily engaged, and currently not in state of poverty. I love anime, the gym, and video games. Just looking to get back into structured play with D2 and potentially WoW in the future expansion. I'm a little loud, sometimes I say things that don't make sense, but I'm honest so I think that makes up for it. Just shoot me a PM if I'm being too much or something and I'll tone it down. Please be prepared for me to Jojo meme/reference regularly, it's my favorite anime/manga. That's all I got, I'm pretty two dimensional.
  17. Introductions and such

    It pertains to Harry Potter o.o
  18. Introductions and such

    I don’t have a particularly favorite area. I like the diverse scenerery between areas. I’m not sure what’s this question is pertaining to? I know it’s probably something I should be aware of but am not. I really like fresh coffee and leather. Not necessarily together, but they’re both soothing. Oooh incense too!
  19. Introductions and such

    Thank you! I look forward to gaming with you as well. Phych seems a bit more up my alley. Hopefully I’ll do better with it than physics.
  20. Introductions and such

    Waffles all the way. Pancakes are spongy and are all around just okay. Waffles are amazing. Ive played a bit of overcooked! I’d say that’s probably the best multiplayer on the switch right now. Mario kart is fun and all, but it gets boring after a few rounds. And I love splatoon, but you have to have multiple consoles to play it on which is kinda lame.
  21. Intro?

    Okay so correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure we cleared the iron fort so I might hangout there. Call the 0 guardians I know and chill there till I think of something with lord sallidian cuz god knows what the hell he was doing. dream job would be working for gamefreak as a concept artist and trainer 100%
  22. Intro?

    Thanks it’s my first one? More or less. Cool I did read the psa’s but if I post any art like that I’ll be sure to leave a warning.
  23. Intro?

    Very! But ah what the hells a jackfruit?
  24. Intro?

    Hi, Wooper! You find yourself in the destiny universe about two weeks before the cabal attack. Where do you go to survive and help fight back? What's your dream job? Would you rather be a Pokemon or a Pokemon trainer?
  25. Introductions and such

    Welcome, Pants! What is your favorite area in destiny? You're a dark wizard with a few horcruxes who just escaped from Azkaban. What's your plan now? What's your favorite smell?
  26. Intro?

    Hi there GG! Lovin' the nude -- she looks very like an ex, hehe. SoH is 21+ so you shouldn't have a problem with mature content (I'm 54 ). Oh, check out 5 Dirty Words please -- just to make sure we're all on the same page ^^ Good luck gaming!
  27. Introductions and such

    Hi there Pants! lol I'm just gonna wave and tell you "welcome" and hope, maybe, I get to game with you some time. Good luck with your education! I almost went the psych route myself, hehe. Good times ^^
  28. Promotions!

    I've fallen behind... *sigh* Congrats new people!
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