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  2. Healthcare person checking in - Miss gaming with everyone. Stay safe folks. :love:

    1. Fera


      Been thinking about you old friend. Stay safe and well out there on the front lines! <3 

  3. Long time since checking in!  How are you guys?  Everyone getting older/wiser?  Any of you guys play Albion?  Not really gaming much lately but just wanted to check into see how things are going?

  4. Well I've been away from the game now for a couple months, and I'm still having a hard time finding some time to get back in to it. A lot going on with the new house and work, and I don't know when free time and mental capacity will actually let me come back. I've made the decision to cancel my subs and step away. Thanks for the short time having me back - I really enjoyed the fleets! I wish you guys all the best and hopefully you're continuing to blow up space pixels! Take care...
  5. It's really hard for me to pick a favourite. I really enjoyed BF 2 and 3 and Bad Company 2. The TTK stuff kinda sucks but it hasn't stopped me from playing and mostly enjoying the game so far. I'll be honest though, I haven't had a chance to really sink my teeth into BF1 and BFV like I used to. I like weird or unconventional fits (it's something I like playing around with). It's hard to limit myself to one ship but I have a Hull tanked Vexor fit with a little over 32k EHP that's a lot of fun. I don't actually drink coffee. Never liked the flavour. I managed to mostly kick my caffeine habit a few years ago.
  6. o/ Blackmars! What was your favorite Battlefield? Have you been keeping up with the TTK issues in BFV? What's your favorite Eve ship? How do you drink your coffee?
  7. Hey there, I just got back from a few months break from Eve and I'm looking for a change of scenery. I've been playing eve since late 2016 and I've turned into a fairly casual player, going out and roaming a few days a week in Black Rise (some weekdays, mostly weekends) with the lovely people in RvB. However, most of their fleets are MST and I can maybe catch the tail end of most of them if I hurry back from work. I'm looking for content in the after-work hours in EST and during the day on weekends. I'm in my 30's now and I just don't have time for edgelord memery in my life anymore. I want to go out and enjoy playing internet spaceships with like-minded people. I have to say, reading your code of conduct and 5 dirty words is like a breath of fresh air. IRL: I live and work in Toronto as a software developer. I play a lot of hockey (goalies are always busy) and a ton of D&D. I also play a healthy smattering of other games, like the Battlefield series (used to play competitively as a kid), a few other FPS games, and whatever else some friends and I are playing together at any given time. My partner and I have a Corgi named Preston: https://imgur.com/a/xlHACGQ Looking forward to joining you all out in space!
  8. Hey Petrocules! What brought you to Eve? What hobbies do you enjoy? Favorite drink on a hot summer day?
  9. Hello all, Petrocules here! Ya know, like Hercules, but better! I've got a few weeks of Eve under my belt now and I'm about ready to start learning how to play it right! I am new to this game but have certainly sunk far too many hours into MMOs like SWTOR in the past. Been a little while since I jumped back into one, but I seem to have consistent time these days, and when I tried this game out I was hooked! Anyways, hoping you guys will sign me up, and teach me a thing or two. Sure would love to fly in groups for some PvP, never dared tried it by myself! The reddit post makes you sound like a great group, and everyone I have met so far has confirmed it. So thanks, and hope to fly with ya! Petrocules
  10. Hey Galen - Nice to have somemore EU time zone people to EVE with, I am London way but can be found logged on most evenings.
  11. Vanilla, yes i know it's boring =p. I don't think I can pick just one... Killing a semi famous pvper in a one on one. No one else had been able to beat / catch him. Breaking up Hydra Alliance blob camps with a small gang of plate tanked ships, guardians, and alts. Some of the people that I am still in contact with after a decade. Accept that any ship you purchase is already lost. It is not a matter of if, it's a matter of when...
  12. Sweet bud looking forward to it. It wouldn't be anything formal, just a once in a while kinda thing, we'd start forming and I'd message one of your fc's about how many we got and where we're going, and you guys can choose to form something similar and come smash into us. We're mostly just running cheap fit t1 cruisers at the moment and we roam about until we find something to smash into and die. It's pretty good fun but would enjoy the opportunity to teach the new guys what its like fighting a similar sized fleet. Talk to ya soon
  13. Sure man, we're up for some arranged fighting. I send you my Discord info in a PM later today and we can set something up!
  14. Hey guys, This might be in the wrong area but I can't seem to access the Eve Online area of your forums. We are a new set up of an old alliance that used to train fresh eve online newbs to pvp in fleets. We used to roam around Syndicate with a few other similar corps who would regularly come out with a similar fleet and pvp for a bit of fun. We would let them know when and where we were heading and they would come meet us with a similar number of cheap T1 cruisers and we'd duke it out and all die gloriously. We noticed today you guys are set up down in syndicate. Would you be keen on a similar arrangement?
  15. I remember looking at Leaves of Grass. Such an odd book. What is your favorite milkshake flavor? Most memorable Eve experience? What piece of advice would you give someone just starting out in Eve?
  16. I too was a part of the PA hating NJ crowed but I have been converted . I try and read a wide variety of stuff! I most recently finished The Road by Cormac McCarthy and Circe by Madeline Miller. I'm currently reading Never Let Me Go. I've heard good things about House of Leaves, but I have not read it. "Cool experimental weird fiction book", sounds promising to me though!
  17. Hey Ishta! Nice talking to you yesterday, glad to have you aboard. Looking forward to having you on a fleet with us! Former PA resident huh - cool! I live in PA and work for the state gov in Harrisburg. I think quite a few of us live in the PA/Maryland/New York/New Jersey area. I haven't spent too much time in NJ, but I thought it seemed like a pretty nice place to live the last few times I visited. PA people tend to hate on NJ, but seems like an underated place to me! What genres are you into reading wise? I've been really into horror and weird fiction in the last couple years. I just started reading this pretty cool experimental weird fiction book called House of Leaves - it's pretty good stuff!
  18. Hey everyone! I've been playing eve on and off since 2005, and after a particularly long stint, I reactivated my account and found your corp on eve jobs. I seem to always be drawn back to this game! I've mostly been a pvper and can fly ships from multiple races. I especially enjoy flying Gallente blasterboats. I've experienced most aspects of eve, but in many ways, am a noob again as I have not kept up with the game for years. I have always enjoyed small gang and solo pvp, though I am definitely rusty! I'm still trying to get back into the game and would mostly be active around 01:00 - 4:00 eve time. IRL: My name is Travis, I'm 26, and I live in New Jersey where I work as as a software dev. I used to play basketball when I was younger, but everyone decided to suddenly become really tall in high school =p. I still try and play pickup games. I enjoy hiking around the various parks in my area and have been trying to get back into reading and writing... Originally, I'm from Scranton, PA (Yes the office lol), but am enjoying Jersey since it is so close to the city and the beach! I read, understand, and align with the values in the Code of Conduct! Looking forward to meeting all of you and joining my first fleet! Travis/Ishta
  19. Hi Galen - glad to have you aboard! It was good talking to you on Saturday. Sounds like we need to get some small gang fleets going in the 2100-0000 timeframe on Saturday. Looking forward to that and flying with you soon!
  20. Hiya Galen - looking forward to flying with you! Whats your favorite hull, aesthetically? Favorite drink? Alcoholic or otherwise! I think we've got lots of opportunity for nano/small gang stuff, so I think your joining at a great time!
  21. Hi potential space friends, I saw your ad on r/evejobs and wanted to introduce myself to you all. In game I'm Galen Dipit - I've been playing on-off for the last three-ish years and in that time have flown with Horde (too big and impersonal) and Ushra'Khan (MinAm FW isn't very lively to say the least). I've been wanting to get into small and nano gang for a while but have yet to find a chilled group that understands that playing casually doesn't mean you don't want to play. At the moment I'm actually based in Orvolle, Placid doing exploration in and around syndicate. IRL: I'm a Brit living in Madrid, Spain with work and other commitments that make it difficult to play a lot. Generally I can play Wed-Sat 21:00 - 00:00. I understand you are mostly USTZ but you also have a couple of EU pilots who are looking for some fleet buddies. I also play a bit of Smite and Paladins if anyone's into that. Sadly I have no pets myself, but my Mum has a Border Collie who we all adore. Fly Safe o7
  22. Been a while, thought I would stop and say Hi and Happy Holidays SoH!  Hope everyone is doing well.

  23. Hi Wzok Oran/Jared - nice to meet you! We'd be glad to have you aboard/show you around the game a bit. You can really accelerate the Eve learning process by joining a group, getting involved in fleets, and asking questions. The game really does have a pretty brutal learning curve, but it rewards patience with moments you won't find in any other game. I've been playing off and on since 2012 (my steam says 3550 hours, but it's exaggerating slightly), and there are still whole sections of the game I don't know much about at all! I'll PM you a link to our Discord here in a minute. Let's pick a time this week to meet/chat and then we can send you an invite to the Corp. Look forward to talking/flying with you soon!
  24. Hello, My name is Jared and I seen your post on r/evejobs and would be interested in joining the corp if you would have me. I am pretty green to the game right now only have about 34 hours in it. I really like the game and think it would be much better if I had some people to teach me a little more. I really like ship combat and am interested in learning the ropes of PvP. Although I am new to EVE I am a very experienced MMO player having lots of hours in WOW, FFXIV, Destiny, Black Desert, GW2 and Star Citizen. I like to to jump on during the week for an hour or two and on the weekends I can play most of the day if I dont have anything going on. I am in the US EST tome zone 29 year old married with no kids. Please let me know if you need any more information from me and I look forward to speaking and hopefully playing with you soon. Thanks!
  25. Hello, nice to meet you! What type of cats you have? We've got two, a Siamese and a tortoise shell. Welping in a glorious fire is a lot of fun I've enjoyed being in a group that doesn't make killboard warriors out of you, just out to have a good time. What's your favorite frigate or destroyer class ship?
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