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    We strive to select membership that is a natural "fit" for the guild profile. As a result, we have gotten away with having very few "rules" in our house. Over the course of nine years, a lot of faces come and go. Things drift one way or another, and may even become murky at times. For that reason, it can be helpful to clarify guild expectations regarding conduct. 1. No drama. Disagreements should and do happen. People lose their cool sometimes. Like any dysfunctional family, we have our fights. But drama should be kept to an absolute minimum, for the sake of peace and enjoyment of the games we play. Members often use online games as a sanctuary and do not wish to see ugly or angry words encroach. Drama over loot & gear is considered the greatest sin in this guild, and the Founders' tolerance of it is close to Nil. 2. Individual intiative. Give a man a fish, and you have fed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you have fed him for a lifetime. We are a friendly guild that welcomes both beginner and pro. And if you are a beginner, we will teach you to fish. But no one is here to play the game for you. That, the fun part, we leave to you. 3. Competition. We are not a hardcore guild. We do not have playtime requirements. We don't use point systems. That said, we play to win. All members are expected to continuously improve their teamwork, and be open to (as well as provide) feedback to their peers. 4. Sportsmanship. In PvP titles, we are tenacious, but civilized. We do not harass or "grief" our opponents. We thank them for a good fight. If you are not an Officer or above, you should refrain from engaging in global chat banter. Remember that your actions, even when you are alone, reflect on the entire guild. If you choose to behave poorly, you have made that choice for all of us. 5. Fair play. The guild believes in abiding by the spirit of the game. The use of 3rd party software to "hack", "cheat" or "bot" is strictly prohibited (except for UI modifications permitted by the game's EULA, if any). Likewise, any abuse of bugs ("exploits") is forbidden. There is zero tolerance for cheating, and cheaters will be removed from the guild immediately. If you are unclear on whether something constitutes unfair play, PM an Officer, Chapter Lead or Founder. 6. Community. Our guild is a community unto itself, but also a building block toward larger communities within each game we play. We contribute to and enhance these communities by being tough, but fun, by exhibiting good sportsmanship, and by promoting fair play. Because of the damaging effect RMT (goldsellers) has on game communities, as well as the human rights violations that are often involved, purchasing game currency from illicit sources will not be tolerated. Members who find themselves struggling or short on time should reach out to their guildmates for help, rather than supporting this industry. 7. Friendship. Everyone is expected to treat every Member of this guild as a friend. While this means different things to different people, as a general guideline it works. This includes being social with the guild in game! Minor things like greeting someone when they log in, or responding to their questions, go a long way toward creating the type of atmosphere this guild is about. Always put guildmates first when planning your teams or in-game activities. Remember that allies selected by leadership should also be treated as friends.
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    Hello potential new friend! Do you like green eggs & ham? How do you earn your living? What is Cayde-6's favorite dance?