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    This started during the Guild Wars 2 beta. A friend and I were playing on laptops at his house and while creating characters we tried to come up with character names to make the other person laugh. I thought he was going to pass out after he saw Sausage Prime above my character's head. Really just depends on what I have on hand. Usually either Mountain Dew or water. Back when did stuff like that, Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond.
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    I took some time yesterday to read up on the Code of Conduct/policies. I do have to say, "fulcrum" may have to be used if necessary Unfortunately, I don't currently have any pets, but when I buy a house in the near future I am considering getting a dog or two. I don't think I've ever been to New Orleans or Minnesota, but I am used to cold weather since I'm originally from Massachusetts. I absolutely HATE the heat down here.