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    Hello again I guess I am not very good at these intros, I am a commercial construction worker (drywall/ painting) living about 25 miles north of Milwaukee Wi. I am married and no kids, just something my wife and I agreed on early. I do enjoy golfing when I can but my games are mostly my hobby. Between work and many side jobs I get just relaxing is the name of the game. I am 48yrs old and have been hooked on gaming ever since I owned a commodore vic-20.
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    Okay, so I had been diligent about posting our Member promotions and I apologize for slacking off so let's see if I can list all our members that I missed. Harmacist Dys Xotic Sooper1337 Deaddiggle CodexofPower Evaporated (SausagePrime) WAR Hitaman Some have drifted off and we'll hope to see them again in a future game, but I want to note them here. Additionally, we have our first group of Veteran Promotions coming from the Destiny 2 chapter so I'd like to acknowledge those Members that have proven their dedication and commitment to the Destiny 2 chapter & our community. Velius Will Washingtron Congratulations all!
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    Thank you! What game are you playing? I have my BS in Information Systems and trying to finish my master's in Cyber Security. The planet question, hah this is a good one. I just did a study of the Cassini-Huygens mission and so I have to say I'd visit Saturn. The rings are fascinating, the great red spot, the hexagonal storm - I want to see them in person. Apparently another storm on the northern latitudes has recently been identified as well Now you have to answer the same question!
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    Posting for awareness I would like to announce that we are adding a new Discord channel with the sole purpose of grouping up with others in the SoH community for multi-player & co-op games that are not quite enough to merit a Cohort, but are still much more enjoyable to play with friends. We would like everyone to take advantage of this channel to make stronger connections, rekindle old ones, or even make some new ones. All we ask is that if you are jumping into a multiplayer or co-op game to consider posting in the channel and seeing if others are interested in joining you. Community members not on Discord regularly yet please consider joining and getting involved as it has become a key resource for the community day to day.
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    Founded in 2005, SoH was established as a gaming community for mature players to enjoy exploring MMOs together. Since then we've branched out to include other types of games as well as different platforms. The stability and longevity of our community is due in large part to our vetting process, which is a two-way street. We ask all prospective members to vet us while we, in turn, vet them. In so doing you will discover that the SoH community is very-much a friend-first group of gamers. Essentially, we choose each other with which to play. And while we believe that real life comes first, gaming is the best hobby there is! In SoH, we play lots of different games and are comprised of people from all walks of life. We're proud of that fact, and we guard it, and them with great fervor. If you're new to our community we ask that you get involved so that you can get to know us, and we can get to know you. For like-minded gamers, this will be a piece of cake (and this cake is not a lie!) Step 1: Read our Code of Conduct. While we take this document seriously, it's generally a no-brainer for like-minded gamers. There's no need to sign this, but we ask that you comment on it in your Introduction. Step 2: Go to the Public Access section of our forums and write an Introduction. Tell us about yourself and please include something regarding the CoC, i.e., do you think you're a good fit based on what you have read? That's it! Easy! Now all you have to do is grab a Discord invite and join in the fun \o/ Active groups (Cohorts) you're welcome to join: Destiny 2 2 weekly raid(s) and 2 other optional group events each week, currently welcoming new players. Lead: Grieve Fallout 76 2 group events per week, currently welcoming new players. Lead: Practical GW2 PvX, 2 group nights per week including dungeons, WvW and Fractals, currently welcoming new players. Lead: Simone WoW End-game content weekly events scheduled based on activity/interest Lead: Elend Elder Scrolls Online - PvX, 1 group night per week, minimal activity at present. Lead: Gul
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    This started during the Guild Wars 2 beta. A friend and I were playing on laptops at his house and while creating characters we tried to come up with character names to make the other person laugh. I thought he was going to pass out after he saw Sausage Prime above my character's head. Really just depends on what I have on hand. Usually either Mountain Dew or water. Back when did stuff like that, Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond.
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    I took some time yesterday to read up on the Code of Conduct/policies. I do have to say, "fulcrum" may have to be used if necessary Unfortunately, I don't currently have any pets, but when I buy a house in the near future I am considering getting a dog or two. I don't think I've ever been to New Orleans or Minnesota, but I am used to cold weather since I'm originally from Massachusetts. I absolutely HATE the heat down here.
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    Mmm, yummy Excel spreadsheets. They do have a unique ability to slowly siphon your life-force. I ABSOLUTELY understand. Since you asked, here's a couple of Seamus pics! Sadly, the Husky mix (Pearl) had to stay with a friend after our most recent move. She would not have enjoyed apartment living....
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    Hello! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I game by the names Keg, Holykeg, Shrapnel and Shrap...(we all know how it goes getting the names we want lol). I became aware of SoH years ago when ArchAge first launched. I got my farmstead up and running and found myself neighbors with a friendly and chatty Fera and she told me all about SoH!. After Archage ran its course life got in the way but eventually we met up again in Trove. I played with her, Platy and Huntyre for a bit working on their cool club world and grinding away. Fast forward some more years and here I am finally putting an introduction in the forums and hoping to find a place in a gaming community. I have been gaming for quite a while...(without dating myself too much) my first MMO experience was with EQ when I was in high school and throughout college. I loved that game! I have almost 3k hours in GW2, waaaay too much of my life was spent in WoW(Duskwood and Lightbringer servers) I spent a couple years playing Life is Feudal on RP servers and also ran a server for some time that had quite a healthy population. I dabbled in DayZ on a couple RP servers but it wasn't quite the game for me. Now I find with kids, going back to school(RN) and life in general I have been playing much more casual games. Sea of Thieves is one I play regularly now with a friend, Idle Heroes on my phone and pretty much any survival/crafting/open world game that takes my fancy...currently pestering Fera about My Time in Portia to decide if I want to give another EA game a shot. I hope to join SoH and have a community that I enjoy playing with without the pressures of being elite etc. It's all about having fun for me now. Thanks for taking the time to read my long winded greeting! Hope to game with SoH soon. ~Shrap, Keg
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    This is great news! maximum respect for grieve, the core SoH and the fanatics that were recruited that made this chapter possible. What they had to work with and what they have made from it is nothing short of remarkable. Also, I want to make a ploy to my fellow SoH lifers. If you have played destiny 2 in the past or have never played it at all, PLEASE come give it a shot(or another shot), the game is about to take off and go places. There will be a completely new loot system, hybrid PvE PvP game mode(holy shit its fun),deeper RPG elements, tons of secrets to discover and completionist things to complete. We in the Destiny 2 chapter would love for you to be there with us when it all kicks off Tuesday.
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    I'm paying attention promise. I will gladly answer any questions people have. Discord. great! Rebuilt my pc last year and lost a lot of stuff...including mumble info. I will have a look at the linked post. Cheers!
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    Why haven't we been contacted by aliens? I'd have to go about that for the same reason Fermi established the paradox is the same reason you could argue it's unlikely. The universe is vast, and most of it appears to be the way it is randomly...or, if there's instructions, we haven't deciphered them yet. But, if you think about the mechanics of just how our planet works and its ability to sustain life...that's hitting an impressively small target. Earth's orbit shifts just enough and this rock is nothing but ice or fire. So Fermi is probably right, there are probably many earth like worlds orbiting many Sun-like stars...but how many of them have advanced life and civilization on them? Long odds. Maybe they did and they had extinction level events like Earth has, but humans didn't manage to survive them? Could be all of that, could be none of that. Of course I say all that and next thing you know a comet could come whizzing by with some space lab attached to it in a desperate attempt to get here. In the absence of warp drive, that would be one way to get somewhere in the galaxy fast...land on a comet and ride it. And, I glaze my own eyes over thinking about that. In a good way. :)
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    Ah, I guess it wants account name...that would make sense...I gave you a character name. Out of touch doesn't describe that. Anyways, haha...my account is @Singularity80.
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