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  1. Lol i do have some obscure ones i can name for you i like but i have to get rdy for work lol. To answer the question about the navy I am a e-4 im a hospital corpsman 8404 FMF I've been accepted into to an officer program to become a nurse starting in January.  

  2. lol Thanks I'm off this weekend if you'd like we can set up a mumble then. Lets see where to start about me.



    • Job - I'm currently in the Navy been in five years spent two years of it in Japan loved every minute I was there.
    • I'm originally from Virginia but I'm stationed in Florida now
    • Why an elezen I hardly see any on my server so i wanted to be one bc of that lol and when i made the changed i had just finished re watching lord of the rings and since i am a brd i was like hey i should be an elf lol 
    • As for anime ive seen the list is toooooooo long i have a 2tb hard drive full and alot on bluray.
    • top 5 anime that's a hard one for me....Cowboy Bebop, Death Note, Bleach, Attack on Titan, and its a tie between Fairy tail and One Piece
    • Anime character i like too many lol ill give u a few Ichigo from Bleach, Spike From Bebop, kid death from Soul eater Vash the stampede and more

    I'll make a character and but it on your server and we can talk more then before i transfer my Brd over. anything feel free to ask 

  3. Hello I'm a ilvl 100 brd on zalera and currently looking to transfer servers and stuck on T5. Im not to good with introductions lol. I like anime im 25 years old and i play FF14 alot i do play on the ps4 and have teamspeak downloaded to my laptop for party chats. My character is an elezen. 

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