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  1. I actually have finished the main story since making that post, and bought the DLC immediately afterwards. And to answer your second question: Rochester, NY!
  2. Swing and a miss one that one, Grieve, but I did absolutely love swimming as a little kid. Especially when my folks and I would travel somewhere, I was always psyched to come by that smell when we got to our hotel. So you're correct on the acquired smell, because that is one that definitely brings back a few memories.
  3. I have read The Code, and do swear to abide by its rules.
  4. Thank you! Other hobbies would include caring for my pets, and more recently trying new beer that I haven't had before. My city and the area around it is absolutely littered with small breweries and craft beer, and it has been a phenomenal way to get out and experience new places. Oh, and I absolutely love movies. Film analysis videos have been a weakness of mine, lately. As far as other games go, I think I'm close to beating the Witcher 3? Where I'm at very much feels like endgame territory, story-wise. I also played through Pit People recently, and I would very much e
  5. Favorite smell's a tough one, but I'm gonna pick probably the weirdest/divisive one jumping to mind and say that chlorine-heavy pool smell. Runners up are vanilla ice cream, fresh chocolate chip cookies, and that musty smell outside after it rains. Pride's another tough one, I had to think about this one for a minute. I'd have to say I'm proud of the care that I've given my pets, both Archie and Roscoe are awesome animals. If it wasn't for them, it would be the sheer number of mounts I've collected in WoW, haha. I'm going to very close to getting the 400 mount achievement that's ge
  6. Hi, everyone! My name is Adam, and I'm a 26 year old technician/machine operator at an optics manufacturer. I've two pets (a dog named Archie and a lizard named Roscoe), and gaming is pretty much my main hobby. I've been playing Destiny 2 on PC since launch, and while I did take a healthy break in between the previous DLC and the current one, I'm back in and really eager to finally be part of a group that I can consistently raid with. As is, the guild I've been a part of is part of another online community that I've been active in for awhile, but their PC guild has shrunk to maybe
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