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Found 2 results

  1. To Ashin, Fulgshift (I would take as my specific observers) and members of SoH, Let’s see if I can keep from taking too much of my time or yours’. Character: Baltruid of US-Stormrage Raid/guild leader for past 2 years. I have played for 6 straight years (Boomkin at least 3) and no plan to discontinue. I have only been in three main guilds – 1 reformed and renamed 3 times within the final 3 years of play time. I find that the longer I am with the guild, the better I get with that group and more rewards there are. Therefore, I am looking for a concrete “home”. Do not need the best guild, but one that steadily progresses with a three day raid schedule to allow for life responsibilities. That said, I am out of school and college with 1.5 jobs – one during day, outside of raid times, the other with chosen hours after a raid schedule is set. Any travel is on the weekends, again, outside of raid times; leaving only emergencies/natural disasters in the way. I give my time and if I cannot make a raid, there is at least a 2 week notice IF it comes to that. I am VERY loyal and dedicated. If I join a guild, I look to stay until there is none. If you need me to farm, ask me. If you need me to kick turtles, ask me. You get the picture. For every plan, there is a pre-plan. I plan each fight to maximize how my specific class is to be played to aid in downing the boss. If any extra tasks are needed from me, tell me the basic strategy and I will maximize my class around it. I come with my own flasks, pots and food - and plenty of it. If any support, financially or related to materials are needed for the guild, again, just ask. I am not the best or worst geared; I gave most gear to my raiders first in this current tier because gear is NOT what makes me. Yea, I rank on normals but, no, not too much on heroics. I could care less; the bosses die whether I am top 50 or 200 as long as I am hitting the target that needs to die. My DPS usually increases as the group becomes more organized and comfortable. If I need more DPS, I do my research, make my contacts to others in my class and theory craft, simulate and test changes as needed. Can I do anything else besides dps? Yes, I can heal when needed, but obviously I do not obtain the second nature of the spec and orientation to it. I am educated, professional and productive. I am tolerable and do not get offended easily, (esp. in a game) so tell me if there is a problem as mature raiders should. Otherwise, I may not be aware and it will not be fixed – and I hope I can do the same in return. Some call it criticism or “getting at someone”, but I call it team improvement. I can match anyone’s personality. I am quiet or goofy for whatever the environment calls for. I may not always stick around in mumble/vent after raid because of rest for work, but I am 150% for communicating to ANYONE at any time before raid for improvements or alt runs. Again, I have raid and guild led for a few years now. If any of my past experiences are of use or needed to fill in, just ask. I am not picky as long as the raiders around me are working as hard as I feel I am. I only have current experience on 4 HM fights, I may be behind the curve, but I do not feel incapable of any HM in this instance. I can see I have discussed more than expected. I do apologize if this is long winded, but I wanted to cover all the points necessary or that I would like to see in an initial greeting if I was on the other end. If you need to know my favorite color or movie we can always discuss that at a later time and why chick flicks CAN be good Computer specs - built my own and it is more than enough to handle a 25M raid. If you are interested in me at all, I would like to hold a conversation above the level of text (in mumble/vent). I have screenshot(s), epeenbot/logs, past guild names or whatever is needed (if you have not already looked me up) to draft a further application for multiple officers’ viewing. I hate to post these because I am always tweeking for improvements, especially 10 to 25man but: UI: http://i1048.photobu...1413_002642.jpg Epeen: http://raidbots.com/...mrage/baltruid/ (REALLY hate linking this, but I am aware of the specifics and the depth you check withIN the logs, so I do not not mind as much.) Thank you for your time folks, and I hope to hear from you shortly.
  2. Hello everyone, My name is Christian Dale or other people know me as Clisis. I have played sence beta but didnt get into heroic raiding sence Wrath and every sence then I have been pushing myself and other for heroic progression. I remember for hours on end that I would and the group I was with; bang our heads against walls untill we down the boss. I rarely do PvP because I do not care for it. I am a pure PvE player with interest of pushing myself to be the best I can be. I have been in some of the top progression guilds back in wrath and cata on blackrock and The venture co. I am currently on Mal'Ganis and looking for a new home. The reason why I left my pior guild was because I wanted to look for progression. I was contacted by ashin so I hope for the best. My experience with this expansion is 6/16 Normal Mode with a mix of 10 man and 25 man raiding. I am very experence with Prot spec because I have not only played my spec for 3 years now but I also keep up todate with the lastest information concerning my class and how it would affect my tanking. I do also look up my OS and find out what I would be able to do with it and how I can push myself to get the highest numbers. My current Ilvl is 477 Prot and 466 Fury 1H. The reason why I am interested is because, one I was contacted by ashin but also I love 25 man raiding. In my option 25 man raiding is more harder then 10 man so it gives me more of a challenge. If I do not look for a guild that can push myself to be better then I am not spending my 15$ a month wisely for this game. A little bit about myself. I am currently 18 I am a senior in Highschool I have plans to move to Colorado after highschool and do online courses in computer tech I love music and World of Warcraft Friendly Love to get along with people Reason's why I want to join Can make all the times for raiding 25 man Guild Horde Side Stable and has a full roster Progression Can push me to be my best I would love to join South of Heaven and I won't waste your guys time if you don't waste mine my 1 and only rule. SS of my UI Logs: http://www.worldoflo...m/guilds/44295/ Armory link:http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/malganis/Clisis/simple
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