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Found 2 results

  1. Oh Hi! I didn't see you there! Let me just draw my swords and I'll show you what these beauties can do! As you've probably already figured, I am a Fury Warrior, currently 528 ilvl, and am very interested in your guild, therefore am applying to it. I'll use the next few paragraphs to get the official stuff out of the way and then we'll get to the fun part! I do know what you're not recruiting until you get Lei Shen down, but I'll take the chance to drop my application now anyway Armory Link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/thrall/Ragebarr/advanced Current Interface (in combat) http://i.imgur.com/EG4Gfra.jpg Recent Parses http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/zjzjdanqhxt0rkwt/ http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/am2r7tw5o8c7bebk/ http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/eaiqgv92e5v6kxlq/ All logs form my current guild: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/129435/ I would like to add that should you chose to review my logs, I would really appreciate any feedback, be it positive or negative, as it would present for me an opportunity to get better. Alright, now we can jump into the fun stuff! Who am I - As a player I am a warrior at heart. WoW is currently the game I'm playing the most, and whereas I can play any class to a decent level if I need to, there is nothing I enjoy as much as DPSing as a Fury Warrior. I can play Arms and Prot when needed, though. I also currently have at max level an undergeared Blood/UH/Frost Dk (aroudn 500 ilvl) and a very undergeared Ele/Resto shaman (around 470 ilvl) but I can play both of those if needed, even if they are nowhere near as fun to play as Ragebarr. My goal as a player is to always be the best I can. The only person I'm trying to be better than every week is myself. If for a given week I do worse than I did the week before then I have failed. No matter which toon I'm playing though, I am almost always in-game if I'm home. I love to do anything in this game, from soloing old content to running old raids with friends for funs. I make bad puns in guild chat and I like to pick at people I play with. The other games I am currently playing are Mass Effect (the full trilogy), Diablo 3 from time to time and Starcraft 2 when I feel like being bad at an RTS. I'll also add that I am currently the warrior moderator on the Ivy-Vein forums, dealing mostly with everything related to Fury. I am currently maintaining a small Fury Guide over there that you can check out at http://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/1797-53-fury-warrior-tips-talents-and-gear-questions/ I have gotten this moderator spot not because I know everything about Fury warriors, but because when there is something I don't know I always want to learn about it. There is no better feeling than going to bed at night knowing you've learned about something new today, be it a new tip on how to use your CD's as a warrior, a new math concept or the dangers of ionic radiation. Who am I - As a human My name is Guillaume Lavoie-Harvey, I am a french Canadian currently living in Montreal, Quebec. I'm currently a student in Software Engineering at École Polytechnique de Montréal, which is known to be one of the bests (if not the best) engineering school in Canada. If you wonder, I can assure my school schedule will not interfere with raiding. I've been raiding for the past 2 years and never had to miss a raid due to university issues. As you may have guessed, English is my 2nd language, French being my native one. I still think I'm able to handle English pretty well Moving away from gaming, I enjoy going on Bike rides every now and then (in early june this year I went on a 3 days trip with only a backpack and a tent and it was awesome) and I love swimming. Other than that I'm not a big fan of sports (I do watch hockey, because I am canadian). Last but not least, my native french language has given me something a lot of people I've raided with (especially females) have called a "Sexy French Accent". What am I doing here? I've decided to apply to South of Heaven because this guild is basically the guild I've been dreaming for. Now, I know this sounds childish, but let me explain: Ever since I started playing WoW mid-Wotlk I've looked up at heroic raiders kind of in awe. Always getting the first kills, always having to overcome the biggest challenges, and being in a spot where 25 people have to be *together* to make things happen. The moment I started playing WoW, I said to myself: "This is what I want to be". However, I simply don't want to commit to raiding 5-6 days a week to get those harder heroic kills. I play WoW often enough that I could, in theory, raid 7 days a week, however I want to have the possibility to have an outside life. I mean, I have 1 real life friend and tons of other games to play! from what I've seen and gathered, you guys raid with a small, thight schedule, which would work perfectly with my current lifestyle and you get the kills which I've always wanted to be a part of. Also, I want to raid something bigger than 10 man. I want to feel the epicness of killing a boss not with 24 other players, but with 24 friends. I am not looking for a guild only to get loot or kills. They are part of the game, and I'm up to the challenge, but what I am really looking for is a place I can call home. I am not a guild or team hopper, and should you recruit me, I am there to stay. I've been in my current guild for 95% of my WoW career (The guild did change of name and leadership in march this year but the core is the same) and I plan on finding a new place where I can spend the rest of my WoW days. Why am I leaving my current guild & team? The main reason why I am currently leaving my current guild is a feeling of unhappiness. Raid Leading has taken its toll on me, and I want to be able to focus on playing my warrior to its limits in a place where I won't have to micro-manage 9 other people in order to get bosses down (and that was on normal). Now that we're pushing heroics, I simply cannot micro manage every player anymore, therefore our progression has pretty much come to a stop. As long as we had been progressing I was relatively happy, even if I almost had to tell the Disc in my team when to PW:Shield but I am now at a point where more and more members of my team are holing me back. As I said, I strive for something better but I simply cannot achieve it where I am. I have close to 0 heroic experience, why should you still give me a chance? I'll start this part by putting this out of the way: My raiding experience is almost only 10 man normal. Yet, I still believe I can be a good addition to your roster. The reason behind it being that I strive on new challenges, and that I adapt quickly and efficiently to any new situation. On top of that, I firmly believe my raiding background gives me an edge over other people: I started raiding mid-Dragon Soul in a *very* casual raiding guild. For me this was a first step into raiding. After stepping up to notify the Raid Leader of some underperforming members he ended up ragequitting the guild (the underperforming member was a healer which happened to be his wife) and the leftover raiders asked me to raid lead. It is a spot I've been holding for about a year and a half now, with a decent amount of success: I made our team go from 8/8N to 6/8H in Dragon Soul in about a month (Though with the nerfs I would dare to say DS didn't count as any kind of progression) and in MoP I transformed a team which had trouble killing Stone Guards (Normal) in MV to a team that is currently pushing heroics. My raid leading experience can help me adapt faster to new situations, and makes it easier for me to see the encounter situation as a whole instead of tunneling only parts of it. However, as I said before, I am not interested in taking the flag of raid leader again. I also believe that being able to concentrate on playing my own character, instead of micro-managing everyone, will only allow me to improve. I am also a fast learner, and once I ifgure something out, I never fail at it again. On top of everything, I am a very dedicated raider. In the past 2 years of raiding I've been late to a raid once due to a car accident and I missed a raid night once due to a power blackout. If I join, I can promise a 99%+ attendence. 3 reasons I'm a better raider than dancer: I have better hand dexterity than feet dexterity. When I hear the word "Dance" the first thing I think of is Will of the Emperor. When I learned how to shuffle (the dance) I forgot it in 2 weeks, whereas I still remember my spot for the lightning phase on Heroic Hagara. Thank you for taking the time to read my application, and I look forward to talking with you more and answering all the questions you may have for me. Best of luck on Lei Shen, Ragebarr
  2. Hello everyone, My name is Christian Dale or other people know me as Clisis. I have played sence beta but didnt get into heroic raiding sence Wrath and every sence then I have been pushing myself and other for heroic progression. I remember for hours on end that I would and the group I was with; bang our heads against walls untill we down the boss. I rarely do PvP because I do not care for it. I am a pure PvE player with interest of pushing myself to be the best I can be. I have been in some of the top progression guilds back in wrath and cata on blackrock and The venture co. I am currently on Mal'Ganis and looking for a new home. The reason why I left my pior guild was because I wanted to look for progression. I was contacted by ashin so I hope for the best. My experience with this expansion is 6/16 Normal Mode with a mix of 10 man and 25 man raiding. I am very experence with Prot spec because I have not only played my spec for 3 years now but I also keep up todate with the lastest information concerning my class and how it would affect my tanking. I do also look up my OS and find out what I would be able to do with it and how I can push myself to get the highest numbers. My current Ilvl is 477 Prot and 466 Fury 1H. The reason why I am interested is because, one I was contacted by ashin but also I love 25 man raiding. In my option 25 man raiding is more harder then 10 man so it gives me more of a challenge. If I do not look for a guild that can push myself to be better then I am not spending my 15$ a month wisely for this game. A little bit about myself. I am currently 18 I am a senior in Highschool I have plans to move to Colorado after highschool and do online courses in computer tech I love music and World of Warcraft Friendly Love to get along with people Reason's why I want to join Can make all the times for raiding 25 man Guild Horde Side Stable and has a full roster Progression Can push me to be my best I would love to join South of Heaven and I won't waste your guys time if you don't waste mine my 1 and only rule. SS of my UI Logs: http://www.worldoflo...m/guilds/44295/ Armory link:http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/malganis/Clisis/simple
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