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[Wow] - Blackmars0 introduction

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I was actually in the Eve corporation for a hot minute before real life took over and demanded all of my time. Here's my previous intro thread from when I joined there:


Since COVID has taken over the world I've been sinking some time into WoW (as it feels less demanding on my time, much easier to pick up/put down), and my partner and I are looking for some people to raid with in future (probably next expansion). He's off playing Final Fantasy 14 and I'm still hacking away at WoW. I had honestly given up hope with finding a decent group of people to hang out with in game but then I remembered SOH!


I have a number of characters sitting around 120, at varying iLVLs. I was recently slogging through trying to level one of each character to the cap but that dream is quickly fading after 5 or so in the last few months. I'm ready to pick one class and go to town on the catch-up for this expac.


I've got availability most nights of the week. Looking forward to hearing back!

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